1st Trimester Pregnancy Update 2019 | DITL of a Mennonite Mom

morning guys I decided to vlog today it's a Wednesday and as you could tell it was kind of rainy and dreary this morning but I was kind of peaceful and it's not too warm outside and everything so yeah I just got done with breakfast the boys had some cereal earlier and they are now taking a bath at 9:15 in the morning not very normal but they were outside walking or stomping through mud puddles so I told him to head to the time to wash off and it's ending up in a whole bath experience so you can hear them the background anyway the plan for today is not a huge amount but I want to go run an errand with the boys here in a little bit and I thought I would do a pregnancy update for you guys I will most likely probably do it this way I don't know I might have some dedicated pregnancy videos mixed in throughout but I might also just mix in stuff in my vlog so it might not always just be specifically for you know how I'm feeling or whatever but I was blown away by all of the comments and the love and everything I'm serious you guys you are just awesome I'm so thankful for my tribe so yeah I will get into how I'm doing here a little bit later on in the video what's ahead a little bit more quiet but and then I'll probably be doing some cooking and stuff so we're getting home share the box today which I'm really excited about mom is Tuesdays at birth Peters we have up one at home but we don't want to get sick and it was pretty weird yet watermelon popsicles who though it's not actually tease those are candies hmm so I went to Home Depot got a couple of things I wasn't birdseed because we're out of it and you got another bird feeder too and then I went to Walmart and it just got a couple of thing so we're home and I just got done fixing the toilet I mean it's a small victory guys but you know it's been not working for the past couple weeks and get kind of tired of always going upstairs if I want to use it's a toilet TMI but whatever and like the sealed part in the bottom of the tank was not like holding the water and the water wouldn't stay in the tank so I just turned it off and we didn't use it for a while but I wasn't really sure what was wrong with it and Nick didn't get to it either so finally today I was like you know what I'm just gonna go see what it looked looks like and I realized I could take that thing off so I went to Home Depot and just to check to see if I could find something so I found some more and it worked super simple I just put it back on and slipped it underneath and I think it's working I mean all this time what it easy fix you know seriously that's often how it is isn't it I'm happy so I was kind of surprised and also not really surprised a lot of you seem to suspect that I was pregnant but anyway I didn't really try to hide the bump but I was trying to be a little cautious about it but anyway so I am right now I'm still 11 weeks pregnant and I'll just show you a little bit I am NOT very big I feel like in the evening I'm always bigger so this morning it's not as bad but I felt like I've been bigger this time than I was with the others you know like quicker but I don't know it's been a while so I don't know if you can really tell but this is 11 weeks so I don't know the shirt kind of hides it pretty good it's got some kind of detailing here in the side and everything but but in any case as far as how I've been doing and feeling throughout the first trimester this will kind of be like a first trimester recap I guess early on I was really tired very unmotivated and that kind of kept going throughout I don't know I would say week eight eight and nine at least that was probably the biggest thing now I did have a little bit of nausea here and there just maybe more kind of like felt yuck some stuff didn't sound good to me I didn't drink as much coffee you all know I love my Duncan and I wasn't even I didn't even drink nice coffee or like Duncan iced coffee for a while and I don't know I it wasn't too bad I just yeah the biggest thing was just feeling really tired and that's something I don't really remember from my two previous pregnancies I mean granted I would have been 25 instead of 30 I don't know if that also makes a difference or not but it also I don't remember like completely the details of my other pregnancies anymore it's been kind of long so but I feel like all around I've felt a little different this time just in that aspect of it and then also the other week I think week 9 had a day where I threw up everything and I was kind of just flat in bed all day which is really strange for me I mean I think I threw up one time with Jackson maybe it was kind of a fluke thing but I don't even remember feeling very very yuck or like nauseous or anything with them so it was really odd to just like BAM hit me like one day like that it did continue kind of the next couple days as far as just not feeling the greatest certain stuff like made me want to I felt like throwing up or something I didn't but so I don't know for a little bit mom and I and the girls even wondered if it was food poisoning how to remember I don't know if you remember the tacos we had in the one vlog it was the day after that and I don't know I felt like maybe it was because it just came so suddenly but at the same time it did kind of keep going then as far as me not feeling the best so I really don't know maybe it was just pregnancy maybe it was just that the worst of it for me or something in any case I don't know but that was one thing that kind of hit me but other than that usually I don't really get very sick so this time around it's felt a little bit a little bit different and I don't know a lot of times I kind of feel like maybe it's a girl but I know a lot of you guys are saying teen girl but anyways the main thing is we're just praying that be healthy and yeah we're just thankful for this pregnancy and we're just grateful that God has blessed us with another little one and we just want to be thankful for it so I'm trying to think anything else but Oh since like week nine I think around week ten it I really started noticing a difference in just how I felt in general I felt pretty good after that even my energy has been better and stuff like I'm not as tired I'm doing some more stuff but I've kind of just I've taken it really easy this these last like a couple weeks and stuff and I will admit I was not very motivated to film but I kind of kept going you know how it is he kind of want to keep going and I also wasn't ready to kind of share the news yet and everything so but I think it's kind of coming back a little bit so that's kind of where I'm at I'm actually I haven't even had a physical exam at the doctor's yet I do plan to have a nurse midwife certified nurse midwife but we'll be delivering at the hospital that is what I had with my boys I love that but there's also a gynecologist in the office so he might be at the delivery just depends who's on call so but that is the plan and I kind of got the ball rolling a little bit slower I guess this time like I wasn't in a huge rush to call someone I mean it is my third pregnancy it's not like it's really you know like scary or daunting or whatever so everyone feels differently about that I'm sure but I didn't like call them immediately and then once I did it took a little bit to kind of figure a couple things out with just being new and all of that that stuff that goes with it so by the time we actually got something scheduled I had a consultation yesterday but that was just like I did my labs and stuff but I didn't actually meet with the Midwife and anything so that will actually be in like is it less than two weeks or something my first physical exam so I'm really really excited about that but at that point they're gonna do an ultrasound just there in the office and stuff it won't be the anatomy scan but so I'm really kind of antsy I'm excited for that it's been definitely it's longer than what I would have done with my other pregnancies but they're they don't seem concerned about it and so I'm not concerned about it either so other than that we do plan on finding out the gender probably not until the twenty week mark where they do though the whole like did I say Anatomy scan earlier no they're just gonna do like the ultrasound in the office it won't be the anatomy scan we'll probably just do the the 20-week saying whatever they do that and then hopefully I can do a gender reveal for you guys and yeah we're excited we definitely always like to find out we're just kind of geared that way we love knowing and so yeah I'm starting to roll some names around in my head I haven't really come up with I'm kind of struggling in the girl Department so if you guys have name suggestions put them out there but it's not a huge rush either I mean if we don't even figure anything out till we know what it is that's fine too you know you guys want me to do just dedicated pregnancy updates occasionally or is this type of thing okay just kind of mixed in some throughout I'm sure I'll talk about it in vlogging and stuff but I didn't know what some of you rather just have pregnancy updates so you can let me know but yeah if you do have other questions leave them in the comments I was also thinking of doing the Q&A at some point possibly depending how many questions there are but I feel like it kind of covered stuff and there's not a lot of you know updates right now so anyway I am gonna run I think I'm gonna get the birds he put into bird feeders and the boys and get them to try and help me get that done and then I will catch up with you later okay so this is what I got just nut and berries so I've got my home chef box here and it did get delivered a couple hours ago and so I'm really excited about it they are sponsoring today's video so I'm really grateful for that and a lot of you have heard me talk about home chef I have worked with them in the past and I just love their service I love their meals and I am just excited to continue to share it with you guys I don't know I feel like today's a good day for me to get it I don't know I've been feeling kind of mom'd out honestly in any case I am thankful I don't have to worry about a dinner tonight make sure you check out the link in the description box they have $20 off of your first four boxes making it a total of $80 off but I'll talk about that a little bit I'm making the fajita butter strip steak so I'm really excited about that sometimes I have like I don't feel like I'm an expert at stake and so I'm excited to try it their way and see how it works I also had ordered the chicken and smoked guta sandwich and this will just be either dinner or even a lunch I'm not sure I'd love to see but I will be doing the steak for tonight and if you're not familiar with it it all comes in like a box it's insulated and has ice pack everything and then your meal comes in a bag like this except for the meat that is separate and that is in the bottom of the bag underneath the ice pack so this is what the steak is in and yeah it's just really nice I love the meal so far and it's actually taught me how to make things like in different ways it's just really handy then the offer that they have for you as I mentioned is gonna be $20 off your first four orders and you're not like push to do anything in a certain amount of orders like you can this is if you're like a new a new customer I think oh my I don't know how I'm gonna get through this video this is if you're a new customer so you can order one box and fee sided you don't want to do the rest of them you don't have to you can cancel at any time it's not like you're forced into it so you can order as quickly or you can stretch it out you know what if you want to so it's a really good deal and I don't know how long they're gonna keep doing it so yeah definitely it's a total of $80 off they'll be Lynette ad will be the code that you would put in so make sure you go check out the link in the description box for it and I will show you the process when I start making it and everything so I'm excited about that look at this he fell asleep we had some intense moments let's just put it that way and I laid down a little bit and he was just laying on the floor here too and somehow he fell asleep he was overtired kind of like me something else I wanted to mention is that their recipe cards are really really user friendly and they have pictures to kind of show you what to do and how it's supposed to look and instructions are very clear and so that's something I really really like about them I always love making food if I have like a picture to look at it just it helps me out somehow so it's definitely geared towards beginners and then they have also different levels of cooking so like you can look for the recipes that they're offering and some are beginner some are intermediate some are for more advanced so I just feel like they're very user friendly and you can customize things so much here it is guys I am really curious how the steak is I'm afraid i overcooked it which is normally what I do but we will see I did it too hard unfortunately anything you would have been good if I would have just got it out like yeah I would be it would taste good we generally would eat medium to medium well okay I got dinner cleaned up and put away and serious those potatoes you guys were so so good and they were really really easy I next time I don't know I can never get steak right I really I love steak like if we go somewhere to eat I mean I love like seafood and stuff down here meat that a lot but steak is definitely yeah good filet is just right up my alley I must say so anyways yeah I didn't quite get that quite right tonight but it would have been good I'm pretty sure the flavor was good and everything so I'm actually gonna go for a little walk just to kind of I don't get a little exercise I don't do very well with that especially since it's warm I just have had a little motivation to like be outside much but I need to anyway that's kind of what is happening and yeah I have something else interesting happens I will fill you in well I have something to tell you come it's cold would you how about something I used to eat and when I was a little girl some hubba I don't know what it says hubba it's really bad for you I know I really do what hubba means grows you

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  2. Baby bumps looks gorgeous. Loving the updates. Excited to follow you along on this journey. I like the updates mixed in among the regular videos. Q and A specific show would be good too

  3. You are such a wonderful person. I enjoy watching all you do. Whatever way you want to share with us all is just fine. I am 64 years old and enjoy your days! You and your husband are wonderful parents.

  4. I'm not good with steak either, it's either underdone or burnt 😂. Your looking well Lynette, 👌 hope it stays that way. Take care.

  5. I must of had a premonition, when you modeled a top and I said it would be a great maternity top.👶🏻 Healthy babies #1 priority. Our only child was born 9yrs and 2 weeks after our wedding. I wasn’t sick a day, I was sooooo happy. He is our heart and soul. God bless you and your baby. When my husband asked if I liked a certain name I hadn’t heard it before. I asked him “ what have you been smoking”.😂😂😂 Take Care💕🧸

  6. I love all of your videos so add them in or do dedicated pregnancy videos either way I'll be watching!! 🙂 ~Dana~

  7. Please please please do a big reveal. We want to see everyone’s reactions. I know it’s a girl. Your bump is pretty big. What if it was twins? Lol

  8. Congrats to you and your family!! I have 6 kids my symptoms seem to always be different. May God bless your pregnancy and gives you strength and good health through it all, girl or boy I am sure it will be a blessing!! Thank you for sharing 🥰

  9. Congrats to you and your family!! I have 6 kids my symptoms seem to always be different. May God bless your pregnancy and gives you strength and good health through it all, girl or boy I am sure it will be a blessing thank you for sharing 🥰

  10. Congrats to you and your family!! I have 6 kids my symptoms seem to always be different. May God bless your pregnancy and gives you strength and good health through it all, girl or boy I am sure it will be a blessing thank you for sharing 🥰

  11. Congrats to you and your family!! I have 6 kids my symptoms seem to always be different. May God bless your pregnancy and gives you strength and good health through it all, girl or boy I am sure it will be a blessing thank you for sharing 🥰

  12. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and I’m teaching myself how to tape and mud drywall so I don’t have to wait for my husband to get around to it! I can totally relate to your toilet fixing! Lovely vlog as always, can’t wait to follow along your pregnancy. Maybe it’s twins since you’re feeling differently? 😜

  13. Lynette, maybe next time don't put your steak in the oven after pan fry. Just allow it to rest on the side. The best way I cook mine is I put butter in my pan along with onions, add a clove of garlic, allow the softening the onions and garlic and then I add some beef broth and a little Worchester sauce., allow to cook down. If you like mushrooms you can add those also. I remove that and add my steak that has been peppered on both sides with a little butter for about 3- 4 minutes a side for the size steak you cooked. Remove steak and allow it to rest 3-4 minutes. At this point you can add it back-into your sauce, coating once on both sides and serve. Love your sweet family and so glad you are feeling better.

  14. I am #teampink #teamgirl too!
    My favorite girl name is Everly. I wanted an Everly in our family but we got a boy, Oliver.
    Here are some other girl names:
    Emberly,, Aubrey, Nora, Lucy, Jessa, Janie, June, Molly, Penelope ( Penny), Lorna, Lola, Joyanna, Johanna, Jillian, Madison, Kirsten, Kirstie, Kallie, Saige, Paige, Alexis, Audrey, Willow, Ivy, Poppy, Melody, Lyric, Skyanna, Sherice, Adrianne, Arianne, Adele.
    There are so many beautiful names. Depends on if you want an older name or more contemporary.
    Please just don’t name her Apple 🍎😜
    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby. So happy for you!

  15. If we would have had a girl, we had two names picked. Amelia Sue and Eleanor Adel. You're welcome to use either. Best of luck in the remainder of your pregnancy.

  16. Use a thermometer and for medium rare, internal temp is 125… works flawless every time… even on the grill.

  17. It's so funny because probably like a month ago I was watching one of your videos and I was like…..oh my goodness…shes expecting lol….I do that alot and I was even watching our local news channel one day and I looked at the news anchor and was like…yepppp….she's pregnant and it was just a few days and ahe confirmed my thoughts lol….there must just be "a look"…and as far as baby girl names….I vote for there to be an Ella Bree Yoder

  18. Steak is tough because I like medium/medium rare and my life likes well done. I love this steak tip, and all you need is your hand! (It's tip #1 on this list of touch tests.) http://www.clovermeadowsbeef.com/touch-test-steak-doneness/ [PS, sorry if someone else posted about this, but I didn't have time to read through 300+ comments :).]

  19. Aww your the sweetest I absolutely love your videos congratulations on the soon to be new edition to your beautiful family my love to you all ❤️☺️

  20. The fatigue was on your face and just the lack of drinking coffee and the foods you were wanting was how I knew you were pregnant. I know you are little but the clothes you wear and being a woman and a previous mum I really did not give much attention to what could possibly be a bump. Im a nurse and I think trained to notice nuances and behavioral changes. Praying for a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy. God bless you Yoder family. Like Ive said before I watch your videos period. How you present etc is all upto you ❤️

  21. Hi Lynne! I really enjoyed the video. You look so Radiant being pregnant. The boys are so adorable. I'll have to send you some names. May GOD Bless you. Love ya! 👪+👶

  22. Have you seen this? So finny!

  23. If I could pick another girls name it would be Nora. My #3 was a boy, so we didn't get to use that name. Your bumb is so cute.

  24. Lynette, I was so excited to hear your wonderful news. I had just said to myself in video before your announcement oh how I wish she would have a little girl. I think it will be a little girl too ! I watch for you every week and love you and your family  as my own. Blessing and prayers ! Koiya

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