[Applause] back with another video hey guys so I'm back today to you know do a short little update on what's been happening so today is Friday and today is when I had my first ultrasound appointment and I saw the heartbeat so yes this little man is holding on for the ride so yeah so far everything's going good and I'm super super super excited for my IP I know he's over the moon because he was waiting he was waiting for the results and he's in China's a different time zones and he responded so quick after I showed him the pictures so yeah they gave me two pictures it's really you could barely see it I'm probably gonna put at the end of the video but oh my goodness the baby looks so small and adorable and the UM heartbeat was 115 which is good so I just talked to the nurse from my but excuse me from the office and she told me that the only thing that they're adjusting is my de les Trojan so next week they don't want me to take my de les region on Tuesday because it's only Tuesdays and Fridays they don't want me to take it on Tuesday and on Friday they want me to only take it at 0.15 which you might understand this but that's like nothing like July she didn't doesn't hurt me anyway progesterone is really the thing that kills me but the last region I was taking it at point two five right now so it's really gonna be low now so that's good just to have something less everything else is the same though my progesterone he wants me to continue every single day with the rational inserts as well so that's fine and you know I'm just here to make sure this baby grows and is safe and secure in this belly and I'm yeah happy so they gave me a hoarder so next week I'm gonna have another ultrasound on Friday I have to make the appointment next week because it's later now but yeah yeah oh it's great news so besides that a little update on me I have been getting my pregnancy symptoms like for real I've been having that nausea like no other all of the so nauseous and bloated like I can feel the blow like I can't suck this in look to it but it's this for pretty good thought I've found a few tricks to avoid the nausea like some chips that that's usually what helps most like the chips or you know some fries or something like that but I'm okay I'm just excited and wanting to get to this first trimester I know for sure everything is cool and everything so I'll keep you guys updated so I probably will make another video which I tried it with the update on how that goes but stay tuned I'm gonna keep making videos for you guys and let you know everything about this process because it's been a long time so like comment and subscribe bye guys you

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