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I'm much more confident and happy and positive about everything now yeah me hi guys welcome back to my channel it has been so long since I've filmed a video the last video that I posted was my finding out I was pregnant video and I actually posted that when I was already 12 weeks pregnant and I intended on doing more videos from then until now but it just didn't happen for a bunch of different reasons so I'm excited to be getting back into it today who today is an exciting day for us because they're going to have my 20 weeks scan and for this whole 20 weeks I've just I think I haven't filmed because I haven't felt I felt excited about this pregnancy but I felt really worried and it's not really been something that I've been wanting to film because in my head I've kind of been thinking that maybe this pregnancy wasn't going to work out and I think that's a normal thing to feel after you've had a miscarriage so yeah it's just a little bit scary the whole unknown yeah I'm feeling a little bit more confident now – my belly's getting bigger and I'm starting to feel some movements which is really nice so I've kind of been freaking out because everyone says with your third this is my third for throat well it's my third baby and everyone says we've hit their baby pops so much quicker and you can feel movement so much quicker and that really wasn't the case for me um so that's been adding to my worries a little bit as well but I feel good today how do we feel about seeing the baby good we're excited Cindy's you're excited ain't you you feel like the baby is gonna be strong yeah it was seeing his birthday yesterday she turned five Supertramp party tomorrow yup having two parties tomorrow Supertramp party tomorrow with her kinder friends and then a family party tomorrow evening here so it's a busy day we've got a lot to do today so let's get going so it's been a couple of days since I last filmed I could not find my battery charger and they're not my charge at my actual batteries anywhere and Nick and I turned the house upside down and I'd always leave it like underneath my bedside table charging or it's in my bedside table drawer then like two days later Nick went to put something in my drawer and my battery charger was just sitting in there and so we thought it was Sienna who did it but she swears it wasn't her and I believe Hearst was a bit of a mystery but anyway our scan went really good I think the lady who did it was not a very friendly lady at all this is my third baby so I kind of know what to expect when I go in there and sometimes we've had really nice people doing that ultrasound and they're really informative and just friendly other times they have not been so friendly but this lady in particular was the least friendly Nick at one stage pulled his phone out of his pocket I don't even know if who was gonna take photos or anything or just look at his phone but she just put her hand up in front of him told him to put his phone away because she would print us photos and give us a DVD of the I mean give us a little like a USB of the actual scan itself she was just really rude about it and I asked her a couple of times how everything was looking and if it was okay and if things were looking normal and all she said was like not like she didn't say anything she said that she can't tell us anything she's not a doctor she sure like a doctor will look at the scan and write up a report or something so I don't know but from what I could tell everything looked good she never seemed to like hover over a particular area I was kind of like this bang-bang-bang but actually speaking of that after she told me golf or getting his phone out and saying she was gonna film it I mean saying she was gonna give us a USB we tried the USB when we got home and it's blank so she didn't actually put anything she didn't record anything and then the photos that she gave us she gave us two photos one of them was cute and then she's like oh and I gave you a scary one as well thank you for giving me a scary photo of my baby so this is the first photo that she gave us which was nice nice little profile I think that nose looks a bit like Jimmy's nose and then this one is the scary one that she thought would be fun to give us so I think she thought it was interesting because the baby was yawning at the time but anyway I was feeling lots and lots of movements yesterday and I feel like I'm getting bigger so I'll show you a bump shot in a little bit and yeah I'm just feeling so much more positive about everything now I'm so much more positive about filming our journey and even though now I'm halfway through and I took a really big break from work like recording our journey so far I just I was worried I was really worried and I still have a little bit worried never know what could happen but I just I man Inari I don't really want to pick up the camera and start filming when I don't feel happy and positive and even Nick was getting a little bit annoyed with me for being such a downer like just always worried that things might not work out so I just I couldn't help it but yeah anyway I'm rambling now I feel heaps better heaps more confident and today is Monday and on Wednesday I've got an appointment with the Midwife so I guess she'll go through the ultrasound results with me then if there's anything that she needs to go through with me German so is it is it co-op is it yummy huh is it monkeys got um Siena had yogurt what you want me to go down there on the map who okay so Siena had her birthday party on she had two birthday parties on the weekend and she had such a good time didn't she darlin yeah yeah you got food in your mouth you've got snot on your nose oh yay how old are you Jimmy D – how old did Sonny turn mi5 that's right good job did you have fun at her party yeah yeah she had her to party she had a kinder party at Supertramp and then a family party back here and she just had such a great time she kept saying it was the best birthday ever and she was really grateful for everything she got and really appreciative and Jimmy was good to it so hard like she got so many presents I think from now on we might just do parties every second year because it was a lot um what do you say G yeah you can team she had so many presents to open and Jimmy was so good life I felt a little bit bad for him because he had nothing to open but he was pretty good and then you know got good at sharing her toys with him and all that kind of stuff so yeah well cities at kinder I'm just going to try and do a little bit of cleaning the toy room in here is looking like a little bit of a disaster zone after he picks the internet from kinder we're going to go to picnic up from playing goal which is just near the beach and we might have a little play at the park it's not too cold does that sound fun yeah yeah you want to say anything I love you yeah what do you want yes toys but you've already had toes okay so before I forget this is a belly shot so I'm nearly 22 weeks pregnant now that's what my belly looks like which i think is a little bit more I think I'm showing a little bit more than what I was with my others I say I can push it out pretty far but I think that's kind of more Jimmy can you turn off the light please so yeah I'm feeling a lot of movement a lot of kicks and stuff mainly down below yeah but I don't feel like I tell me something to get trying to grow up here so yeah it's very exciting so yeah that's what my belly looks like oh my gosh you you go again with our mores with the heart and you'll hit your right bring my head you honor that I wanna to the word there's a bad one you with me bad if they need to come dear yeah why do I wanna to the word things about when you was being met why are you doing does a dog I wanted you to the way it was being managed give-give kid if they need to come please I'm fine dad

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  1. Congrats momma💕 and happy 22 weeks! Praying for a smooth pregnancy and safe delivery of your little babe. 💕

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