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  1. You get a progesterone surge in your tww which is the same hormone that surges and maintains during pregnancy. This is why you get similar symptoms whether pregnant or not. It's why symptom spotting is heartbreaking and frustrating. Congratulations!!!

  2. Im in the tww but I also have a trip to Las Vegas coming within the week…. I don’t know if I’m pregnant and don’t really wanna drink with the possibility of being pregnant

  3. Agreeeeee! Lol I thought I was pregnant because I felt so tired .. I feeel so tired. And my lower back hurt. But I got my period 😞 our first month trying .. so we will see this month

  4. I’m so confused my first time trying and I tommrow I’m suppose to get my period my boobs seem bigger and sore and swollen but I’m afraid I’m making symptoms on my head 🙁 , I have taken tests they say Not pregnant ,,, Do you think I have to wait till I missed my period or it’s not gonna happen because I’ve taken test and failed

  5. I am so scared i tried dry humping with my 1year boyfriend 6days ago and i am still a virgin it were no ejaculation near my vagina at all but i still got anxious and took the morning after pill now i have a bit of cramps and thats confusing me i am waiting for my period so baad i am so scared and have suicidal thoughts cause i am from a very strict muslim society wich pregnancy or sex before marriage is a. Very big sin .

  6. I'm on day one of the two week wait 😭 it's gonna be torture cuz I've been trying for awhile and it hasn't worked I did change things up this time but please pray for me!😊

  7. Yes! When I wasn’t pregnant I imagined all sorts of symptoms, but then when I actually was, I didn’t feel anything!😂

  8. Thank you so much for this vid, because I thought I was going crazy thinking and feeling the same way you were, at the phase of trying to keep busy so I don’t have to think about taking a preg test everyday, and to stress less. Hope your pregnancy is going well 😊

  9. I miss my period 18 days n I am having all of the first symptoms mentioned I took a pregnancy test n its negative I cried so i don't know rn

  10. i did the same. I had a chemical in January and decided to track symptoms all the way thru. February i knew i wasn't pregnant and tracked. Im very happy did because im in the TWW again. Its nice to be able to go back and see when i had my first bfp and the things i was feeling

  11. i just cant trust my body and my feelings. all i need to do is waiting till the test shows positif

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  13. Can you help me please? My girlfriend havent have her period more than 2 weeks but it has her mens last dec 11

  14. I always have pregnancy symptoms around ovulation and period. I get those pelvic pains, my boobs get larger, and I get nauseous. So misleading!

  15. “tower!” *walks away

    Hahahaha precious

    I’m trying to conceive and found your videos. They are very useful and pleasant to watch. Thank you

  16. I just watched your first pregnancy update I’m guessing befor you knew you had twins! Omg I’ll have to go back and watch all your old videos

  17. Out of curiosity did you name your twins after the main characters from 9 to 5 the musical? (I love that musical!)

  18. Every month I would swear I was pregnant and have all these symptoms.The one month I got pregnant I had none and didn’t even think anything of it.The one month I wasn’t obsessed over it I got pregnant!

  19. I lost 2nd baby in October and just anxious in trying for number 3. Hoping 3rd time around will have another outcome

  20. its crazy how our mind-body connection works!! after all those yrs ttc you dont knowwwwwwwww how many times I thought I was pregnant when I wasn't like I was SO confident. I alsooo thought that the day I do get pregnant its going to be different and I wont experience anything but bcos we were due for our ivf start date the day after my expected period, (we didnt actively try that month) i just kept thinking "what if" we'd be that couple with a miraculous bfp before ivf. That thought kept creeping up but bcos we tried for so long I tried to not think about it but the day before ivf I just woke up with the "urge" to take a test just to get it over an done with. lo'&behold the biggest BFP EVER~ I saw it from far away I walked to it like 'omg omg omg' the longest walk of my life 😀 but yeah I didn't have any symptoms, actually I felt & feel WAY better pregnant than when I wasn't!

  21. Firstly, you look lovely as always! Secondly, I am the worst for symptom spotting and testing too early. Going into our 4th month trying for our first and don’t think I’ll track this time for my mental wellbeing! Thanks for sharing 😊

  22. I'm in my two week wait and I LOVED seeing this video and love following your journey, as it's relateable. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! Keep your fingers crossed for me. 🙂 ps I am addicted to your videos.

  23. This was me last month and I was definitely not pregnant. Coming up on ovulation this week and I’m so not looking forward to another tww. Your mind really does play tricks on you when you’re ttc.

  24. Congrats! I always obsess over the 2 week wait! I had an ectopic pregnancy in October. It was devastating. Hoping for a successful pregnancy soon!! 💕

  25. I love y’all of your videos!! You are so inspiring! We are currently ttc and I’m in the tww right now on our first month and I’m hoping I am pregnant or get pregnant soon!!

  26. I’ve been a silent subscriber of your channel for maybe a year now and have always loved your videos. We’ve just started TTC#1 and this video is just such great timing I had to comment and say thanks for sharing! I’ve only been through one TWW so far and I swear I logged 80% more info than I did before trying for a baby. I need to find some strength to chill out a little on the symptom spotting or I’ll drive myself crazy. Hearing about your comparison really helps prove that it’s not worth it.

  27. I am 5 weeks along and had a really strong inkling that I could be pregnant because my boobs ached and burned and I couldn't keep my eyes open at night. BFP at 9 dpo.

  28. Hey Kendra! Last month was our first time TTC our second baby and I honestly thought I had all the symptoms. I had no doubt I was pregnant. Until I got that negative test. I was so shocked to say the least. Hoping this month I get a positive outcome like y’all did. Thanks for the video it gives me hope for next time. ♥️

  29. The timing of this video is perfect. currently in my two week wait for baby #2 and I swear i've used up about a dozen pregnancy tests. I think I have a pregnancy test addiction. 10 days past ovulation and they are all negative even though I was convinced I was having all the symptoms. I think I will take your approach for the next cycle and keep myself busy so I don't psych myself out!

  30. So I have been trying this entire year and had two losses, so keeping track was something I stopped doing a long time ago. I wasn’t really tracking my period anymore but one week before my missed period I had period like cramps, I told my husband ugh I’m getting my period tomorrow. Then, my period didn’t come and I started thinking about when I had my last period, and my period wasn’t due for another week. So, I waited for another week and after being about two days late, I thought maybe I’ll take a pregnancy test because I’m not sure when my period is suppose to come. So, I took one and two dark lines came up!! I couldn’t believe it!!! Those period cramps were most likely implantation cramps because it literally felt like my period was coming. My other symptom was sore nipples but i get sore nipples when I’m about to get my period too.

  31. The first sign of pregnancy for me is tender breast. Even with pms I never get it. This cycle I got tender nipples three days after ovulation and then had extremely sore breast for a week before I got my positive. I KNEW I was pregnant and waiting sucked! This is my 4th pregnancy this past year so I’m super in tune with my body 😥

  32. Kendra I’m so happy you added the symptoms for when you weren’t pregnant. Last month I was convinced I was pregnant and came up with all these symptoms. I was four days late and then started my period.

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