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congratulations you are now 20 weeks pregnant which is halfway there now the textbooks say that your baby is now the size of a small banana or a small cantaloupe or an artichoke if you know what one of those is they will weigh about ten and a half ounces now and will measure around six and a half inches long from head to bottom and if you were actually able to be able to cook them in your palm of your hand which is probably one of the cutest things I've ever heard the test books also say that they're well-developed limbs are continuing to explore by kicking and flexing and punching and that'll all be stuff that you're well aware of around 2:00 a.m. in the morning I'm all right because I remember that quite well now what they're also doing at the moment is swallowing which means they are producing a lovely sticky black or green substance that you will be wiping off their bottoms in a few months time because that is mattone ium which is actually their first proof looking so what does a 20-week bum look like well they come in all shapes and sizes but here's mine and some other mums beautiful box here is the 20 week boom and it is certainly growing I've also just eaten a big shepherd's pie so it's probably looking even more bloated I'm wearing all maternity clothes now I can't squeeze into any of my trousers my bump is probably like a bumpy bumps now so people are noticing I'm pregnant I've got me from the office I don't usually work with very often congratulating me and ask me all sorts questions such as lovely so I do feel more pregnant now and I definitely feel like it's a proper bump now there's no light mistake about it burns so my thing for 20 weeks so if you are anything like me you are probably feeling pretty tired right now and I'm guessing that sleep is becoming a little bit more uncomfortable – but don't despair because I think the best thing about turning 20 weeks is that you are just about to have or you may have already had your 20 week scan which is your second scan and if you want to you can find out the sex of your baby which is really really exciting I was too impatient both times so I found out and I've got a boy and a girl if we had a third I might try and go team yellow though now this is my favourite bit so let's have a look at some real scam footage of what your baby looks like right now I love looking at these so that's all amazing and fascinating but how do you feel what did really like being 20 weeks pregnant and what can you honestly expect while here at channel mum we are comparing the textbook versus the truth sharing with you the reality with a little help from 13 note we've got loads of logs over at channel mum from mums who are at the same stage as you right now let's see what they have to say about being 20 weeks pregnant and what it's really like we're on with 20 now so officially halfway carefully but definitely feeling and looking pregnant now I love when you get to the stage and you have an actual object I'm feeling quite good in terms of since the nausea has gone away SPD has been a big problem I'm just really really painful my symptoms are going to still the sickness still the tiredness um and just thirst really thirsty all the time when I drink tea it tastes really weird like it just doesn't taste the same think I'm quite hard to live with at the moment I think it's brought on as I mentioned last week I've been having insomnia and unfortunately I'm still having that which I don't really get because I'm so tired I've invested in some better like comforters and things to help me sleep I've never actually bought a pregnancy pillow before and I don't think I will this time I just have like extra pillows around me and blankets no sleep no sleep pillow go fulfil because I just put em every night fill the pillow and it wraps all around my head down into the bump in between your legs is so much better to sleep with a pregnancy layer that I'm annoying about getting on do they are really worth it and you can use offers to probably back no feeding and everything and it just create that real comfort in bed and a bit of barrier for any my husband's skin is so dry and itchy I'm starting to get broody which is quite funny and which people keep laughing at me it's like you're pregnant of course you have to be broody but I've seen quite a few friends newborn babies recently and they're just so keen think tidy and just oh I can't believe that company I'm gonna have another one again just this meets us as being a baby need well first thing in the morning he is awake and here I can feel him move in and then a last thing at night I feel you moving and like just when I'm lying flat in bed the baby is moving loads I don't know whether it's because this size varies quite small but it's kicking down like onto my cervix or something it just feels really weird it's a funny feeling so let's be honest there are some wonderful things about being 20 weeks pregnant but there are also some really annoying things as well so here are their channel mum the good the bad and the ugly of being 20 weeks pregnant good at last your bump is now showing which means that you don't look like you just eaten too much dinner which is a problem I struggle with a lot now myself actually the bad is that inevitably along with the bump showing your genes no longer fit so is probably time to invest in some maternity clothes and the ugly sleeping is no longer comfortable or even possible without the help of about 98 pillows so you might as well just kick your other half out of the bed now in all honesty we hope you've enjoyed watching our textbook vs. the truth about being 20 weeks pregnant now we're in this with you so we'd love it if you left us a comment down below letting us know how you um / doing and in the meantime why not check out those other vlogs from other mums just like you who are also 20 weeks pregnant right now we will see you next week take care and thank you so much for watching bye

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  1. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and still have morning or everytime sickness…and no showing no bump this is my 4th and none of them have a big belly… I just look fat.

  2. Yes!!! So tired!!! I’m actually 19 weeks 3 days we find out the gender next Thursday ☺️ I keep drinking coffee in the morning I can’t help it I feel like I’m gonna pass out at work!

  3. 20 weeks pregnant today, I started having Braxton Hicks and feeling baby's hiccups. Extremely uncomfortable trying to sleep! I also have depression because of unbalanced hormones and I've been emotional for days.

  4. I’m 20 weeks today I’m more bloated than anything first child due date Dec 7th 2019 find out next week what I’m having ❤️😍😍

  5. 20 weeks today yaaaaay. Sleep is okay i tend to wake up early now. She kicks and move at night but sleeps all day. My nose is so stuffy !! I love her so much!! Even when im in the worst pain 😩

  6. It’s 10:30 pm and I’m 20 weeks tomorrow. Get to find out the gender tomorrow at the reveal!! So anxious and excited

  7. I’m 20 weeks, and the only thing concerning is my anxiety. I had no anxieties until I reached 17-18 weeks.

    I’m so scared of losing my baby too a miscarriage or having a premature birth, getting a stillborn 😔💔 I try so hard not to worry because i know stress isn’t good for my baby, but sometimes it’s gets too much especially when I try wind down and relax. I’m having a boy, and this is my first child. I’m so excited because i wanted a boy so bad, and im scared of losing that. 😔 it just seems like my luck that something bad might happen. But I pray so much for everything to be alright. It sucks because my anxiety went away for a good year, I used to spiral into panic attacks and it was so bad. I try so hard not to get too that point

  8. I'm 20 weeks and my baby is kicking soooooo much, I won't get to find out the gender until next week so I'll be 21 weeks when I find out. I've for sure grew out of almost all of my pants and some of my shirts aren't stretchy enough to go over my belly. I feel so tired all the time and I only have morning sickness every now and then. I started showing really early cause I was underweight, now that I'm 20 weeks I got a huuuuge bump, people already assume I'm 30 weeks already.

  9. I’m 20 weeks today with my first baby I’m due my gender scan in 5 days and I can’t wait to find out 😊 it’s nice to be able to hear what other mums have too say instead of reading online. Thank you for posting videos like this as it really does give insight in what’s to come for the early pregnancy stages ❤️

  10. 20 weeks pregnant today!! Officially halfway thank you Lord!! Happy 20 weeks to all the mamas out there 💕💖🌸💐 I’m having a babygirl!

  11. 20 weeks …little bump..still vomiting but not as much. Suffereing from hyperemesis gravidarum. Severe acid reflux and lots of muscus clogging throa tand chest. Lost alot of weght like 23 lbs. Cant wait to b over with all of this…pls 9 months come and come fast. Also baby is very very active.

  12. The SPD is awful and so sore I’ve started getting pain in my lower back aswell and I’m really struggling to sleep on my left side I’m just not finding it comfortable I’m happy my brother bought me a maternity pillow for my birthday it’s a wee god send! My hubby even puts me in it and tucks me in 😂 I felt lots of flutters from 16 weeks onwards and now I’m 20 weeks I’m hardly feeling any flutters which is worrying me slightly… scan in 4 days I hope little jellybean is okay 😢

  13. 20 weeks today! Gender scan in 3 days and we can't wait to find out! Cant stop eating fruit and icecream. Can't stop eating! I have pelvic girdle pain and sleeping comfortably is a thing of the past. Only being sick once a week now instead of 2+ times a day.

  14. I'm 20 weeks today. Super excited I'm half way there. I have my scan in 3 days and hopefully I get to find out the gender. I'm hoping for a boy as I already have a daughter but whichever I'm given is fine as long as baby is healthy.

  15. I’m almost 20 weeks but I feel like my tummy is huge lmao no lie I love eating at the moment anything. I crave I have to have it this is my third baby and going to find out the gender next week

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