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  1. Back in the days when drummers could still play softly, without their ego banging for attention.

  2. Unlike most great pianists Phineas didn't record much with other bands. Whether this held him back from the public eye I'm not sure. Oscar Peterson rated him alongside himself , he was also considered as being one of the three greatest Jazz pianists of all time. Unfortunately admiration from ones peers doe's not pay the bills and mental health problems didn't help.

  3. we should be talking about a jazz piano pantheon, rather than a "trinity," and some distinctions should be made in terms of styles and genres (bop, swing, boogie, stride, etc.) when comparing pianists. james p. is as great as monk is as great as bud is as great as teddy is as great as hines is as great as cecil, and so forth.

  4. Oscar Brown Jr. is so full of crap — "Even among classical pianists a complete virtuoso is a rarity" No, it isn't. In order to make a career as a concert pianist a complete virtuosity is a REQUIREMENT. And as much as I love Phineas, we should be happy he chose jazz, for if those few bars of Ravel Sonatina is any indication he would have never made it as a concert pianist. .

  5. Phineas was a GENIUS! He played in my Dad's band as a teenager! I see Kenny Dennis is playing drums with him on this video! Kenny used to be married to none other than the magnificent NANCY WILSON. Kenny played drums with me (Stan Gilbert on bass) at the Smokehouse in Toluca Lake in 1975. Wow a trip seeing and hearing them play here!

  6. Right up there with Oscar, if not beyond. One of the greatest ever…and for his talent, one of the most underrated and underexposed.

  7. "In his prime, he was one of the three greatest jazz pianists of all time", so declared Leonard Feather.And he's spot on! If he was seeing it the way I do, that trinity consists of Art Tatum (the father), Oscar Peterson (the son) and Phineas Newborn (the holy ghost). It's heartbreaking that this genie somehow fell thru the cracks and into an unjustifiable obscurity. Maybe Tatum, given the era in which he thrived, didn't achieve, like Oscar, the popular recognition his talent deserved, but he is far from obscure and is a staple of the modern conservatory. With Phineas, however, you could poll 1000 jazz fans today and maybe find 2 or 3 who know his name and work. Tragic that such a monumentally gifted & accomplished artist could be so little appreciated in this world.

  8. I have a dvd with this performance that introduced me to the stylings of phineas newborn jr,there isn't much out their with his name on it, but whatever their is, is certainly worth listening to, you can see the classical technique the way in which he uses his left hand…..a beautiful player, great band and choices in song.

  9. I'm so glad to say my sister took me over the Village Gate to see Mr. Newborn, I may have been 15 and I think it was 77 or 78, anyhow, I couldn't understand how any one so stoic looking and so buttoned up could turn a piano upside down like he did. He was a total force of nature that night and I owe my sister much for exposing me to one of the great jazz virtuoso's.

  10. That chord at 9:00 in Lush Life sounds so weird to me… 🙂
    Also, that piano has some beautiful black keys.

  11. A brilliant musician so unfortunately ignored during his time…it's good to see people are finally beginning to listen, though.

  12. So many jazz artist didn't get the notoriety they deserved maybe no one more than Phineas Newborn.

  13. I love the implication that they did not do an interview so as not to break his mood… Haha… His performances were all absolutely incredible. And he was only 31 in this video. Christ.

  14. He was so great! He hung out in a room at the Peabody Hotel one night with us drinking! Didn't know who we were but just hung out and let us buy him drinks! He was strange but fun! Such a talent!

  15. Thanks for posting this. I got to meet Phineas (his Momma pronounced it Phiness, as he was introduced to me) in a bar in in the old warehouse district in Memphis in April of 1989. He walked in wearing a well-worn suit, trench coat, and 40's style Fedora. He was famous among musicians in Memphis and my girlfriend had heard about him. Phiness sat next to us, lit a cigarette, somebody bought him a scotch, and he proceeded to grope my girlfriend's leg. I loved it and didn't mind, and she didn't mind either. The next day I went out and bought one of his cassettes. I will never forget that night. I was told that night from people around the table that he had suffered from mental illness. His Momma insisted from an early age that he learn how to play the piano, and play it like Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, and all the great classical composers. He was magnificent.

  16. Phineas Newborn is secretly admired for his virtuosity, he set a whole new standard of performance for jazz pianists. He is famous amongst accomplished musicians but is not very famous with the general public.

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