2 MONTH OLD BABY UPDATE | Reaction to Shots & Hip Dysplasia?!

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to share my son's two months update so he's actually gonna be 10 weeks on Tuesday today is june 22nd and he went for his two-month appointment on june 13th so it's about a week ago now and he also had a hip ultra tum actually it was like a hip hip x-ray because he was breached but I'll get into that later so basically what's going on he's doing great he was a preemie for those of you who I just started following my journey so he was born at 37 weeks via c-section and he was breached so the update from the pediatrician was he is 10 pounds 2 ounces so he was born at 5 pounds 6 ounces so he is almost pretty much doubled his weight which is amazing for two months and that puts him in the 9th percentile for weight so he's a little guy and then he's 21 inches long and he's in the 1 percentile the first percentile I don't know how you say that so he's he's still kind of like short but at the same time I mean it doesn't really matter now I guess babies grow how they grow but I'm only 5 1 and my husband is like 5 7 5 8 so we were both pretty short people and I think that overall he's not gonna be a tall person but whatever and then his head was 37 centimeters so that puts him in the 5th percentile so he is still on the lower side of everything but before like I his first week checkup and the first month checkup he like barely was even on the charts so he's making good progress he also got his shots so this was really it was so sad anybody who's a mom or a parent or whatever and gets has to go and watch their child get shots and cry and stuff is really really sad so he got let's see what shots did he get so he got the hepatitis B shot already and then I think what he got the other his two-month appointment was the DTaP and I believe that was the one that they take orally and then the rotavirus and I don't know PCV I'm not really sure so altogether he's had four and he got three of them at his two-month checkup and so basically like the reaction to that I know that like some people might be curious because every baby is different so I took some notes he obviously when he got the shots he got two in his thighs and then he took one orally the oral one was totally fine it was pretty sweet they said but he had no problem he ate it or whatever they put it in a little syringe and just like put it in his mouth and it was totally fine he didn't mind it at all the shots that one in his thighs he obviously started screaming and it's so sad because he's laying there you know just like kicking around and happy and has no idea what's coming and then all of the sudden they stick them and he started screaming so all I did was just hugged and kissed him and just like held him really close and tried to like just calm him down and then we fed him in the doctor's office right after that happened and after that he slept for like three hours straight he actually we had to take him to another appointment to get his hips x-rayed I'll get into that in a minute but he was just pretty drowsy and tired and once again only got home we fed him again because after both of those appointments that had been about three three and a half maybe four hours later so set him again he ate and then about 20 minutes after that he started screaming hysterically and his legs there were like swollen and like red blotchy and he it was just like screaming his head off losing in his mind I've never seen him like he was just inconsolable and it was so sad I I guess like finally all of the the shots and the whatever they vaccinated him with caught up to him like at first you know it takes a little while to actually get into his system and so we gave him some baby tylenol I forget exactly how much but it was just like a couple of milliliters or maybe it wasn't even that maybe it was like half I can't remember but our doctor gave us a sheet on you know what we could do for what we could do if he was uncomfortable or crying or something after the shots so we just gave him the baby tylenol and then he slept for like three hours in our arms like we just didn't put him down because he needed the love and everything so we just kept on like passing him back and forth and like cuddling him and kissing him and everything and then after that three-hour nap he got up and he ate again and then he seemed to be a little bit more like himself like after he calmed down from crying and everything like that and the Tylenol so I'm at nighttime so that was probably around like 5:30 or so and then after he ate we put him down for the night and he slept a really really long stretch like without even eating he usually had been going about three and a half to four hours between feeds in the middle of the night and this time he slept for like five hours straight and then at 8 a.m. he woke up and he was a little fussy and everything so he took his temperature and it was actually a hundred and I know that like that's pretty high for babies but our pediatrician said that it's normal for them to get fevers and if they do just give them some Tylenol and they should be fine so we gave him the tylenol again so he only took two doses one the first day the day that he got the shots and the second was the morning after and then he slept pretty much another really long stretch after the Tylenol and then he got up to eat and finally like he was pretty drowsy during the day but finally he felt like himself again and was like cooing and interactive and so you know the first after he got the shots I think we went for the appointment was at 2:00 p.m. so like the whole rest of the day he pretty much was drowsy and just uncomfortable and sleeping mostly but you know the next day he he was drowsy too but the day after that he was back to his normal self so I know all babies are different and everybody you know has a different experience with the shots but you know it's really sad just to watch your baby uncomfortable or upset or like feeling pain or whatever it was but it was fine and he he's back to his normal self now so those are that's the reaction that he had to the shots he's totally great and a happy baby overall but so after we went to the pediatrician everything else she said was totally fine the one thing that we mentioned to her is that he has a tendency to always look to the to the left to the left I don't know my left from right um to the left and he sleeps with his head to the left and every time you know we put him anywhere like where he's laying down or even if we're holding him in his arms he always has a tendency to look to the left so she told us that it's not she she like looked his head to the right and cut and she said that it's basically because they become accustomed to turning one way because their muscles are more relaxed on that side so what you have to do is that she would stretch his neck to the right side what she he was lying on his back and she just like pushed his head to the right and the goal was to get his chin to touch his shoulders and she said that he actually didn't have that bad of a case I think the name of it is called like torticollis or something but she said that nothing needed to be done obviously if he's sleeping on the same side of his head and always on that side he might get a little bit of a soft indent in his head so we want to prevent that so that his head is normal shape and proportionate the whole way around so she said every time after you change him just push his head to the right and try to stretch that muscle so that it becomes more relaxed and easier for him to turn on his own so that's what we've been doing and after about a week he now turns to the right whatever he like hears you or something like that so every time after I would change him I would push his head to the right and it's kind of uncomfortable for him it doesn't hurt him or anything but now he's getting so good at it that he like automatically goes to the right and he'll stay looking over that way which is really great and we kind of like whenever we prop him up in like the mama Roo or something we'll put a little burp cloth underneath the what is it the left side so that he it kind of like pushes his head to the right and then we turned all of the bouncers and the mama Roo and everything so that he's looking to the right wherever we're sitting don't go back with him until four months but if we see she told us if we see any changes like if he's still not able to turn and you know you feel the spot like going deeper and deeper we might have to get a helmet but she said that she wasn't worried about that at all and that if we keep just like doing the little exercise with him he should be fine but after that appointment we had to go to Texas Children's Hospital to get an x-ray of his hips so basically because he was breech and I think there's like a couple other factors he was a c-section baby he was breech and he is the first born and also that he's a male they wanted to make sure that he didn't have hip dysplasia so the first thing that we did and I guess it was like about six weeks when he was six weeks or no maybe it was eight when he was eight weeks we took him to get an ultrasound of his hips and it came back pretty much inconclusive and it was just a general ultrasound it wasn't a pediatric person that looked at the results it was just a regular radiologist so my doctor they said that there might be mild dysplasia in his right hip so my pediatrician got those results and told us that we should schedule a an x-ray at Texas Children's Hospital so that a pediatric specialists can look at it at the results and and it's a an x-ray rather than an ultrasound to make sure that whatever they found the first time is consistent and what we need to do from there so we took him over there he got the x-ray the doctor was really great I I liked him a lot and he basically comes in and says that ultrasounds are pretty much and they are a lot of times inconclusive so he showed us what he saw from the x-ray and basically he said that he does not have hip dysplasia both of his hips are symmetrical they he showed us like the measurements that they're supposed to be if it's a normal just normal hips and he was definitely normal in the normal range and and he was just like you can come back again in I think like six weeks or so and do another and do another x-ray to see if anything has changed because you know he's developing and he's growing and everything and he said but it's not super necessary and if he was to have hip dysplasia he would have to get this like I think it's like some sort of cast or something that or a brace that goes on his hips and I me and my husband were just praying that we didn't have to go through that so anyways we made the appointment for six weeks from now to do another x-ray just to double-check that he's okay because during this period there's a lot of growth and they just we just want a peace of mind so he's good other than that um he's he's doing really well he's social smiling which is awesome he definitely knows you know that I'm his mom and that Pete is his dad we get these when he wakes up in the morning and I talked to him and I'm like hi good morning he gets the biggest smile on his face and I usually bring them over on to the bed and just like play with him and everything and he's just so freakin adorable uh what else is going on so he's still he's still pretty small and he's not sleeping through the night yet because he wakes up to eat so it's been getting better I was literally going through a very tough time due to the lack of sleep and just like being sleep-deprived because he would wake up two times a night and and then you know just feeding him during the morning it's like I've never really gotten a full stretch of sleep but we've been doing now is and so we used to a like about a week or two ago we would put him down to sleep at about 8:00 p.m. after his bottle because he would get really tired so we're like okay let's just put him down then so sleep till maybe midnight and then he would wake up again and need to eat and then from there he would wake up around 4:00 and then from there he would wake up around like 7:00 7:30 so I was like not consistently getting any sleep let's get mr. little Bubba oops up from his nap I was like trying to go to bed with him around 8:00 and then wake up with him just to get more sleep but like I wasn't really tired at 8:00 anyways what we did in the past week was kind of switch our schedule around and keep him up a little bit longer so we've been keeping him up till about 10:00 p.m. and then feeding him a big bottle and then putting him down so for the past couple nights he's been sleeping from you know 10:30 after his bottle until between 4 and 5:30 so and then he'll wake up again around 7:30 8 o'clock and be up for the day so that has literally been a saving grace for myself because I've been able to get a longer stretch of sleep and it's just so good but and also I think that because he is gained a little bit more weight he can go longer stretches without eating so I think like it'll eventually he'll be able to sleep through the night or at least get a solid like six to seven hours but still waiting on that also he is pretty much having all formula now we all do I think I'll do another video on like my breastfeeding experience but basically the gist is he he never latched so I tried the breastfeeding thing and it didn't really work out so I started exclusively pumping and then that I've just started to get really exhausted because you're doing double work it's like you feed him and then you have to pump so the whole process was taking you know over an hour because I would pump for like 20 minutes after I feed him and then just because he was waking up so often to eat it was just getting really really exhausting so we switched him over pretty much predominantly to formula now and that was a whole interesting thing because we were giving him Enfamil which is what our pediatrician had recommended but he just like did not like that whatsoever he kept throwing up and he would you would try to put the bottle in his mouth and he would just go like like he did not like the taste of it and it smells like fish it was disgusting so after a few you know times of giving him that we decided not to and then so we switched to like the Gerber good start I think it's called and he likes that a lot and he doesn't spit up he's not fussy you know he doesn't have reflux or anything like that and he's definitely been I think that's helped him to sleep longer and go longer stretches because he's it's more caloric than breast milk and so he's been going longer between feeds and then like sleeping more at night so that's that's pretty much the update for him two months he's such a sweet baby look he's like sleeping back to sleep I'll have to put him down again but he's just a really really good baby he's so sweet he loves to be held loves to be cuddled which you know I have no problem with oh geez are we talking about you you smiling in your sleep but he's doing really well and we are I'm actually going back to work on July 16th so I had three months of maternity leave still sleeping in our room and the bass the nest and we got the outlet I don't know if you guys have heard of it I'm you probably have if you're a mom but it's basically this little sock that you put on their foot and it hooks up to this like little base station and it tells you their heart rate and how much oxygen they're getting throughout the night so um my husband was all right Bubba we got the outlet and if you if anything is in the red like your app will go off and even if like the sock comes off or something in your sleep the app will tell you and like make like it'll have a notification and make a sound and stuff so that has literally been such I don't know it just gives he gives me such peace of mind whenever he's sleeping that you know he's okay and breathing and his heart rate is fine and all that so that's little Bubba and I'll probably do another update I don't know maybe at 3 months or something but yeah so let me know how if you guys have two month olds or if you remember anything about when your babies for two months and they got their shots and everything let me know how how the experience was for you and I hope everybody that is out there and pregnant I hope you're doing well if you're ttc good luck spending lots of baby dust if you haven't already please subscribe I love to have you guys you know join this journey into motherhood since it's my first baby I always need vice and it's so great to connect with other mom so thanks so much for watching I'll talk to you guys our next video bye

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  1. It is indeed so, so sad when they get their shots. Baby Tylenol to the rescue! I'm never afraid to give it! I gave our son the Tylenol and before and after and every 4-6 hours for the first 24 hours. He did better with it that way than my first son which we did not do that with. Since he had kind of an extra hard time with the fever and all, you can ask your pediatrician about spacing the others out a little – maybe he had an little hard of a time because he is smaller? I don't really know. Apparently I make big babies – my first was 9 lbs 7 oz and my 3 month old was 9 lbs 5 oz and he's already pushing 20 lbs! We always dress the baby in a gown or a large t-shit after shots too just so there's nothing tight around the legs. I'm so happy to hear his hips are good. 🙂 Damn, he's a GREAT sleeper! My LO still wakes about every 3 hours to nurse. The good thing though is he is starting to eat for longer stretches, so I'm hoping he will start sleeping for longer stretches because I'm back at work now and by Wednesday, I'm ready to crawl in a hole for a week and sleep! LOL He's so cute! So much hair! <3 So funny about the Enfamil… we supplement and I used Enfamil with my first but the new baby HATED it and I noticed it smelled funky to (like you said). He would gag on it. Ours likes the Similac so that's what we are supplementing with now.

  2. Chase is too precious 😊❤️
    Next time, at least an hour before his appointment for vaccinations give him the baby Tylenol. It will ease that pain for him after he receives them. I stopped doing that after his 1yr shots since he had more fat on his little thighs lol. But it will be a great help!

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