48 Replies to “1st Trimester Surgical Abortion: Suction (Aspiration) D & C”

  1. So sad to watch this 😢😢😢 Million babys avorted daily in this world. God look after all this angels next you.

  2. What if that breaks? What if you're raped? What if you don't what to be pregnant, give birth or be a biological mother?

  3. if you are pro-choice and consider this an "exaggeration" or "propaganda".. i challenge you to explain HOW this is an "exaggeration" or "propaganda". what is Live Action exaggerating? how is it propaganda? and if it ISNT propaganda.. how can you honestly justify it?

  4. It’s clear that this is prolife propaganda bc only 1.2% have abortions after 10 weeks this was eleven weeks

  5. There are so many options than abortion. Contraception. Even non hormonal if you prefer that. And if you know there has been a penis inside you (from rape or not) there is always plan b. Emergency contraception. Why wait until you’re freaking months into the pregnancy. There’s no excuse. This life is not yours to take. This is not a woman’s right. Don’t be selfish. Take responsibility.

  6. In the case of incest, rape, or health complications i understand why someone would want to do this but majority of the time this is not the case. People are not responsible when it comes to having sex and they should understand the consequences of their action. Take the proper precautions if you do not want a baby.

  7. That’s not how a fetus looks in the first trimester…. this video makes it look like a full grown baby so it’ll touch your emotional side. Go look up how a first trimester fetus looks. Doesn’t even look human yet…

  8. It's sad but still the womans choice. There are other ways to prevent abortion than forcing pregnancy on women.

  9. If you are a pro-lifer, chances are you are a fucking retard and a complete diarrhea shit of a person because how could you truely fucking believe that women should not have the right to safely access abortion or have the right to their bodies? Put your wierdo religions and your gross psuedoscientific arguments aside and look at it logically.

  10. People who preform abortions are sick in the head. Its truly scary that the gynecologist
    looks passive

  11. i watched one minute of this and got off disgusted that he killed so many babies rewatched the whole thing and now i see that he at least changed

  12. Why can't people just have sex for making a child so we wouldn't have to go through this shit. Like hell just masterbate if you're that horny.

  13. I was pro choice but killing a baby thats already started to grow even this small… yea this isn’t right. Anything after 6 weeks looks heartbreaking. I would’ve had my baby if it was this size already.

  14. Abortion is a sin. How can anyone do that. My heart is crying . How the baby is cut into pieces..n that injection….
    Oh God plz dont bless those with babies who have cruel heart.

  15. People seek abortions because they don't want the baby and don't want to give birth to it. Maybe we should tell adults to stop having sex unless you want a baby. But that would be hard to tell men to do. We may end up with more rapes. So what do you do?

  16. First, a woman's right to make decisions concerning her body is no one else's business. Second, the anti-abortionists arrogantly believe they should be able to infringe on the freedoms of other Americans—WRONG.
    Third, they completely ignore that most elective abortions involve mothers mired in poverty.That means they (along with the children born) are locked in a vicious cycle that includes exposure to drugs, domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect, etc., along with incalculable learning problems, lower IQ's, and mental health problems keeping them dependent on the taxpayers for handouts. They are also the most likely group to end up committing crimes and landing in jail—where, once again, taxpayers are footing the bill.
    It is ironic that thumpers think media is covering this issue slathered in propaganda because of them. Talk about ignorant! In reality it is ALL ABOUT PROFIT. Which agencies, corporations, politicians, etc., gain financially by eradicating more and more of our basic freedoms? In this case, it would include the farce known as Head Start, WIC, DHS, doctors, hospitals, AND BIG PHARMA; HUD, the rehab industry, the prison complex, etc.
    All one needs to do is look at the number of "missing" children; the number of worthless gangbangers littering neighborhoods; and the countless cases of abuse, neglect, and murder to understand far too many girls have babies when they lack the skills/intelligence/financial means/maturity to raise them responsibly. Consider the countless kids in foster care who are essentially little veggies; trapped, paralyzed in broken bodies from abuse.
    Anyone who has worked with children, especially ignorant "teen" moms showing up with their illegitimate babies at school; watching the babies struggle with severe developmental delays, while the mothers are still stupidly working on getting knocked up again by the next loser who will give them the time of day.
    Those who oppose abortion should be taxed accordingly so that THEY are the ones held accountable for supporting them; but NO ONE should have the right to extort money from other taxpayers to pay for others' mistakes.

  17. Women have the right to choose to use self control and keep their legs together. If they don't want to get pregnant make sure your husband or partner uses a condom if you don't want to get pregnant. If you do get pregnant and its not the right time for a new baby, God has another plan for you and gave you a baby to carry to term and to love. Or carry baby to term and give baby up for adoption. For God's sake do not have baby murdered. That is the worst thing you could do cause you will never forget what your baby would have been like for the rest of your life. Children are a blessing from God, Satan wants your unborn baby murdered for $$$$. Do not listen to Satan!!!!

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