2 Weeks Postpartum | Repeat C-section

hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I went for my postpartum doctor's appointment everything looks good I did have high blood pressure which is strange because I didn't have it throughout my pregnancy so it was a little high today so I don't know maybe it was my anxiety because usually when I get anxious it does make my blood pressure go up and usually that always happened before I was pregnant but I don't know they told me to check it and if anything I'll just have to call him back and she did see like a little stitch poking through my incision there the stitches that was supposed to dissolve on the inside so I should just cut it out she said there's no problem with that everything looked fine and I'm trying to think of what else she said I forgot to ask her when I could drive because I know they said like four to six weeks but I actually feel fine I don't feel like I have to wait that long but I forgot to ask her that and trying to think of what else oh and I lost all my weight all my baby weight cuz I'm back to the way I was before I got pregnant oh so that was cool I just still need to kind of lose weight you know because I'm still like a little flabby in there so I always needed to like lose weight anyway because I did gain weight before I got pregnant so I just need to lose weight in general anyway so I'll show you what my belly looks like postpartum it's two weeks today Oliver's two weeks he's actually sleeping right now he needs to get up to eat he's just in this little rocker right now sleeping he had a long day and he pooped so much today which is good because he hasn't been pooping he went like 24 hours without pooping and that freaks me out so finally he did like four poops today so I guess it just depends you know I looked it up online and says that's normal with babies they do that I even try like the Vaseline trick and you know to kind of help him out but he did it on his own and I also got in his baby cards today I printed out some cute little baby cards oh my god drop that one this is how they look in the back it says introducing the newest member of our family love the Battaglia's so I got that and then I just kind of designed it myself I picked the background I picked the lettering and I was just like this is what its gonna be and then you have him and you just have me my husband and my daughter and like its birth details so I just kind of wanted something simple and cute nothing major I got this off of Groupon check your Groupon because they probably still have that deal going on so it's perfect because I wanted to get these done anyway but they cost a lot of money when you want to get 20 of them printed so that's all I need is 20 of them and they cost me $4 to get these done and then you pay for shipping I think shipping was an extra five dollars maybe so yeah that's all I spent to get 20 of these and the Groupon deal was $4 for 20 cards and then you had to pay for the shipping from the card so I think it was five or six dollars so yeah they're like actually like a nice not card it's like a shiny card stock so this actually good quality I think it's from collage comm I think that's the website so check Groupon because I think they have other websites on there with the same deal but I got 20 of them and I think originally it was like 47 dollars or 20 of them so I did the front in the back for 4 bucks that's not bad so I got that from Groupon and I just got those today actually so now I just needed my stamps so I can mail them out they really don't have any like new baby layouts like you'll see the website has layouts for like weddings and baby showers and all that they really don't have a new baby layout so I kind of had to like design my own and this is fine because I do like that whole like would look to it anyway and just simple so I wanted to show you something else that I got for my doctor and I honestly didn't know that they did this but it looks like my doctor does and I just want to cover up the location cuz no one needs to know that it's a silver spoon so it's a silver spoon and it says delivered with love the doctor's name MD so I thought that we're so cute obviously I'm going to use it as a keepsake and then this little card that says congratulations and best wishes and then the doctors location and the box is like this pink and blue I guess you know for both so I thought that was super neat like I've never seen that before I came home around 1:30 and I have a lot to do like this house is a mess I still have to make dinner I still have bottles to clean like lots of bottles to wash dishes to wash I still have chicken to make chicken in the oven with potatoes and it's 2:30 it's just that when you're out all day like all morning and half of the day and sometimes it's come home and do all this so that's what I'm gonna do right now I'm gonna get change Oh I show you my postpartum belly before I get changed so I'll show you that so now I'll just get changed and start cleaning up he's gonna be waking up soon for a bottle so I have to get that taken care of alright so let me show you what my belly looks like alright so even though I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight I was never like a skinny chick I was but not for it up bring it so this is what it looks like you can see it's a little stretchy skin so I gotta work on that I never get an outie during my pregnancies and I never get aligned so that's what it looks like and then I have these stretch marks from my previous pregnancy not from this one this one I got no stretch marks no extra stretch marks no anything all I got was a felony so that's just what it looks like right now so not too bad just got the throat belly bump and then the little pooch here at the bottom from the c-section which is still kind of Numb doctor said that's normal so eventually when I'm recovered then I can like start working out in the belly eating right and getting that taken care of but yeah so far that's what it looks like so much better like my legs everything is like so much better than what it was before because the first week I was swollen like my legs were swollen my feet were swollen and I just felt so weird like I could feel everything just rubbing up against each other so I was just glad that's all over and done with so baby's already waking up to eat I'm gonna go ahead and take care of him and clean the house and I'll see if I can get back to this video but if not I'll just leave it here so I've got him on the couch on his little papi lounger and I'm just I'm just right here in the kitchen I can see him right through there I'm trying to get some things cleaned up I still have a bunch of bottles it's a wash I just got dinner in the oven just making some like chicken and potatoes in there and some rice so I'm like yellow rice so I got that going finally it's for 34 just gonna wash some bottles here it has no scent to it and it says it removes 50% more milk film you're in a regular show but I feel like it really doesn't so I don't know and like with my breast pump it does get like a little greasy because the fat from your breast milk and I still feel like it does feel a little crazy after a but I don't know it's alright I guess it's just more baby friendly and everything like that so that's much to get this container I like my students to be very silly but if they like it it's better this one doesn't really have that much to it so I just like to take everything apart and I just let it sit in there and these dr. Brown bottles you know filter in there and everything so I have to go through all that there's a payment but with these bottles with the filter but they're meant to reduce like gas eNOS EBT so these bottles right here he loves it so much it's the man bottles he loves the nipple of it like it's like flat on the sides he loves this kind and I actually like these bottles – but I don't lean up to them may have had a mixed sample and then I just it actually comes apart like who really even the bottom so those are his favorite bottles but I did get a lot of dr. Brown's so that's why I have so many of them because that's what was on my registry that's what I thought was the best one but you know you learn afterwards that your baby starts using them then you kind of see which ones they like best I've had another one of those man bottles all right so my water is nice and hot in here and I just keep everything okay certainly so when you have baby you're just gonna have to have this constantly out to the side I can never put anything away and then I just have some not some boiled water in here so this is like my boils prepared water already so when I do have to make them formula I just take it from here so that's the good water and then I do have my breast milk as well that I keep in the fridge which I do need a pump more because so far I only have two bags left so I try to fill it up to where it's the feeding that he's gonna have okay so I got that all in here I just let it sit in that baby soap water and then I'll come with the baby brush and just kind of go through everything rinse it out and strain it and then I also have this one here that has all the extra bottles and my breast pump attachments so that's that and these are the baby bags that I'm using for my breast milk I got this red baby shower so those are pretty decent I just don't like that they're super big comes with the hundred bags but they're pretty big I don't need them to be this long because I want to store how many ounces it stores six ounces it's just like a long bag I'd rather store because I've been storing about three ounces of milk so I try to do like every feeding like enough milk for a feeding and I feel like those bags are likely too big it's a lot of wasted space so I might have to get bags are a little bit smaller so if you have any that you recommend any in mind that are a bit smaller let me know so I can check it out so I just have to go around and just kind of tidy up a little bit before dinner I do have dirty diapers here from this morning and clothes that he peed on you know having a boy is just so different because he pees like everywhere all the time I need a learning lesson on that and then I just have this basket close to my bed where I can keep extra wipes which is almost done here oh I got another pacifier and then I have tissues I don't really use them but I keep them there just in case he gets stuffy for anything and this little basket I kept diapers in it but I'm ran out of course and then hand sanitizer and then more baby like season once at the hospital had they had different kinds but I don't know what that brand is but they had that so I just try to keep a little basket here so if at night I don't feel like going into his room and changing it I might just grab anything from here so that's what I've been doing so let me just grab this clothes I have to change his Genie diaper it's all the genie diaper fills up so fast like have to like stuff them in there it's already full when you start seeing backwards like that that's it already full so I have to empty that out so that's some dirty laundry which babies go through a lot of laundry alright so I think that's gonna be it for this video I just gotta clean up get dinner finished make sure that he's okay he is doing okay he's still sleep in there able note you can't go on the couch with baby go nope you're heavy but yeah he's doing okay look at that face it's just so cute I just have to clean up a little bit I love this little rocker I got it from Target was on my registry so I got that for my baby shower and I like that it's got the settings here so you could do half an hour an hour two hours maybe whatever is and it kind of just like rocks back and forth so this is what I keep here at all time so after he's you know I kept him on the boppie for now so I could watch him better but he was comfortable on it so I didn't want to move him but I usually put him in there let him sleep in it or if I end up falling asleep on the couch at like 2:00 in the morning knowing that he's gonna wake up like in two hours so he'll just sleep in there but it works out perfectly so I really like that one super cute got a little lamb but you can take off and it's got the little belt but he doesn't need the belt right now but yeah that is it I will try to update you guys in the next video I'll try to do like a day in the life I don't know just not enough time for all that it'd be nice to do it but I know it's just hard when you have a newborn I don't know how people do it same with like the hospital like I brought my cameras and everything and I kind of wanted to like vlog or record some moments but it just didn't happen because like as things are happening as things are going on you're just living in that moment and you really don't want it to pull like a camera and recorder and anything like that I took up my camera take a lot of pictures and all that but I didn't want to like take out my camera and just like vlog or do anything like that like I said it's like you're in the moment you don't even think about that so yeah we're just gonna let you guys go so that I can get dinner ready get the house cleaned up before my husband comes home and that way dinner can be ready and will be good so thank you guys so much for watching it and I'll see you next time bye

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