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Hey guys welcome back to my channel it's Ruth and today, I'm going to do a two weeks After my delivery update, so I had the cesarean birth two weeks ago. That was December 5 2017 our baby river Phillip was born so he's gonna join our video later on this video and Yeah, so let's start with the update so first. I'm gonna update you what I went through as the mom okay and Being on the CS so having the CS done for me So the recovery was three days in the hospital and then on the fourth day. We were able to get home so the biggest It was my first time to get hospitalized, so it was really new to me, so it's my first time to have an IV on my hands and but on that time everything was just Basic you know all I was thinking is how can I get up of the bed? So the next day. I really tried hard after they took out my catheter I tried hard to get up on the bed and start moving because they said that's the best way to cope with cs You have to move around to recover quickly so the first trip to the bathroom was the hardest But it was doable and it's bearable and with the support of your family and friends you can do it And the next struggle that I had while I was in the hospital is when will you poop I was Very happy I brought prunes with me on my hospital bag yeah I ate and ate a lot of prunes and kiat-kiat the small oranges that really help me move along my vowel they said that if you haven't poop in 3 days, you will extend your hospitalization So I really made sure now on the third day I do eliminate tmi When we got home everything was still so hazy in the first week because of probably the biggest strangle is the pain, so I I was experiencing pain on the CS incision site I finished all the Medicine that my doctor recommended me I still have to extend so I was extended to use paracetamol a few more days. I need to 2 basis only. so I take 1000 milligrams of paracetamol on every time I feel I'm really uncomfortable with the pain So yeah so my weight after The CS after one week we had this check up, and I checked my weight my weight is 117 pounds which when I was pregnant it is 134 pounds and before I was pregnant I was 98 pounds. it's not that bad I'm really happy with that weight and Sleep pattern, so sleep pattern, on my first week I could really use a lot of help good thing that john is around and renz so I Was the one? on night duty and in the mornings I could sleep, and I could relax because they are here to help me help me with the baby and at first, I would get 2 – 3 hours of sleep And my baby will sleep through the night around four to five hours he loves to sleep he is not that hard to take care of he did not gave us the hard time in the first few days straight sleeping for 4 – 5 hours even on the first day and then all the specific for my situation I had to have the heparin injection I said I had a venous stasis and yeah the blood flow is slow so I injected my self with that but only the bleeding continues so we stopped it at the 3rd day and Also because of that I have to wear the stockings, which is I'm wearing right now. look, did you guys see it? It's the white stockings I showed you on my vlog before that I have to wear two weeks after I know giving birth, so I'm still wearing them now and I'm also wearing this binder for the pain This week's binder hey, let me show you guys This winks binder Okay, so I really like this one some of you commented on the comments on my video now if I could recommend it yes I can really recommend it I had the medium size, but what I can say is that get the xs if you're gonna use this guys because it works so fast it makes you slimmer that fast so right now, The medium size doesn't fit me because I am on the last hook, it's really effective how comfortable it's worth the money, but I would recommend get the smallest size if you could and use the cheap binder for the first few days until you could fit in it because Right now I have to buy the smaller size But no I'm not gonna do that, what I did is I adjusted it I sew it right here so that it will be snug and fits me because it's pricey so aside from those what I noticed in my body is that my wrist I feel intense pain from my wrist lately because I've been carrying my baby and everything remember when I was pregnant I feel pain in my wrist And I thought it's gonna go away after pregnancy, but still hurt here it still hurts here So that's it for mommy update and now let me introduce you to my baby, and this is Lady River Hello everyone my name is River he so kind Our baby is so kind he is not fuzzy at all if he doesn't feel good or anything nothing really, and yeah oh and he is enjoying his awake time Can you see him? Hello Everyone So he's been doing a lot of cameos on my vlogmas so watch my vlogmas he always appears there So about my baby, I will update you guys, for him He was born eight pounds and twenty point five inches on December 5 2017 at 10 o clock in the morning, and he's basically a very chill baby as you can see he is so chill Oh no, I am so chill hello everyone I am so chill Who does mommy speak to? baby update he is a very chill baby sleeps a lot He listens to us a lot. He looks at us a lot on his awake time and knock on wood we love him so much he is so kind and then his umbilical cord is detached on his 6th day and Right now we're still healing his circumcision. It's been healing pretty well and on his one week check up last week, everything is fine the doctor said everything is fine we just need to expose him more on the sunlight because he is a bit yellowish and everything else is fine in my breastfeeding, we are struggling because at first, when we are in the hospital He cannot hold on to the breast It becomes worse, when my milk comes out he can hardly eat. like, he can latch on to it, then drops it And so my baby didn't poop for 24 hours so what I did, I pumped my breast and I fed it to him via dropper and syringe So I fed him every two hours it's pitiful, he really is hungry and after that he was able to poop so mommy is happy How can you imagine to be happy in seeing someone poop this is the first time I experienced it and then and yeah a few days ago, I've noticed that he has lip tie I have a picture here to show you guys what's a lip tie we showed it to my pedia and referred us to oh he pooped again you have the most cutest face when pooping you are so peaceful Anyway so this video has a lot of breaks we go to a dentist because that what my doctor refers me That dentist is really She is an expert in lip tie, and tongue-tied so we went there for assessments on a positive that river has lip tie but negative about toung tie so what we did we have the procedure done for his lip tie it's a laser surgery It's very fast. It's five minutes and there is a local anesthesia that's been used and he cried for a brief moment after that his recovery Since last night. He's a little bit fuzzy So I just feed him but there's a lot of difference on my breastfeeding he eats faster, he doesn't sleep during eating. he eats continuously that's it at first Which is has been there from the very beginning he can't latch perfectly on my breast it takes about 10 to 15 minutes that he will cry but once he latch on the breast the difference is he is eating continuously and also pooping I really pity my baby after the procedure because his lips are swelling It's kind of still swollen right now but Somehow, it's back to its normal size yesterday it's really swollen the baby's appearance is now different and yeah so that has been my update for this video And Thank you guys for watching this video And if you enjoy this please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for good vibes And I will see you guys on the next one, we will just change my diaper So bye, bye

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