21 Weeks Pregnant: What You Really Need To Know

twenty first week of pregnancy hello moms and dads your baby is about the size of the placenta mothers may start to feel the baby's hiccups as your baby grows larger these movements will feel stronger all babies are different so some hiccup multiple times a day while others will only do it once in a while your baby's height is 10 point 51 inches and it weighs about twelve point seven ounces the tiny buds on your little ones tongue are developed and he may taste the food you eat through amniotic fluid this allows your baby to practice swallowing and digesting your little one cheerfully plays around the amniotic fluid the intestines begin to contract and relax your baby's bone marrow spaces are developed and it starts making red blood cells the blood circulation is now completely functional the umbilical cord continues to grow and thicken your little ones eyelids and eyebrows are fully developed by now the fingernails and toenails are covered by the baby's fingers the fat continues to form to keep your baby warm if you're having a baby girl her vaginal canal starts forming your little one is waking and sleeping in regular intervals if you are having multiples the babies are kicking each other as they move around but don't worry as they're well protected by the membrane separating them check back next week to learn more about your baby's development on consumer health digest comm till then take care of yourself you

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