20 WEEKS PREGNANT GENDER SCAN! Is it a boy or a girl??

morning everyone is Monday the I'm gonna say 17th but it might be the 16th no 17 I think is the 17th we just made some cereal daisies over there watching some TV while I eat David's go on on his couch to 5k ride with Tilly and we're having a pretty good morning I had my hair extensions taken out I forgot to mention in the last vlog but my hair was up so I don't think you could tell but it feels so short now but it does feel nice to have them out a few people were asking why I had the map and it was because my hair is growing really fast in pregnancy I think they should have lasted a bit longer but because my hair is just growing and growing and growing I would have just had to keep getting them shifted and shift and shifted like every six weeks or something and when I get heavily pregnant I very much doubt I'm going to want to do that so I had them taken out but I kept the hair so hopefully I can get them put back in like LA today if I want to today's an exciting day though because we've got our 20 week scan which is the one where you can tell the gender we're not sure what we're going to do yet I don't know if we're going to find that a gender or not wearing two minds but it we really could see the baby because I would imagine it's a lot bigger now but I don't actually how big it is I feel like it's the size of a honeydew melon or something good I might have made that up it would just be cute to see the Bubba and get some new pics just to show you just going so fast you guys I don't think after this one you have another scan which is crazy are you feeling heavy do you have a weed on your back it's too hard to carry renders you lose boys and girls I'm back from my couch to 5k run with Tilly week four is getting hard now I mean Daisy this eating cereal mommy I really hope we're gonna plan the dinner reveal soon because I wasn't that bothered about finding out and now I'm like super super super wanting to find out not I have a preference I just want to know it becoming real now because everybody's bump is again so big oh I think I'm gonna sneeze and Daisy got to the point now where I think we told you this before but she knows exactly what we were saying but sometimes you're just like wow like ignore us or just remember I said sit down good girl thank you so she'll do that and then I go to you should pop back up and I said oh oh remember what I said number one you're eating you sit down can you sit on your bottom for me thank you very much can you sit on the bottom it was when you're eating it's dangerous if you stand you know cuz you can choke so you could you do remember I said though since in your bottoms not gaming it's you I mean I mean we've been doing this it up dude the road you can hold it I just don't know what you're trying to do this okay there you have it yeah yes we got to hospital Daisy fell asleep I was that brilliant I'll just drive around for a little bit key Daisy's think otherwise but like an hour and a half at us 2-1 days it's gonna get crazy so going to the car park evany ran out and oh no and then as soon I'm gonna say oh no I don't and then as soon as I got to see the carpark she woke up and then we've been sat here eating our lunch because we thought that it's better to eat a lunch in the car me and Daisy then girls like a busy waiting room everyone stare but I said oh no because she's just taken our whole plate and just dropped it all over her clothes excuse me what happened to the plate I gave you anyway we'll update you and let you know how it goes but first I'm going to try to put this old mighty mess wha-ho Daisy you went to see for that five minutes in the car we got back and then we got into bed and we stopped making lunch and then I said oh it sounds like she's gone down and then as soon as I said that and now guess who's here oh he's found mommy's crisps oh oh oh gone mommy was a pig en8 them get so many package mummy a half of that mummy you're gonna tell everyone on the vug half a packet I'm sick a couple of people had messaged me whoa okay personal space a couple of people had messaged me on Instagram and said that if you go for an NHS scam at 20 weeks they won't write the gender on an envelope because of like a rule that they have but I asked just in case cuz I was like oh I really wanna do that's a little some sort of gender reveal chemist in here no and I asked anyway just in case because they wanted to do a little gender reveal and give an envelope to my friend Lucy who I went on holiday with and she was gonna plan something for us but when I asked they said no so we're gonna tell you now we're no closer to knowing she said do you want to know anyway and I said Thanks say we still don't know I said is there a way of getting pictures of the baby without like being able to figure out whether it's a boy and a girl or ago and she said yes she'll be descriptive straight that's the way so we've got new pictures of the baby but we don't know the gender and I don't think we will be finding out for a little bit until we organize a private scan so we're no closer to knowing but you want to see the photos yes Daisy you haven't seen the photos Donna see your brother or sister here we go and up you see first that's the baby's feet look this is your brother or sister this but this is your brother or sister fine then love you forever that's the new bub up I'm not sure how big it should I have a look well how BIG's our heartbeat tell me that remember you found out yes so when she was looking at the heart I said well that's so crazy you can see all four chambers because it was like the clearest thing I've never seen the heart that clear and she said yeah the heart is the size of a blueberry which I thought was really interesting because at one point the baby was the size of a blueberry and now it's heart is and I thought that's really cute that's the size other thing of the thing of the baby you can size it by different things size by animals running it over your head Daisy I got some food a kisses all right that is a much better way of doing it probably you've never done that what else can resize it by sweets yeah she is the size of a large popcorn why he was tentative today's gender scan was a bit of a fail although we weren't gonna find out the gender day anyway because she was just gonna write in an envelope so I didn't feel anything different we weren't gonna know today um but I'm one rose now though the Sun knows that is not because Daisy didn't have her nap at lunchtime it's got to about 4:30 and she's really grisly and everything's making her side everything was making her annoyed so we thought we'd come on a little walk to like a path and then hopefully just being outside makes her a little bit brighter and happier we thought she'd won a walk but she's not wanting to walk at all so we're hoping she enjoys this part I've got fields that we're going to but at least it gets us out of the house for a minute because I think we're going a bit crazy inside this is already a step in the right direction she's not clinging to either one of us and she's not crying you found best ink if it's about to go out and Daisy's had her bath and she's ready for bed although she seems to have a lot of energy at the moment which is weird because she was crashing at like half-past four but it's one minute to seven and her bed time seven o'clock so I'm gonna go put her up in a minute she is such a daddy get daddy's go today yeah she's gonna be quite a big time I love you baby I love you asking so long now but she hates me touching and she needs to be dyeing it sorry there are some Evo's everything started in the house my parents are coming by the way it's like another day it's like a day after we started looking for but you know us we're not the best of it and this week has been a bit crazy hello welcome again to look that's how I should have died look how frickin adorable this young lady oh my goodness we're gonna be so first now see my parents and my parents are coming back here I'm just gonna chill well tell you a story that yesterday I went to see a couple of friends that I met from them watching our vlogs and then I thought gentlemen Instagram and then they had a baby they didn't sunset so it's a senior yesterday and everybody keep during Christchurch except friends we're gonna get pizza and we're making a little song about it we're gonna get Sampey yeah yeah yeah yeah Daisy just had a five minute nap so we're ready to go so I could have been 30 she's normally bit by tourists but we're gonna try it I mean but hopefully to have a balloon last time we came in early blue than that interesting days for a while and crayons I'm a Pizza Express and Daisy was an absolute dream left and then right on this roundabout but I feel like Daisy's got to the age now and she's a bit easier to go out places because she finds everything you like fascinating and when you go to a restaurant she can actually eat stuff so you're not having to entertain her while you're eating like she can just eat with us which makes it way way way easier and she was just having a really good time she got a sticker and she got a balloon and David's mum got her this like puzzle thing to play with and it was just really really nice I had a pepperoni what did you have a salad but to be fair yo salad did look good hey yeah we're heading back now this little one I'm gonna try and make sure she doesn't fall asleep in the car so that hopefully fingers crossed who sleeps at home okay yeah that's your tongue don't you tell them about the Browning you head that's all over your face was it delicious good yeah Kelefa right let's say bye then Daisy had her nap and she slept for like two hours but she was that for longer but we had to wake her up by the way she wouldn't sleep tonight but now that she's up I really want to make this like teepee thing that we got percent from the little green sheep they literally just launched it this week and there's two colors there's a cream one and there's a gray one and we picked the gray one they also have a really really adorable play map that goes inside which they've really kindly serve us and I'm gonna set it up and then hopefully she'll love it so you can have a little play she's upstairs at the moment Richard so I do a little time lapse I'm setting it up it's all in this bag here and I'm gonna put it in this corner where she's normally got like a big thing of toys but we'll have a little rearrange hopefully she's not there survey you know that come in anyone what about this Teddy can he go in there looks so fine [Applause] the cup de daisies currently climbed on ebony for a good naked okay daisies in bed but I just have to show this TP one more time how cute is it we got it with this plain matter that goes inside and it's actually pretty big we put some pillows in there and Daisy was putting her Teddy's to bed and then I popped these little fairy lights around the top which Daisy loved so then when you're inside it looks like this super cute I'll link it in the description just in case you guys with kids when they get one but I love it is so cute

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  1. Ultrasound direct do them – there’s one in Bournemouth and I believe it’s £69 with a 4D scan too. You can take loads of people with you so David and Daisy will be able to go with you too ☺️

  2. The head shape looks like my babies head from my 20 week scan and I’m having a girl! Show a side by side of Daisy and this babies scan

  3. Looks very similar to mine, everyone thinks it's a boy but we aren't finding out… Only got to wait until October 🙈

  4. Love your channel 🙂 I’m a mummy and have my 2nd on the way I’m 15 weeks I’ve also purchased from green sheep a teepee in cream I fell in love and of course the mat too you have great taste

  5. I think you’re having a boy but at the same time Daisy having a baby sister would also be really adorable

  6. I'm still sticking to my first guess. I still think ure having a boy this time.
    I take my hat of to you both not finding out. I found out at 16 weeks then at my 20 week scan I got them to double check I just cudnt wait. Ure just a few weeks behind me I'm just over 24 weeks with a boy. Also my hair is growing like crazy.
    Love ure channel. Daisy is so cute and Tilly. I'm in Wiltshire England. Hi😀🖐

  7. Daisy’s wee face when she tried to take the camera 😭😂 Is it not just impossible to ever say no to her?! Those eyes and that lip😭❤️

  8. Omg you guys are literally goals.. I cannot wait to start a little family now.. but first.. I need money haha xx love watching your vlogs and living that dream through you for now hehe ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it’s unbelievable.. the older daisy gets the cuter she gets like..whaaaaat?? How?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. You guys are such beautiful humans and I have been watching silently from before Daisy was in the picture, and here we are now with bub two on the way and I’ve just found out I am pregnant which is so exciting 💕 keep being you guys. Hopefully next time you come to Australia you visit Adelaide so I can show you the sights 😊

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