1. I could watch you all day Charlotte 🤗 My 2nd baby is 12days old and watching you gives me so much comfort and reassurance 💜 xxx

  2. Please do a routine video 😊 my baby is about a week younger than Stanley and I'm struggling so much with routine and my wee ones sleeping. It's the morning now and we only managed 2 and a half hours sleep 😢

  3. He is beautiful. My feeding story is roughly the same but she was my first and only child so far, you are truly not alone. I would love to see a routine video xxx

  4. I didn't get my youngest boy's tongue cut and now I know why he didn't gain weight with breast feeding I felt the same way as you. But he is now almost 6 years old. Only down fall is he has a hard time speaking correct because of his tongue but is learning how to work with his issue, thanks to speech group. But I love him and think he is perfect no matter what… your boy is handsome. I am currently 11 weeks 3 days prego with my 4th and last baby. You are helping me get through my bad days because I get to watch you. Nausea and migraine so I'm bed bound.

  5. This is a very honest video so lovely to watch. I also cried a lot when I gave up breastfeeding and it wasn't a decision I wanted to make, but latch and supply was poor. I hated the fact I was just stuck on a sofa all day and not holding my baby, and neglected everything else. Breastfeeding is so much harder than what it's made out.

  6. Being a breastfeeding mum (currently 15 months in) and 20 weeks pregnant currently I 100% think that what you've done for Stanley is incredible! Your drive to give him the best you could and continuing to do so by doing what may not nessisarily be what you wanted but now what's best is wonderful! He's flourishing and is just so precious! Congratulations again Charlotte, you're a wonderful mum to all three of your beautiful children 💙
    Loving that you've continued on from your pregnancy journey with these post partum updates xx

  7. I found your channel last week as my baby boy turned 6 weeks old. I had the exact same experience with feeding as you and have been dealing with mum guilt for the past 3 weeks over my decision to stop breast feeding. The pressure from midwives made me feel like I couldn't switch to formula but I knew I had to because if not, my baby would begin to lose weight as he also got angry when trying to latch and I wasn't able to express as much.
    Your video and honesty has made me feel comfortable with my decision, after all, fed is best.
    Stanley is beautiful, enjoy your time with him and you will begin to enjoy feeding him rather than becoming stressed over it 🙂 xxx

  8. Just remember that a good mom does not lie in the boobs ❤️ you are an amazing mom with an amazing family ❤️

  9. your body is amazing for 2 weeks pp!! and I was the same I said before my boy had tongue tie and I got it cut but still had alot of trouble with him and had to use hospital bottles for first few weeks and he really struggled for first month as did I cause I really wanted to bf but in the long run like you said no body knows what milk the baby had growing up it doesn't mater. it will make no diff when his older as long as his growing xx

  10. Really hope you managed to read my other message regarding my breastfeeding nightmare. We only feel bad about formula feeding because all the perfect mummies who have breasted can't stop putting us down. I bet none of them almost died! Breastfeeding almost killed me yet I was made to feel guilty for giving formula. It's disgraceful. Women, sometimes it just doesn't work!!!!

  11. yes, a newborn routine video would be really helpful , i'm a first time mum with a 4 week old and not established any routine yet.

  12. Oh Charlotte, I welled up when you got emotional. One day at a time, lovely, remember to stop and breathe. You’ve got this mama, you are amazing and baby Stanley is just perfect. 💙👶🏼 xxx

  13. Hi my lovely.
    I have been following you for so long all through your pregnancy and it has been such a joy to have you there as some guidance and to see real life with your wonderful family. I take my hat off to you huni. I always look forward to your updates. I just had my first baby girl March 14 so I felt like I was with you all the way. My girl is a joy to have and hold and I’m truly blessed.
    I would love some advice by knowing your new born routine to see if it helps me. Tc xxxp

  14. I have a 4 month boy and watching this today made me cry as it bought back my time when I couldn’t breast feed. So many mums will relate with this video. Thanks.

  15. Awww yr just amazing. Well done. He’s doing amazing. Yr and amazing role model. So glad I came across yr channel. I thought it was just me crying over not breast feeding. I know how hard and heart breaking it is. Thanks for sharing this with us. Lots of love. Take care. Yr doing amazing.

  16. I feel your sadness and pain. I only bf my two for 5-6 months before deciding to stop (for many different reasons). It’s such a strange confusing feeling. I was the one who wanted to stop but I also knew it was best for everyone in the long run but felt so guilty and so sad that our bf journey had come to an end.

  17. oh charlotte he is beautiful.❤❤❤fed is best i have done both with my girls both is a struggle breastfeeding is not easy x

  18. Charlotte you are doing absolutely amazing I totally understand how your feeling about breastfeeding I tried so hard with my son and not being able to was horrible but fed is best it doesn't matter how your an amazing mummy xx

  19. This and your 1 week update video has made me rethink about wanting to BF. I still think about getting the colostrum into them but yes I can see why it is easier FOR SOME. I'm not against either way but it's given me a different perspective after 6 years of wanting a child and being adamant of BF. I'm still childless but I will get there…

  20. Great video, really enjoy seeing how you’re getting on, and feeling for you in terms of the breastfeeding. But as others have said, fed is best. I think there is too much pressure to make it work put on new mums, and that you’re made to feel like a failure if it just isn’t working for you. Stanley looks really happy and healthy, don’t beat yourself up. Hoping to nurse baby 2 when she arrives but thanks for the bottle tips, couldn’t get my eldest to even sniff one. Also you look great after only 2 weeks PP. 😊

  21. Oh Charlotte, I totally understand how you feel. I had a similar feeding experience with my first. She had an undiagnosed posterior tongue tie and never latched onto me at all. Whenever I put her to the breast she screamed and screamed. She wasn't interested at all and I felt completely rejected. For around 6 months it affected me SO much and affected our bond. I was ashamed to formula feed her – which is silly really. I'm now breastfeeding my almost 17 month old, so I got to experience it in the end.

    Please don't feel upset. I know it's heartbreaking, but you tried, and at least he had your milk for a couple of weeks. ❤

  22. I understand your breastfeeding journey. Mine was very similar. It’s so hard to decide to stop the breast. No doubt your hormones are still all over the place too! Please don’t feel too disheartened. You are doing your best. He looks gorgeous and can see that he’s thriving. All the best to your family❤️❤️

  23. You look fabulous for two weeks postpartum! Sorry the feeding hasn’t gone as you had hoped but Stanley is happy as long as his tummy is full, however it happens 😊 you’re doing a brilliant job xxxx

  24. My baby boy is 5 weeks old today and we've also struggled with tongue tie and feeding. I've been stuck on the sofa pumping every 3 hours around the clock and have battled on as I felt it was the right thing to do. I do feel like I've been missing out on cuddles too, and finally feel like I'm coming to the end of my breastfeeding journey – it feels like a weirdly emotional decision to make! Thanks for talking about it in your video, it's comforting to know others feel the same. x

  25. Stanley is so cute 😍 You look amazing for 2 weeks postpartum & you should be proud of the milk you have produced for Stanley through expressing xx

  26. Awwwwh I can’t believe that’s 2 weeks now he is such a cute baby and u are looking fabulous Charlotte 🌈💖💜💚💙💛🧡❤️💝🤩 I’m due my baby in two weeks so I would love to see a vid on how to look after a newborn as I’m so nervous that I won’t know what I’m doing

  27. I hated Aldi newborn nappies. Asda were my favourite in the newborn stage and these days we fluctuate between them and Tesco. We used Lidl for ages but I’m finding it harder to find size 5 in our local shop!

  28. I finally had my baby girl . 3 days late! Forgot how tiring night times are haha! Love your updates charlotte I will keep following.

  29. The feeling of not being able to breastfeed your baby is the worst! I wasn't able to nurse my second because she would never latch. I pumped for six weeks for her and my milk dried up. I struggled so bad with depression afterwards for several months. Just remember fed is best and you are being the best momma that you can be!

  30. Yes please, do a newborn routine update as this would be very helpful xx also your total openness and willingness to share such an honest update is so appreciated xx take care xx you are doing an amazing job looking after your family xx Hugs to Stanley!

  31. Yes please for the newborn routine! My first is due in June and have loved following your pregnancy and these new updates!

  32. I felt like you when I coudent3 breast feed I put my child on formula it was the best thing I done for me and my daughter but I never knew why I coudent3 it was twenty years ago you are doing a great job Charlotte love watching your family grow with you you are do I g great with Stanley

  33. Oh my goodness Charlotte baby Stanley is making me so broody – such a gorgeous boy! I completely know how you feel, my milk supply just stopped with both boys and I hated knowing it was the end but you’re always growing that baby boy with love and protection and every decision you make for him ♥️

  34. Hiya Charlotte, I think you’re incredible and have made the right choice for you and your family. I would LOVE to see a routine vid. I’m due any day now with my first so would find it so helpful. Xxxx

  35. He's so cute! I know it's hard for you but time for you to start enjoying all the things your talking about, as long as he's fed and happy that's all that matters. I know it's hard but you're doing great! Xx

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