hi and welcome back to my channel and if it's your first time here then welcome my name is Simone today I thought I would do a two-week postpartum update to show you how I'm getting on with the belly band it so I must say to be honest I was a bit skeptical whether it would work or not you know with my last two pregnancies my muscles went so weak and even after a couple of years I had that em keep forgetting to write the name down but you know when the muscles are separated I think it's called like deities Vectis or something like that but I'll put a link down below as to what I mean so like if I sit up so like like I said after two years my muscles are still really loose if I if I like sat up from a lying position my stomach goals into like a doll shape and if I say I had a really bad cough I'm not joking it would literally feel like I don't know whether it was the intestines or not like grew through the wall but I've been to the doctors about it and he couldn't see anything but it literally felt like something was poking through and will be pulsating in my like in the like the stomach region and I didn't know whether it was a hernia or what but I don't know if it's to do with muscle weakness or what it is anyway but I just felt like my muscles were really weak so with this birth I decided to buy belly band it and I got the bamboo one and I managed to get a new one on eBay for 20 pounds so and I think they're like 50 or 60 pound newer that might be even more so I messaged measured my belly at about 36 weeks and I think it was measuring like 45 inches so that correlated to a size medium so I started wearing it as soon as I got the movement back in my legs after I had the epidural for the retained placenta if you've not seen that video I will put that in the link above and at the end so I've been wearing it since then and it's been that comfortable that I have been able to worry day and night I take it off to go in the bath or the shower and then it goes back on and the support that it gives me especially when I'm breastfeeding and it's just really really comfortable and like I said it wasn't so much for like a what's the word I'm looking for it wasn't so much for like a vanity perspective although obviously it's nice if you're not walking around with like a big like belly do you know what I mean but it was more for the posture and stride to help with this muscle closure so like I said I will put some clips in now and also some photographs of how I'm getting on and I will also find some photos of what my stomach was like before I even got pregnant because my way has been up and down for years I've never been like super slim since I was probably about 16 well my weight fluctuates and my belly I don't know if it was cause of the c-section or what but I've got this little like pouch that if I do lose loads away I can tuck into like say like money cuz oh if I was wearing like a bikini I could tuck it in well I've always the stomach has always been like a troublesome area but I would say that at this stage at two weeks postpartum and probably at the same as what I was maybe six months with my daughter and probably a year with my son that was my first birth okay and so today is day 8 and I feel like the ballet bandit is we're really working well I hope I can find some footage to show you of my belly I would say it was about three or four months after having never my daughter the second one and it looks about a similar size so I think it's working but I think I'm gonna have to get a smaller size I've got a medium on my belly his biggest was about 45 inches and I think that correlated to a size medium if I can remember so I'll show you now anyway so excuse the massive boobs their milk has come in now so what yeah this is this is with the belt the belt on this is maternity jeans I've got on like yeah I've still got obviously the pouch and the line is still there but I'm really impressed with it I was never super skinny anyway so yeah but I'll update you again in a couple more days so I really really I do really be the like this Belly Bandit so symptoms wise the last two weeks I've still haven't swelling in the face I don't know if you can you can see it got quite a bit of swelling around my eyes but my hands and it's too high up for you to see babe so my yeah so my eyes are still swollen hands my feet are all right I've lost about I was I was 13 stole just over 13 stone and I've gone down to 1111 that was a few days ago so I don't know what I am now so I think I've lost like the baby weight the baby's weight and the placenta and I am still having the bleeding it's not loved I want to say this as much as what I had with my daughter's because I think that's down to obviously that they had to manually remove the placenta and I think me like you know cleaned out a lot of this stuff down there sleep wise the baby's waking like every one to two hours sometimes it might be three hours so I managed to catch up on a little bit of sleep and then say like the next night he doesn't sleep as much so it's like it you know and so this just there's no routine or anything I'm just trying to get through these early days you know obviously feed him as much as possible that's one thing actually he didn't lose anyway at his first checkup I think eight days after no six six days after his first weigh-in he'd put on announces which was really really fantastic so yeah my milks come in my boobs are absolutely massive I look like about a boob job I know that some people are probably really happy about that but when you're bouncing so like yeah they're just so huge and I wouldn't say that this super comfortable because I'm making sure that I'm feeding the baby on a regular basis like sometimes he wants to feed every hour or more so it is helping to drain them but there's still really really massive and yes the breastfeeding journey is going really really well and I'm enjoying it and yeah no issues there the baby he's just really really chilled out he doesn't cry a lot it's usually if we take a little bit too long to you know like pick him up when he's been having a sleep or if we're changing his bomb he doesn't really like the cold air on his bomb I don't think sometimes but he's just yeah he's just such a chilled out baby when he's when he's in the lab or when we take him out in the pram like I took the three children out on my own about one week postpartum it was the first time I be now since we've got our Hospital and it was the first time with the three children but it was really all right like Caleb he'd open the doors in the shop for me neighbor would help to push the pram went to the park and we spent a good few hours there and the baby just slept the whole time so he was out for about three hours and as soon as we arrived home and I stopped the pram the baby woke up gave him milk and he was just fine so I'm not I think I was more apprehensive and scared going out with Caleb than I was we've gone out with three children on my own so yeah so far the recovery has just been really good the compared to the other two birth is I would say that the recovery has been the easiest so far and yeah I'm just really enjoying being a mum again and just I'm on cloud nine to be honest I did have a few yep I did have a few days when we're in the hospital of being teary eyed and crying but I think it's because I was in the hospital away from the children didn't know what was going on in regards to the baby's jaundiced that's another thing it's pretty much gone now which is fantastic so yeah I just think it was just this situation that I was in with my other two children especially with Caleb after the traumatic birth I was at cry over children's programs like the music would come on and I'd be crying and anything would set me off but I do feel a lot more a lot happier don't know if it's a ceasing obviously coming to the end of our summer and with my other two pregnancies it was in the dead of winter or I do generally feel a lot better but obviously it's early days and I'll keep you posted so I really hope that you liked this video and if you did please can you give it a thumbs up if you have any questions or comments and please leave them below if you're watching and I'll see you next time you


  1. I like the way your little angel is quite there n enjoying her/his sweet sleep on mommy’s chest coz mine doesn’t do that at all; instead he rubs his face on my chest n gets sweet n funny. My postpartum belly is shrinking well coz I take hot water as daily bases. 👍🏼

  2. I love your video, and you're so pretty. Do you Take requests or challenge videos? Can you do the "belly button clean challenge"? Its one of the most popular and interesting challenges out now. Thanks so much =)

  3. Aww you are looking great and so happy, go you 🤗🌹. If you could do a video on breastfeeding that would be great xxx

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