1st Trimester Miscarriage story – (Pregnancy Ending in Miscarriage)

hello my beautiful jewels and gems I feel like I have so much to share with you guys about what has been going on with me for the past month and I've tried to make this video a few times but it's definitely the most difficult video that I've ever made and I'm trying to give a lot of information in a short amount of time and that is proving to be very difficult because there's so much but what I decided is I'm going to do a little bit today and then I'm going to do more as in the coming weeks kind of letting you guys to know what's been going on with me and because anyways let you guys know I guess postpartum of miscarriage which is definitely no fun but it happens it happens a lot it there is every what for every three women there is one woman who lose her baby and so we lost our baby about a month ago and I wanted to let you all know who the develoment pregnancy journey and I also wanted to put this out for other women that are dealing with this because our society really makes this topic very taboo many times we're told as women don't tell anybody you're pregnant until you know you're at least two or three months and the reason for that is because of such this you know the likelihood of losing the baby but I feel like that's detrimental because you make the woman or the man that she is with that is the father of the baby feel like you know it's not okay to talk about the pain that with it and I just feel like that is just so incredibly terrible like it just is horrible like I understand so people don't like to share and I mean a lot of us don't like to share we just don't like to talk about taking bad stuff but it's happening and if you don't talk about it I feel like it just makes it worse so I mean I've even had people to help me oh you should wait and I knew when I started to share my story with you guys a month ago a little bit over a month ago that this could happen I knew that this was gonna happen it was very fully aware I wasn't really clear on how it happens and why it happens but I did know that it did happen you know what I walks out on faith and I said you know I don't care what other people say I'm gonna do this because I believe in this I believe in God and I know that you know he's gonna be there with me through it no matter what I prayed a prayer around this time that son that I was pregnant and I just asked God to protect me and to protect the baby and I wasn't expecting that this was the way then he was gonna do that but it is and you know I am I mad at him for that because you never know why these things happen because really honestly and truly you know his way protecting me and baby was this and I don't understand why you know I don't know why it was but I know that there's so many things I can go wrong with a pregnancy for me and for the baby so I just had to accept what it would happen and he loved through this learning process and one of those stages of mourning is acceptance and I mean it doesn't make it easier I guess that that's the reality but with what I've been dealing with it it's knowing that it God's will and I had absolutely no control over what happened so I didn't like for other women and other men out there that are dealing with this horrible horrible experience that it was God's will and so that's how I've been dealing with and I've also had the support of my husband and my parents and my siblings and my uncie's and uncles and friends and you know grandparents and everybody else around me and I feel that I am so lucky to have that oh because you know a lot of women and that get pregnant and lose the baby don't have that and just the other things like I'm just so thankful that the little comforts that I could have like clean water and other things that I used to kind of get myself comfort and get through this you know I was able to get it without a problem whereas another woman in other countries or or in other times even in the past couldn't have those little comfort things and any little comfort that you can get during experiencing a miscarriage it's amazing it you appreciate it so much and this is a really serious thing some people even want to go towards committing suicide and I think the reason is because of the pain that you do it and I mean I know that there's no reason that you should take your life for anything and not this because I mean there's there's still hope you know but it's that painful it really really is anywhere for a person like me who I myself to be strong in the Lord it's still difficult it's very very difficult but that spiritual connection relationship that I have with God really has helped me through this so I just want to start off with that that's my emotional peace I'll talk more about that maybe later on and work videos on you know coming to miscarriage like I said it's been a month for me I'm still healing both physically and emotionally today I'm just gonna try to briefly share what happened and why it happens and then further on you know in the coming weeks I will continue to do Friday videos where I post you know about my pregnancy journey and this is part of it and it wasn't what I was expecting to be posting but this is real life this is what happens and it's time to start making people feel uncomfortable about feeling bad or feeling sad or expressing how much love and excitement they have for their unborn child like I just

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