1v1's WIth Fetus Cheese

I'm gonna okay what you okay yep I know where I'm going I haven't done blackberry and and forever and I'm kidding I haven't even played back you know should I put the wrong gun shit I mean kids bagging by the way okay I've been I gotten better I've gotten better I think I can actually get some Carolyn and I could clap that problem okay I've got higher place places than you haha you suck you suck at evening don't you feel like a fool please don't spawn peek oh you're so lucky I mean kids by glad where to run animation is the worst I feel like he's an elephant usual Doc's yeah if I can get one pump I just want to make sure that I have black beard shield oh I see you don't you hear me [Applause] where the hell are you I'm a kid betting my told you that oh ha ha being quiet like mad means like a lot of things pickle on off you fat pickle pickle don't you slut I don't know why I can't find kapkan big chunky kapkan big boy kapkan did i reinforce anything huh I hear entry oh no I see denial device it's like it's like that meme like a condom and then it's entry denial device wait what the place but it should that should be a meme like you know you remember like it was like it was like um like that me man was like condom and then it was like protection protection before and like minecraft enchantment of course you're calling going in from garage how are you doing just so stupid I use I used the napkin to destroy the napkin where's the big fat chunky fastener I'm hiding I'm gonna make something wait a minute you little shit where are you oh are you near the garage yes okay I knew something was fishy I see your horn on quote thing over here what is you well are you hiring are you hiding behind suitcase no what is you somewhere I turn to distract you with a flat one well hang it got me jeez I knew you're gonna break into something your echo your one shot going your chunky asian boy you're the last fat person in North Korea Oh actually I picked the right gun yeah yeah take your food supply but I'm an American I don't speak that way above shit I speak American okay well the only two inches in I got those right now I should have broke that camera but who cares I'm gonna make a big distraction why didn't you tell me that oh shit I shouldn't have told you that I know we walk come and get me boy no video game young video game John oh fuck you I hate you [Applause] what the hell is a strong not come and get your asshole I know where are you oh I don't know you're not here you broke mine so fast I could see you you're fat chunky North Korean body can't stop no mommy guess what guess what Oh what need you do wait I want to test this toy I want to do the cha-cha around you just shoot me wait you mean the way [Laughter] [Applause] hello so this is this is my first video on YouTube in a while so I used to have an old channel if you just if you found this one just new then welcome to the channel if you came here from my old channel then welcome back I hope you like the new channel I'm gonna be uploading I'm gonna be try to uploading every Friday or Sunday or every Friday or Saturday I've worked on this video on Friday and then I tried to I worked on on Friday and then I tried to get it up by Saturday or Sunday so when this video comes out if it's whatever day um then I hope you guys liked it it's not that much I'm using and I'm bad editing software right now I'm just using what I got so I'm gonna be getting a new computer new editing software new everything so I'm gonna be crispy clean by the time I get everything with that done so I hope you guys like this first video I'll be having a couple more videos or I've I'll have another video up for you next week and I'll see you guys later good bye

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