6 Replies to “21 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog”

  1. Aww I guess we're not expecting the same gender I'm team pink again lol
    I cant wait to see the nursery such a cute theme!

  2. Awh congrats on your baby boy! 🙂 I'm 24 weeks, 25 weeks tomorrow with a baby girl 🙂 I'm due December 3rd!

  3. I came across your videos & thought you were adorable lol. Aw I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my second boy! I'm due Jan 7th! How exciting lol, &congrats on your pregnancy I wish you the best (:

  4. You look great! My belly button is flush with my tummy right now, just waiting for it to pop right out! lol

  5. Hey congrats on the baby! I was just wondering how long u n ur husband were trying before conceiving… My husband and I are trying and having no luck :-/

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