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so you are 19 weeks pregnant and just one week away from that magical halfway mark and you're 20 weeks gone and I know that you probably can't wait but let's still celebrate this 19th week and take a look at how your little baby is doing so the text books say that your baby is now six inches or 14 centimetres long and if we in at around 240 grams which is just over half a parent that is such a big difference from couple weeks ago sighs why baby is roughly the size of a large mango or an heirloom tomato so if you spot a fellow presently the eye nose to up next time you do a weekly shop they mean and why either that or it's a craving this week baby has developed a cheesy waxy greasy coating all over their body and this is known as vernix kco so vernix is Latin for varnish and cases that is Latin for cheese so this is the week of baby cheese varnish how lovely but as gross as that sounds Vernice is actually protecting your baby's sensitive skin and if you've seen any birds programs where the baby is born covered in a creamy substance then you know what it is now and another fun fact for this week is that baby now actually weighs more than your placenta which is such a big milestone when you think about it really though they do still have a way to go until they are actually baby that you will come to know and love it teacher we talked about baby but what about you how are you feeling and what is being 19 weeks pregnant really like well here at channel mama we are comparing the textbook versus the truth the little help from some expensive models just like you the 19th week is an exciting time for any mother because it's likely that your next gun is just a few days away now and even if you don't want to find out the gender it's lovely to say hello to your little baby again isn't it in terms of this garment just so you know what to respect we would suggest going with a full bladder again just in case and that D be prepared for the sonographer to turn the screen away from you at some point this is just so that they can get all of the correct measurements that they need and concentrate too but they will let you see your baby and promise also it's worthwhile noting that different hospitals have different policies when it comes to revealing the gender to you so it's always worth checking before you go so you're not disappointed and now it's time to look at how some other moms bellies looks at just 19 weeks so here is bunk pretty solid some days are smaller some those looks bigger do feel like I've really popped out this week and a few people said wow you've got about this week I got 9 I feel like it really has got bigger now and especially with me having an itchy belly it does seem to have got a lot bigger and I'm feeling kicks kind of around this area here they're really really strong this is my 19 weeks pregnant bump and like I said I feel like I'm so round and high but yeah I feel so in love with my brother at the moment so what else can you expect well here at channel moment we have tons of logs for every week of pregnancy from other monitor the same stage you are right now so let's take a look at what they said about being at 19 weeks pregnant I am 19 weeks pregnant so that's one more one week of our pathway there which is so crazy I felt the first proper kicks not just the little slaughters and it was so amazing I was laying in the bath relaxing and he kicked a good few times and I was just like old and it's been getting like more frequent out the week so looking forward to the scan if all they're going to find out the germs up the past few days have been waking up at like 5:00 in the morning and literally like a starving hungry like my stomach literally some of them it kind of going to get a nice beat now it's not going slowly it's not going fast it's just to tool along quite nicely now they're getting lots and lots of cakes lots of kids Robert I felt baby cakes with a very stylish and super exciting last night this week SPD has hit me it's kind of just more an evening that basically because your body produces more relaxing when you're pregnant so everything kind of relaxes and sometimes like notions can separate look there and everything skips a loser to pay the labor it doesn't mean that you can't in pain I think it's like grinding feeling it basically felt like someone's just kicked me between my legs like I just stood there like that no just gone right between my legs boobs oh my god my breasts have gone really big and veiny they're so full and so plump and I kind of like it my belly has been really really itchy this week I don't know whether it's getting bigger and the skin is stretching but it's been so so itchy finally it's time to get honest and look at the channel mum the good the bad and the ugly and being 19 weeks pregnant the good so you might be thinking of how to reveal the gender of your baby to your friends and family so here are some clips of our favorite gender reveals that we've seen how cute were they let us know in the comments down below if you've got any ideas planned he had a scan and the radio for broke down that's my baby she seemed very sure then we can point you right down so I local jewelers and our jewelers have changed three of the diamonds in my wedding band to represent our children so also we have two boys already so there will be two boobs in the man and then it was whether they were going to put in a blue or pink so the jeweler was the only one who knew very little boys away the bad well now your baby is getting bigger and that belly of yours is parked you might be feeling a little bit achy carrying all of that baby around with hard work you win some you lose them and be ugly sometimes and them how do I put this you get a little bit bummed out and that's hormone and a bigger baby pushing all of your organs out of the way so this my friend is what preaching is for so as always we hope you've enjoyed our textbooks versus the truth as being 19 weeks pregnant we are so so excited for you and if you found out the gender and your Gino please let us know in the comments down below and just let us know how you doing in general it's always lovely to hear from you and if you like something to watch after this and why not check out all the other blogs from other month to a 19 weeks pregnant right now over on channel mum we'll leave the link down below for you so that's all from us here at channel mom and we are really excited to you and baby next week that are all important halfway mark

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  1. I'm a little over 19 weeks now and still barely showing! I love the belly shots because it shows me I'm not alone

  2. 19 weeks today! I'm becoming uncomfortable, I can't lay on my left side because that's where my little girl loves to be. I have itchy breast and sciatic Nerve pain is horrible but everything else is so amazing!

  3. 19 weeks and 4 days going to find out about the gender tomorrow but the home gender test was a boy ๐Ÿ˜€I have two kids already a boy and girl but my husband has two girls only๐Ÿ˜ŒI have a feeling he will be happier with a boy so fingers crossed

  4. This is my 3rd baby
    – Havent felt any real kicks yet ๐Ÿ˜”
    – Having right shoulder , right back, right side butt, right leg pains
    – Started to feel hungry often but losing weight (5kg over a period of 4months)
    – Belly sometimes round, sometimes flat as a board

    All the above are normal I guess.
    I'll enjoy the pregnancy journey (the good and the bad)

  5. I am 19 weeks today, due October 24, 2019. I have been watching the channel mum videos each week since week 5 and I just love them so much ๐Ÿ’š!


  7. I am a new mom. I am also 19 weeks and 5 days. We found out last week we are having a baby boy and we are sooo excited. I can't wait to meet my son.

  8. Iโ€™m 19 weeks today. Iโ€™m not feeling much movement just like bubbles feeling and a weird sensation down there. But no solid kicks yet. Iโ€™m a bigger girl size 18๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ so Mayb thatโ€™s y I cnt feel much yet lol….

  9. Just found out having a boy 19 wk this Thursdays I am not showing I just feel fat๐Ÿ˜ฅand I haven't felt him move. My tummy just aches all the time. First pregnancy.

  10. Iโ€™m so happy Iโ€™m 19 weeks pregnant Iโ€™ve just found out Iโ€™m having a girl her name will be Nyla ๐ŸŽŠ

  11. I'm a first time mum as this baby is the only one that's gone this far I'm a plus size mum not showing much but more scared off having a loss

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