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  1. and maybe you should get a clue about the benfits of formula? Just because breastmilk is good, does not make formula bad. Formula is nutritionally standarized and in many cases is better than breastmilk, especially in cases where the mother is not eating quite as healthy as she should.

  2. Thousands of babies die every day due to being fed formula – if formula had never been invented, fewer babies would have died. Case closed.

  3. The only benefits of formula I am aware of are selfish! It's not a choice, a last resort. Technically only 2-3% of women truly cannot feed, way less that those who claim to not be able to feed.
    Formula advertising, unreasonable expectations of baby's behaviour, poor advice, scheduling…many reasons stop women from feeding, plus those who just don't care and would rather go out drinking etc.

  4. Benefits? I'm not aware of any other for those who are selfish and want to go out drinking and partying!
    2-3% of women truly cannot feed, the rest are misinformed, have unrealistic expectation of how babies work, believe the crap advertising…etc
    More women feed, more milk banks and those who can't feed can give their babies donated milk instead of that risky formula.

  5. There is no verifiable research that even suggests that obesity is due to formula. And Cearrach's comment is just so clueless that there is no good response except "huh?"

    I have no concern or outrage over women breatfeeding. If they want to, fine. My MAIN problem is with idiots who insist that they have the right to tell everyone else what they should be doing.

  6. My mother and I were both quite sick when I was born, and after eight or nine weeks of going through intense pain, my mother came to her senses and stopped feeling guilty and put me on formula – and it didn't do me any harm.
    I think that breastfeeding is a very personal choice for every woman, and I think that whatever her choice is on the matter, society should butt out and let her go her own way – whether that be breastfeeding in public, or bottle-feeding.

  7. here we go again…breastfeading or not, we need to stop fighting about it and just think about what is best for an individual mother and her baby, that's what's best, this is not forcing anyone to do anything its not different than the formula commercials, people need to calm down and do what's best for them and for their and their baby's health. reguardless to what anyone else thinks..

  8. No ur not a bad mum but u are an ill informed one. Formula is contaminated by enviromental toxins & often bacteria such as Enterobacter sakazakii which can cause meningitis, enteritis & severe lasting neurological disorders in surviving infants. Many other contaminants are also found in formula that can have negative consequences on infant health which may only surface later in life, therefore formula is a 'risk'

  9. Formula is contaminated by enviromental toxins & often bacteria such as Enterobacter sakazakii which can cause meningitis, enteritis & lasting neurological disorders in surviving infants. Many other contaminants are found in formula that can have negative consequences on infant health which may only surface later in life, therefore formula is a 'risk'. Human milk changes in composition at every feed as an infant grows adapting to individual needs – formula is standardized infants are not!

  10. contaminants in a bottle of formula that manufacturers don't list on the label!
    Aluminum, silicon, cadmium, genetically engineered corn/soy, MSG, Phytoestrogens, Phthalates, Bisphenol A, Pesticides, Lead, Atrazine, Nitrates, Bacteria. Search on naba-breastfeeding org for associated risks – its an eyeopener!

  11. Well said! Scandinavian countries have a 98% success rate for breastfeeding/expressing, 2% have genuine medical reason for not doing, eg galactosemia. Britain & USA ought to hang their heads in shame for the lack of education on breastmilk benefits and formula risks. Infants don't ask to be born and can't choose, their needs should come first and foremost always.

  12. Get it into perspective ur choice was not nutritionally & physically best for ur baby unless medically deemed otherwise. In a society obsessed with human/equal rights I am surprised this has not yet become a legal issue. There will come a day when a child sues its mother for failing to choose & provide the natural healthiest start in life. Infants receiving formula from birth are not getting equal & human rights as nutritionally superior breastmilk fed peers are. Thats simply not fair!

  13. Search online for charities babymilkaction, IBFAN, save the children, unicef, key nestle into knowmore org and u will av ur proof. Lookup boycott nestle & formula for disaster videos on utube. Search milking it on uk news guardian unlimited for undercover reporting in Bangladesh and how upto 70% of hospital admissions are infants due to formula – its dirty stuff in more ways than 1!

  14. Seraph998-scientific studies in the EU have shown the higher protein content in formula compared to low protein puts a child a greater risk of obesity. Breastfed babes regulate their own appetites by feeding on demand. By 8months old formula fed babes have consumed an average of 30000 calories more than breastfed babes, approx 120 mars bars, see INFACTCanada and babymilkaction for info.

  15. Glad some people do their research. Unicef and WHO advise the figure is approx 1.5million per year, over 4000 per day. Formula should not be commercially available, prescribed only to those who genuinely need it. The US & UK governments should bring their maternity benefits in line with Scandinavian Countries to improve breastfeeding rates and infant/mother health outcomes.

  16. Also see foodnavigator-usa com for info on the EU scientific studies relating to obesity and formula milk and how research is being carried out on a low protein formula with similar low protein levels to human milk – still better to breastfeed than subject babies to the forever ongoing experiment that is formula. Would we put our babies forward for drug experiments? Think not, so why formula!

  17. Seems that u were badly advised, use of a nipplette during pregnancy would have drawn the nipple out. I'm aware of women who couldn't feed 1st child due to inverted nipples but went on to successfully breastfeed subsequent kids after finding out about the device & express to give milk to the ones that missed out 1st time round – genius!

  18. The WHO advised that globally infants are fed as follows: 1 breastfed, 2 fed own mothers expressed milk when feeding at breast not possible, 3 fed expressed/donated milk of another woman / wetnursed 4 fed formula as a last resort. So who in their right mind really wants to subject their precious infants to a 4th rate form of nutrition by choice? It beggars belief!

  19. My friend was upset when herself & son could not breastfeed, rather than deny him the benefits of species specific human milk she opted to express and managed to do so for 6 months – thats a selfless mother devoted to her sons welfare. i pity u and your mentality and your son even more.

  20. Such a shame, breastfeeding is good for mum too. Weight reduction, oxytocin production, lower risk of breast & ovarian cancer, reduced risk of osteoporosis to name a few! Any breast sagging occurs because of pregnancy when main internal changes to breasts happen in readiness for milk production not due to actual breastfeeding.

  21. What beggars belief is the BF NAZIS who believe that THEY have the only information. For every piece of "research" that you quote, there is an equal and opposite piece.

    Sorry, while breast feeding may be good for the baby, that does not make formula feeding bad for the baby.

  22. PSHAW! sorry… but give me a break.
    We fed our baby formula, and she is the slimest little girl you'd ever meet.
    Just like adults, babies and children need ACTIVITY!
    it's not the formula or breat milk that puts them at risk for obesity, it's the lack of physical activity.

  23. get a clue. This society is obsessed with lawsuits, and such a suit would be just as frivolous as the judge who sued the dry cleaners for 12 million.
    What is not fair is BF nazis trying to enforce their standards on others.

  24. Seraph998 People who advise on the benefits of human milk are doing a service to mothers and infants, far from being idiots they are usually well educated, intelligent & socially aware. Mothers cannot make effective choices unless they are fully informed choices and this includes being made aware of any possible risk factors whether they cause conscious discomfort or not.

  25. yes. However, there are plenty of well educated people who also choose to feed formula. My spouse and I both have Masters degrees, and I have a background in medicine.
    I have no problem with people CHOOSING. I have a problem when someone says "this is what you HAVE to do"

  26. FYI contaminants in a bottle of formula that manufacturers don't list on the label!
    Aluminum, silicon, cadmium, genetically engineered corn/soy, MSG, Phytoestrogens, Phthalates, Bisphenol A, Pesticides, Lead, Atrazine, Nitrates, Bacteria. Search on naba-breastfeeding org for associated risks – its an eyeopener!Please feel free to post search info on the research u have on equal and opposite pieces

  27. Best for baby & mum
    Reduces incidence of allergies
    Economical – no waste
    Antibodies – greater immunity to infections
    Stool inoffensive – never constipated
    Temperature always correct and constant
    Fresh milk – never goes sour in the breast
    Emotionally bonding
    Easy once established
    Digested easily within two to three hours
    Immediately available
    Nutritionally balanced
    Gastroenteritis greatly reduced

  28. That's an excellent point – even the most well-educated people can make bad choices that compromise the health of their own children.

  29. According to the WHO formula ranks in 4th place:
    1 Breastfeed
    2 Express own milk if infant cannot feed from breast
    3 Give donated human milk/wetnurse if mother cannot feed
    4 Use formula

  30. Yes it's true that some educated people do choose to use formula, but many more breastfeed. In fact most fomula feeders are people who have gone to college. I see this as a problem because formula sometimes target less educated people and their children have to suffer.

  31. Oh yeah…I forgot about that. Why doesn't that info get to everyone. I think one reason some people CHOOSE to use formula is because they don't know the full truth about. Whenever experts try to get the info out, people get all upset. The United States really needs to grow up!

  32. Instead of looking at the "benefits of breastfeeding", we need to look at the RISKS of formula-feeding. That's exactly what these ads do.

    Breastfeeding is the NORM by which all other feeding options must be measured. It's not that breastfeeding is "superior", it's that formula is INferior!

  33. "Artificially fed infants consume 30,000 more calories than breastfed infants by 8 months of age"(equivalent to 120 Mars bars – 4 a week). Student Study Guide for Breastfeeding and Human Lactation KG Auerbach, J Riordan – 1993
    The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considered that there are only two potential, cost-effective interventions that can be put into place immediately to deal with the childhood obesity epidemic: decreased television viewing and breastfeeding promotion.

  34. The ad pisses me off. My son was on formula, and he's an honors student, he didn't get sick when he was young, in fact he is very healthy. Anyway, look at what this country eats, and you want to give this to your baby?

  35. To make a comment like that just highlights the lack of knowledge mothers have about the harmful effects of formula feeding.

    The companies want your money so like to keep you in the dark.

    Why would any mother reasonably want their child to have anything less than what is best for them and what nature intended. The fact is a lot of mother don't even realise that formula is not the best option and has many many drawbacks.

  36. But the ads are VERY true, most mothers would not expose themselves and their unborn child to unecessary risks whilst pregnant, so why would they do it afterwards?

    Breastfeeding is what babies should naturally have so anything else IS inferior.
    Formula companies do not care about the health of your baby – they care about making money.

    Hospitals used to be given free bottles of formula to give to mothers because its hard to switch back once you start. It is nothing more than marketing.

  37. i agree that negative advertising is not the answer.
    a mothers right to choose to breastfeed is very important. a mother needs access to information that is not designed to scare them but rather to inform them.

  38. I call this modern day Breastfeeding Bullies!

    Not everyone CHOOSES to not breast feed. And no one is a bad mom for feeding their baby formula.

    Every time you get a shameful glare when you whip out your boob in public, remember that is how you make bottle feeding moms feel but saying formula is not healthy and your a bad mom for using it.

  39. They said people on WIC are the main ones using formula. WIC gives coupons for Similac. So if WIC receivers are the main ones using formula, how come Infamil is the top brand? Actually WIC also has breast feeding counslers and lend out pumps.

  40. Breastmilk is what is best for babies. Even formula companies agree, otherwise they'd stop trying to duplicate it.

  41. I think it's crap that the government is forcing women to breast feed when its their choice and that choice does NOT make you a bad mom. I could not breast feed because my one son was allergic to it and my other son list over 10% of his body weight and the Dr told me to stop because my milk was not good for the baby to drink. So they both had to drink formula and they turned out fine.

  42. My mother wasn't able to breastfeed me because she was extremely sick when I was born! People need to realise that sometimes mothers need to give their babies formulas in order to keep themselves and the baby alive!

  43. If you are unable to breast-feed (because you are HIV+, you're on vital medication, your baby may even be allergic to your milk), then I get it. You're doing it in the best interest of your child. But I still don't understand why women would simply CHOOSE not to breast-feed like it's some kind of unnatural process. I honestly know women who have said "I don't want my boobies to sag, so I won't breast-feed" WTF!?

  44. The Analytical Armadillo said it so well "..the guilt culture has gone too far when it stops us giving mums the information they need to make their "choice" – the thing so many claim is a mother's right. What about a mother's right to the facts? Isn't it insulting to mothers to assume all would feel the same emotion upon receiving the facts? Perhaps they could ask the mother whether she would like to know the facts as we best understand them, or the airy fairy version they think you can handle"

  45. I breast feed all four of my baby's , people around me were disgusted ,I ALWAYS STAYED COVERED, people could not see a thing but I still got the stink eye.

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