1st IVF Progesterone Injection

good morning guys it's December 8 and I'm about to take my first progesterone shot um and I'm just reporting this on my phone because I forgot to charge my camera so yeah get what I have the take my shot here I will may need little stuff for it now listen I'm gonna have to take doxycycline which is an antibiotic and then I also have to take my estrogen pill the needle goes just kidding this is just the one that you use to get the medicine in and I'm going to change it to put the other needle is just as long it's just not ginormously looked like this one look at that morning hair he's still adorable he's about to give me my first register and shot are you excited nervous how you feeling I'm definitely nervous but I'm excited we're at this point yes you're pro here shown with the needle looks like you can take a little alcohol swab take the thing off carefully and stab yourself should show them the other needle that's even scarier but I still see how long it is yeah it's a pretty long it's a lot less space has to go in you all the way because of our sins for we're that looks like different literally it was I felt like you barely cope you can hear now but I am very slowly yeah everybody that I watched said it's like how does this Tennessee can appreciate that's it's one foot boil ah hey you guys I did it I honestly did it to me recognize it whoa stand a little bit meets it standing on it like a massager so I spit before and then I'm trying to mine he's gone through this and to put a bandaid on it and then sound it and then also use heat pack to prevent it from like getting lumpy and bruised and stuff over the course of time cuz I'm a lot more of these do all right that was so much easier than I thought it was gonna be that hurt less than the trigger shot yeah I was looking and I think I was it I mean I was nervous but I wasn't as kind of like okay experience at least once before every single morning I gotta do this but honestly it felt like I don't even know how to strive like a fingernail poking me or scratching me so I've had much worse thing so you can do it if we're gonna do this don't be scared okay guys so in what day it's the eighth today so the eighth Thursday of December right and then Monday the 12th is the transfer so I'll place progesterone and everything going good estrogen does its job and that will be everything will be good when we get to LA day okay guys so that was our first progesterone shot this way is like basically a doctor now so call me dr. Jake sorry that minute yes it is good morning I just happened to straighten my hair yesterday so my hair looks like it's like magical when I wake up but it doesn't look like this if I don't blow-dry it and treat it so anyway thanks for watching and if you're about to do this don't be nervous you can do it and I definitely recommend icing it because I'm never iced running my shots and I think literally that one I might have felt less than most of my other ones I've done my belly so it's great so we'll talk to you guys later bye bye

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