20 Week Maternity Clothes Shopping & Try On + Complications + Pregnancy Update + ultrasound

I love party people I have a pregnancy update for you today we're gonna touch on my complication I have my 20 week Anatomy scan and I'm gonna tell you all about how baby is growing or not and oh I'm gonna show you if I didn't already some ultrasound photos really I didn't I got a couple maybe one good one now ah you would think with this many there'd be at least one that you're like yeah you know that's the problem with today you know we're too picky imagine back in the day with like the scroll of cameras you know the disposable cameras you didn't have a chance to be picky okay everyone had their eyes closed it was blurry forget about it if the film was overexposed okay well why am I talking about film oh and I bought some maternity clothes I'll share that with you actually went at Target I did like a Tryon thing with me in the dressing room so we'll share that fine this is one of the tops I didn't try it on but I loved it it's red it's maternity it was ten bucks right up my alley I bought some new shoes I feel like a whole new woman guys I seriously have been rotating two outfits for the past way too long like I wore the same outfit three days in a row there's something wrong with that okay I needed shorts okay this is getting off to a weird start I needed shorts I went to Old Navy calm ordered a bunch of stuff some stuff hasn't come in this stuff that did come in doesn't fit me the shorts size zero because I have a pair of old Navy maternity shorts first of all I'm not a size zero I have them in a size two I'm not a size two but they're too big I think they do that like I don't know maybe to make us feel better like oh yeah you're a size double zero right no I'm not stop it anyway I did not order a size double zero so I have to return the shorts like what a pain in the rear and now I don't have my shorts that fit me because Target didn't have any either short story long I bought some shoes did I say that I I finally have clothes that fit me is what I'm trying to say I feel okay about myself right now because I'm wearing something that's clean I swear I don't do drugs okay my anatomy skin let's talk about that real quick I know you guys are keeping up with my story and you want to know results progress what have you so I shared at 17 weeks my last I don't know update that I have a complication I have a bleed a blood clot it's called a sub chorionic hematoma and it was present at my 12-week ultrasound I found out about it and really really struggled hard with that I thought I was gonna lose the baby because it's large they come in three they come in three different sizes their categories in three different sizes mine is large and they're hoping over time either gets smaller or completely dissolves in my body or you know I bleed it out vaginally I have had no bleeding my entire pregnancy up until this point I'm 20 weeks and so going into my anatomy scan that was the main thing that I was concerned about has it resolved is it still there is it smaller fingers crossed because sometimes they get smaller over time and most of the women that I have spoken to or who have commented or message me privately have said I had one and it resolved within x-mount weeks and most of those women it was before 20 weeks a couple of them said after 20 weeks I want to say 23 weeks is the farthest out that anyone had shared with me that their sub chorionic hematoma their bleed had resolved and if you are unsure you didn't watch my last update it's a bleed between the amniotic sac and my uterine wall so it it's it's just a big blood clot and mine is huge okay where do I progress from this so I told her about it and this ultrasound tech she was much more open to talking to me during the you know the ultrasound procedure and she was very kind she had been doing it she was older so she had been doing it for I asked her like 25 years or something and so I think maybe she felt more comfortable with her knowledge about it and so we spoke about it like it wasn't the end of the world you know what I mean and whereas my last ultrasound experience it was like tight-lipped everything was the worst news on the planet in my mind because I didn't know was going on anyway I asked like is it still present and she actually showed it to me on the screen she goes yep it's a big one and it's right next to your placenta which is a bad area for it to be in obviously I'm still high-risk I haven't spoken to them to my doctor yet about it they are I'll get there in a minute okay it's right next to my placenta which is not a great place for it to be in fear of it growing larger and compromising my placenta that's one of the complications that could arise where my placenta begins to detach and then may be fully or abrupt and which would send me obviously into labor which would result in obviously a preemie or if I'm farther along maybe a preemie maybe maybe that won't happen at all another situation that could happen is that if it's still there since mine is large as I get larger and the baby gets larger and the blood clot puts pressure on the amniotic sac which bursts the waters so my water would break I'm trying to say it could be a cause for early labor because of the pressure that the blood clot puts on the amniotic sac which causes my amniotic sac to rupture and then obviously I would go into labor who knows how if that will happen one or how far along I am if that does happen am I making sense I hope I'm making sense so anyway those are things to keep looking out for it's still there it hasn't changed in size unfortunately but I'm I'm living my if I'm still very hopeful that everything will turn out okay especially since I've made it farther along I guess from what I've been told the farther along I am you know the more hopeful they are that everything is okay another complication that could arise with this sub chorionic hematoma is low birth weight and unfortunately my baby is measuring small a week behind to be exact which is cause for concern normally if this happens earlier in pregnancy they will change your due date if the baby is measuring a week or more smaller than what they're supposed to be you know at my last ultrasound the baby was measuring I think five days behind and I think at the ultrasound before that the baby was measuring fine eat on par on task the baby was measuring you know what I'm trying to say on mark the baby was growing as they were supposed to you guys know so um I haven't spoken to my doctor yet like I said so I'm not sure what they're going to do if they will change my due date push it back if that makes a difference at all anyway with the complication that I have or I mean obviously it's something that we're going to continue to monitor I made another ultrasound appointment ooh how many ultrasounds can someone have in one pregnancy this is definitely the most I've had I think I've had four already five four or five and this will be either my fifth or sixth I don't know and I'm only I will only be 24 weeks then so goodness gracious that's a lot of ultrasound it's a lot of you know is it radiation that the baby some kind of ultrasonic something those rays look listen I'm not a stenographer I didn't I didn't go to school for that okay anyway I'm okay with it because ultimately we're just checking on baby's progress and making sure the baby is healthy and growing and everything is going well so I think that's it with my with my ultrasound news I will share with you hold on let me something okay some of you have been asking what prenatal vitamins I'm taking and since my baby is growing so great I'm I thought I would share with you I'm just I have to keep my Humira alive there's literally nothing I can do I mean like a horse okay most of my my belly here I think most of its food to be quite honest with you what a riot okay so initially I was taking these prenatals which have rave reviews and they're more natural and all that stuff however they're not coated in anything it's not oh I can't even okay that's that's what they look like if you could even see they smell horrible I can smell them right I mean it's just not a pleasant experience taking these and I ended up like gagging every time I take them and just listen I was gonna do it anymore so I went to Amazon and I found the prenatal vitamins they are amazing pink stork with added DHA I'm pretty sure these have added DHA in them as well I wish I could take these if you're a stronger woman than me you get these they're expensive I'll link them below from Amazon I want to say these were like 50 ish dollars for a two-month supply and this is like 20 something dollars 22 something for a 30-day supply but these are enjoyable I've never enjoyed taking prenatal vitamins so much so these have a a gelatin capsule and the gelatin capsule is vanilla scented or vanilla flavored whatever they do to it it smells like vanilla its pleasant you don't get any kind of aftertaste it's wonderful it completely changed my prenatal vitamin taking experience for the better and I will buy these every month from now on out I think I have it on automatic refill on Amazon so I'll link these below if you're interested in finding a prenatal vitamin and great reviews on Amazon also the folic acid on here is folate so it's the good stuff great ingredients I went over it it's probably like second best but really first best first choice because of the scent and the flavor and the non gagging reflex I get so I'll take these 100 times over before I take this and then I'm also taking a DHA on top of it this one's called one fish two fish which I thought the name was super cute but it also has great reviews on Amazon so I went with these I forgot how much these cost I'm gonna say $20 for a two-month supply nope one month's supply maybe they're cheaper than I don't know I put it on like automatic Aria refill but I will say since I've been taking these I've ever been taking one DHA a day added because this has DHA in it and I just what's the use and overtaking DHA I don't know anyway let's go shopping at Target I try some stuff on for you I hope you enjoy shopping with me I've been wearing the same outfit for three days straight I rotate between two outfits this is one of them it's my baby he's my belly so let's hope I get lucky with something please tell me it's possible to look cute in a maternity outfit I think I'm having like a size crisis these are a small but they're so big guys and this shirt just looks so frumpy oh man I need help also I ordered a bunch of stuff from Old Navy like size zero it doesn't fit me I'm not a size zero okay so at first glance this is cute right it's not Maternity it's a size small it doesn't like hug the right spots it's a little see-through where the white is and it's still a little large like I still can't even fill out a small come on okay this darker color is a little more flattering would you agree you can't see my underwear and I know I could wear like nude underwear but will I this is also it's the same style dress as I just tried on but it's not Maternity again I don't know I think it's a winner yes yes Marcos so this is a maternity dress see how it hugs the body just differently more flattering um I've never been one to wear like a leopard print but if that's all that's available I mean I'm down for it I know it's cute it's lightweight it feels nice it's definitely in the running I'll have to check on the price so the leopard one I just tried on is 25 and the non maternity is 23 ok this is also not Maternity I'm kind of busting out of this one it's not very flattering I mean obviously it's not Maternity so don't expect it to be hello granny panties but yeah we're gonna pass on this it was on the clearance rack it's like 10 bucks but not worth it because it doesn't fit okay this is Maternity it's $25 it's cute it hugs right it has this like flap over it you know what I mean which i think is a cute little detail I don't know I think I like the other dress better what do you think should I come back for it it is cute I like the polka dot I took a chance on this one it's Maternity again size small I mean I'm just not digging the whole vibe I mean it is cute I like the print it's $25 I feel like everything on maternity section is $25 I just wish they had just a smaller size for me so it it was a little well I don't know is this a good size dropping is so hard this one again Maternity $23 it is very cute it's not form-fitting which is totally fine like I don't care I do like the print is it a little frumpy I don't I can't tell I don't I don't think so but like from the side can you tell I'm pregnant or do I just look like I ate a lot not that it matters I don't know I think I kind of like this one it's really cute and it's flowy and it's airy good for summer I think I get it okay I'm gonna get it okay this is $23 it's a top if you can tell I'm not wearing a unitard I feel like I'm about to bust out in some kind of ballet moves I mean it's kind of ridiculous I will say the black is very slimming I kind of like this top a lot it's $20 it feels nice it's not too tight it's a small medium for reference alright I think I'm gonna get it sure I need to wear something I left a couple of items in my cart but the line for the dressing room was long so I'm not going to try them on and I didn't want to make those people wait for me to like try more stuff on oh woops there was no lane when I came so this stop is $13 it's just cotton it's a v-neck I'm not sure if I'm gonna get it because it's white and that doesn't seem to work out for me very much and then this is just like a tank top it's Maternity as well but it's nine dollars versus the ballerina one that's like 20 right but the difference is this one doesn't have the ruching on the side so I'm not sure how what's going to fit so I might buy or see if they have a different color so this is the maternity section at Target it's quite small it's just this little rack right here and then this wall over here a lot of pants that belly band is great unfortunately I didn't find any shorts that fit me / that I wanted like I already have a pair of jeans these green ones are a size medium and I tried the black ones they did not fit well instead of the black tank top I wish they have this color in my size I don't think this one is s see-through as like the thicker stripes but I'm thinking of getting this color blue like a Heather blue or this red which is pretty bold and I'm not even sure they have my size oh great I'm gonna go bold and go ahead and get the red oh also are these shoes gonna match is red and red like to match II to wear together guys I need a fashion coordinator okay I'm finally forcing myself to buy new shoes which ones are more grown-up this is a serious question I'm thinking these are more age-appropriate yeah as my feet get more and more swollen I don't think those are gonna work for me they're too tight okay thank you guys so much for hanging out with me listening to my pregnancy update shopping with me I had so much fun shopping I cannot explain to you how much I needed maternity clothing that actually fits me I feel like a brand new woman and I this is the first thing I have even likewhat worn yet but I can just visualize the dresses with the new shoes that I'm gonna be wearing going on vacation soon so I don't want to look like a frump you know what I mean no one wants to look like a frump really any day I'm just I'm just so excited about it it's the psychological aspect of just buying new clothing or wearing new clothing or feeling good and whatever clothing you're wearing I don't know what kind of psychological aspect role it plays but I'm gonna say 100% positive you know anyway thank you guys so much for hanging out I hope you enjoyed your time here I always enjoy my time with you if you want to subscribe put a little more happy in your day and I will see you next time bye Oh PS thank you so much for the continued prayers and support I'm getting for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby a healthy mama I'm not sick anymore oh my gosh I forgot to explain that my um like hg or very severe morning sickness ended at about 17 weeks maybe the 18th 19th week I was still at nighttime sick and very very tired but I'm 20 weeks now and hallelujah I feel like myself again like 70% which is close enough whereas before I felt you 3% myself so I'm feeling good also you weirdos what a pregnancy shot for some reason a belly shot I aim to please you will not see skin that is a that is a warning right now so I showed it to you in my dressing room but this is my belly 20 weeks I know what's it supposed to look like you know what I mean this is what I look like I so my my body looks like a 20 weeks pregnant gotta tell ya I feel out of breath all the time and I'm always drooling okay always hungry too I eat like every hour on the hour and if I don't you don't want to be around me as long saying okay bye

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  1. I swear you just found out you were pregnant! Which probably doesn't feel like it for you but where has the time gone?

  2. I actually liked both the striped dresses! My friend was tiny like you when she was pregnant and she didnt even bother getting maternity clothes until month 8/9 months when she EXPLODED. She just bought normal clothes one size up. Mostly because maternity clothes were soooooo not her style.

  3. I always get a kick out of you. You are so weird (this is very good & desirable) & the most fun! It is so nice because you are authentic & that's why I like visiting with you & hearing how you are doing. So glad you are feeling better! I hope this eases your mind. I was born at 28 weeks/or 3 months early (due to Placenta Previa) & this was in 1961. I did not have anything wrong with me at all. I just needed to gain weight. If you asked my brother I'm sure he could tell you a lot of things that are wrong with me now.. Take care & God Bless.

  4. I love the leopard print!!! The colors look so good on you. The blue and white polka dot is great too. Oh digging the floral tank top in blue!

  5. “I promise I don’t do drugs!” 🤣🤣 I’m praying for you and baby!! ❤️ Are you finding out what you’re having? I keep forgetting to ask you. I usually take those first type prenatals too! My midwife recommended those. They are $$ and they taste awful. I’ll have to look into those other ones next time! 🤣🤣👍 I love those cute outfits! The leopard dress I love. 😍 And the black & white stripe was really cute! That navy and polka dot dress was adorable, too. You cracked me up when you said “I mean I know I can wear nude underwear….but will I?!?” 🤣 You look amazing!! ❤️❤️

  6. I pray for you and baby everyday- still have your Christmas photo up on my Christmas card wall(keep that up all year long lol)! Love your videos!!

  7. I was on bed rest and cried and cried for months I know how you feel it’s such a horrible thing to go through please stay positive ❤️❤️❤️

  8. I also had my SCH with my 4th baby if you have a IG I can message you my ultrasound pic showing my bleed it got bigger as the weeks went on and there was also blood particles in the babies water that my son drank. I had tons and tons of ultrasounds.

  9. I had a subchorionic hematoma with my pervious baby I think I commented back when I found out last summer on one tour videos and you hearted it. Mine was the biggest my MFM ever seen my sons sac and placenta was 90% detached and along with that he had A marginal cord insertion placenta mine last the ENTIRE pregnancy I had ultrasounds ever other week. At 12 weeks when I started bleeding the drs said I would likely miscarry and to not expect a baby. Well my baby boy was born at 38 weeks 8lbs 7oz! He is 5 months now. Keep praying I’ll also pray for you..my baby was a complete miracle with out prayer I don’t know if I would have made it ❤️

  10. I think the navy top with the flowers or the polka dots.I am not into the clothes that were to clingy. I think the older maternity clothes were more classy back in the day.

  11. Have you tried the walmart maternity? They have some cute shirts. They also have some cute swing dresses in stretchy tshirt material i think would work nice for maternity too.

  12. Praying for you and your sweet baby. Your hair looks so gorgeous. The blue dress with polka dots is adorable. Loved the red shirt you wore in this video. :o) Do you have Kohl's stores near you? If so, try their maternity section. :o)

  13. I’m preparing for this baby.. I just watched the birth vlog for Wentworth. Awwww I’m so excited!! And no, I’m not on drugs! 😂🤣

  14. Clothes look great! I think Nic Cage thought so too, but no matter what you would wear, he would approve! He seemed to hang on every word!🤣 Prayers for you and your baby!🙏

  15. So happy to hear from you about your pregnancy. My heart goes out to you. God’s got this. Loving your baby already!!! ❤️ “ come on” 😂🤣

  16. You are looking great! I love That Red on you. I will keep the prayers up for you and baby. thanks for the update. take care 😉

  17. Due dates are just approximate guesses made by the doctor for when they THINK the baby will arrive ( but you already knew that anyways ). My four kids were all early. My eldest was 5 days early, My second was 1 week early, My third was 2 weeks early, and my fourth was 5 weeks early. Take care of yourself and the future wee Wadsworth!

  18. I’m praying for you! Everything will be fine! I love your attitude toward everything. Keep up your amazing spirit

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