2 steps that can help you love your period week

thanks for joining me for another hormone ology tip I'm Gabriele lichterman founder of hormone ology and creator of the hormone horoscope apps the female forecaster app and author of 28 days what your cycle reveals about your moods health and potential and the reason there's a little sticky note in my book today is because the tip that I'm going to be sharing with you today comes right out of my book so it's on page 4 so it's right at the front and it's how to love your period week I know it's crazy I think that you can love your period week right but you can and here's why so for some reason period weeks have gotten a real bad rap there's perceived by many as the worst phase of your cycle or at least right up there with your premenstrual phase and that's really sad to me because biologically we're actually set up to enjoy our period week and I'll explain to you why first when you get your period it means that your estrogen has dropped to its lowest level all cycle long so it's dropped and that drops tells your body to shed your uterine lining aka men's straight so your estrogen drops to its lowest level and then you start bleeding well shortly after your period starts shortly after you start bleeding like a few hours later your estrogen starts to rise and that's really important because the first day you get your period your estrogen starts to rise and it continues to rise and rise and rise throughout the first half of your cycle throughout your period and the great news about that is when your estrogen starts to rise it is the cure for PMS it's the cure for premenstrual issues if you've been bugged by preventional irritability or aches or other problems rising estrogen fixes that and the reason is because premenstrual issues are caused largely by descending estrogen because your with your in a withdrawal like state your withdrawing from estrogen kind of like when you quit caffeine or cigarettes you go through withdrawal so your body you know gets all out of whack you get cranky you get achy well in the same way during your pre medical week as estrogen drops you're going through a withdrawal like state yet that causes irritability sadness pain in some women not everybody it depends on your sensitivity to plunging estrogen but the great news is that once estrogen starts to rise it cures it's the one antidote you need for PMS four premenstrual issues and that's kind of like when you quit caffeine you quit coffee and you drink it again all those you know symptoms from withdrawal from caffeine disappear because now you're getting more caffeine well so during your period we now said that as estrogen Rises it cures PMS well it does a second thing a rising estrogen as estrogen climbs higher and higher it prompts the brain to churn out more mood lifting chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine and endorphins so now that we've realized that during your period rising estrogen cures PMS and it's telling the brain to turn out more mood boosting chemicals why does some women find their period weak so challenging well there are two factors that can cause a lousy period and there are factors that can be largely overcome in most women and let's go into those so the first one is a dip in iron as you bleed during menstruation during menstruation you shed iron and iron is a key mineral in your blood so as you lose blood your iron level goes down and you need this mineral it's an essential mineral because it helps with your energy and your mood it helps with sleep and the reason for that is because iron helps deliver oxygen to the cells in your body and brain but it also helps create serotonin in the brain in serotonin is a chemical that helps with mood and sleep and other other issues other important issues so when you get your period and you're bleeding your iron store can go down and research shows that it doesn't have to go down so low that you're anemic and anemia is a condition of low iron you don't have to reach a certain like clinical scale for to be impacted negatively by falling iron it just has to fall a smidge for you to be impacted and what happens when your iron goes down well you get tired you get cranky you get anxiety gets sad and your sleep is interrupted which exacerbates all of this so it's really important to keep your iron up so in the US the guideline is if you're going to take a supplement an iron supplement it's some 15 milligrams daily for women ages 14 to 18 and 18 milligrams daily for women ages 18 to 50 19 to 50 now you always have to ask your health care provider before you start a supplement regimen and one reason for that with iron is because there are some people who can't process or metabolize iron correctly they could have a disorder called hemochromatosis I actually knew a couple of people with this and it means that the iron builds up in your blood and it's a genetic disorder your your doctor should be able to tell you if you have it or you're at risk of it but for the majority of people for most of us we can take iron in a supplement or through foods and it's really important to up your iron all cycle long not just during your period and that's because the way iron works is you have to keep your store up you have to keep that level up all like along so that when your period comes and you start shedding iron and it will dip it doesn't dip so low as to cause those problems such as irritability sadness insomnia fatigue okay so that's one one of the factors that can make your period week stink is low iron as a dip and iron and now you know if you keep your iron up first asking your healthcare provider if you can that you can avoid that so what is the second factor that can make your period week stink well it's pain pain pain pain pain pain there's a lot of different types of aches and pains associated with having a period there's menstrual cramps there's migraines there's back aches so what can you do well let me start off by saying if you have severe menstrual cramps that's something that is obviously much more difficult to overcome and if you have menstrual migraines that's difficult to overcome I have menstrual migraines I have all my life I know the pain associated with it however if you have mild moderate mental cramps if you have a nagging headache not a migraine if you have mild aches or moderate aches treat it don't just put up with it don't just say oh you know my my uterus is is cranky today no go get a heat patch go massage your your pelvis with with an essential oil massage rub do something or if you take pain pills take pain pills do something to treat the pain and if the treatment you're using now isn't working try another treatment or try a bunch of treatments at once I use a whole constellation of treatments from my menstrual migraines and the reason it's so important to treat your pain is this it's the pain that's causing your irritability and fatigue and fog enos it's not your period itself so say you slammed the car door on your your hand in the car door you would be mad you would be cranky you would be just thinking about it constantly it would be distracting it would be it would impair your day because you now have this injury and that can happen any day of your cycle well in the same way it's just the pain that's causing these problems and if you try to focus on and fix that pain well then what's left to complain about it right that's that's really the truth so if you fix the iron issue and keep that iron up and you fix the pain issue keep that pain down you allow rising estrogen to exert its mood mood lifting and energy boosting effects it's as it rises it's boosting serotonin and endorphins and dopamine and it's making you happier I know it sounds crazy but if you just Park the seeds of the things that are blocking the effects of rising estrogen you can have a happier period week now all this said I do want to point out that there is a genetic component here some women are less sensitive to the effects of rising estrogen and that can mean that as estrogen Rises during your period even if you've upped your iron even if you've you know gotten rid of your pain it is possible that you're not feeling that lift and serotonin quite yet it's a delayed effect it doesn't happen to everyone it's really a minority of women but I have heard from women who say you know they've done everything they've tried everything and they're still feeling sad during their period and this is as a genetic you're just having a delayed reaction you're not as sensitive to rising estrogen and for that I recommend realizing that okay I can't rely on estrogen to boost my mood like it should be during my period week I have to go do other things that can help boost my mood that can that can nourish me and that could mean exercising which lifts endorphins and self-esteem or meditating doing treating yourself to something special like taking a break from work to go for a walk in the park anything that lifts your mood anything that lifts your spirits is going to help spur those mood boosting brain chemicals so okay if you don't have you know if you don't have that sensitivity to estrogen then you know okay I have to do other things to help it along and that's okay so I just want to remind you that these tips are straight out of my book 28 days what your cycle reveals about your moods health and potential this book is available in eBook and print at amazon.com yes music and yoga I'm seeing some comments here yes music is a wonderful mood booster it's been shown in numerous studies to improve mood to improve sleep and of course that's calming music before I go to sleep and uplifting music to boost your mood so that's a really good that's a really good recommendation so if you have any questions let me know you can ask in the comment section or you can email me at Gabrielle at my hormone ology calm again check out my book it's at Amazon all around the world and all the Amazons and visit my website my hormone ology calm for more tips about how to hack your cycle and enjoy every day of your cycle because that's really the goal enjoy every day of your cycle make every day happier so thanks for watching and until next week

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