22 weeks of pregnancy & Our son’s 11th birthday..,

[Applause] what's up what's going on due to CLC checking in with another one baby this blog would be basically a barrel my son's upcoming birthday wishes tomorrow he'll be turning the big living you know the boy is grown so fast you know is this it's mind-blowing to me I came into his life when he was like we're going on five years old so I've watched him grow from that point up and now the boys came along way he's been through a lot I'm not gonna get into all of his medical history now anything just know that he's been through a lot to be so young yeah but anyways this is a celebration video man will be celebrating his 11th birthday tomorrow unfortunately I can't do all the things other people do you know shout out to so cool guy in the wolf pack I'm bored that boy be turning up on his kids birthday and I'm inspired to do the same for my child when able right now on YouTube and on a budget you know I uh I can only do so much and as long as he appreciates it and will his mother I'm saying it his mother is doing all no I'm saying the the the getting things prepared for his birthday so that he will she can make sure he enjoys himself on his day so I'm saying I'm not gonna take that credit man I'm not doing anything I'm just being there you know saying my presence and making sure he had fun of course I will give him with a present of something of some sort I mean pretty sure I can he might just want some V books for fortnight because this it's like his number one thing man place would make every single day which I don't understand I'm like what's the concept to the game man it's never-ending I mean how you do is just play you play you're playing you play you play you know how on some games like such as at all GTA there's the ending you get to beat the game excellent and then maybe start over and beat it again before tonight man it's just not that you can't do that on for tonight it's my understanding I I'm not even into for tonight this third thing my older than my younger this that's their thing I don't know nothing about but I'm pretty sure that's probably be something he will maybe worn like a skin be books or even another video guy so him and his brother can play and I can do that for him I can do that much and maybe take him somewhere because right now his mother she doesn't have the transportation due to us not having the text but idea where the Wilk that I was fixing out I don't know if I mentioned it in the video think I did but I didn't post it because I had my phone the wrong way I had it up and down and I needed landscape so I didn't post it but yeah I was working I'm working on about 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee the ride off my body from a couple and I was getting rid of it because it was in limp mode I guess they couldn't figure out how to give it everything motor or they didn't they were just tired of putting money in it so hey me I came alone overhand I won't let me get dead I thought it it's it's the problems went down the list and guess what I got it a little old so now it's going past during the Mouser now and at one point it was cutting off I figured it out also now I think it just needs to uh the ECM needs to be fleshed because chickens are like he was coming off and still popping up with cold split all of the coast is popping up I have changed all those problems like the old two senses I've changed those two or since I changed those the map since I changed those the crankshaft position sensor and the camshaft position since I changed all that so those colleges probably knew it can't be right it's not right so I think it's just update issue on the EC once again I was quoting a video somebody interrupt it but what I was saying all right yeah the ECM I think it just needs to be flashing on updated because I keep getting those calls but it doesn't interfere what the vehicle's performance have been wrong it continues to run it was cutting off with knives and not doing it anymore running and it's going past 30 miles an hour which was my mango to fix and I did so so I'm grass to me man I'm very happy about that oh we get past it y'all make sure y'all get in the comment section and with Travis a happy birthday under the net man aha oh yeah only 26 of this man I think I mentioned this in my last video on the 26th weird there will be another ultrasound visit for baby Mandela and hopefully we will be finding out who she looks like on a 3d 3d ultrasound the mother I said the mother like I'm talking about a purpose friends my wife my wife she thinks the baby was gonna look like me I think the baby's gonna look like her but who knows the baby something looking just like her mother and I mean when I say her mother not my wife but my wife's mother am I looking just like her we don't know man but either way know she's gonna come out beautiful angelic because the baby is God's gift to us anytime a woman gets pregnant and have a baby it's God's kill just because not everybody can do that not every woman can can't conceive and they live with a baby so it's God's gift and that's how I look at it either way it goes it's a blessing man so I'm very grateful and thankful for that one second be right back yeah man I keep interrupting I guess don't want me to be great and get this video out the way I'm trying to hear it up and get it done oh is it I was saying in Tamil one has a baby yeah yes that's a blessing God blesses us with them because we don't have a baby the men don't how to baby then women had a baby God blesses him with a child because not everyone can do this but yes just it matter I hope everybody is having a phenomenal day you know we do a Sunday so I'm be getting off at 3 o clock you know happy for that man because I get to see the sunlight then the blue skies I don't get to see that on other days I'm not gonna get it today oh well yeah man I hope everybody had a phenomenal blessed day man I hope everybody's blessed to wake up this morning and breathing fresh air and you know enjoy their afternoon and like you know enjoy life I wish you our peace love blessings and prosperity see y'all see chickened out happy birthday they did happy birthday you like okay cool boy look at their mamas my running off face I got dragged on these flats and ugly part night unless I got you like button subscribe button and we'll get it oh but I do got to seize an eight scheme so nicely spaced out like button only put Oh you see me yeah Wow happy be careful not for throwing in each other hair on toughen up according to other hair just not throwing it period yeah go play with my mouth

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