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  1. I’m 22 weeks today! Getting loads down with lots of energy, but also horrendously tired! By about 8:30/9pm I start to getting a little hysterically tired and cry a lot because I’m just so tired! When I wake up I generally feel back to normal (even though I’m up at least twice in the night!)

  2. Yes I am 22 weeks an I can now see my baby kicks an movements, I am still tired always but it's also because I am a tummy sleeper and side sleeping is a struggle. These videos are very helpful

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  4. Tomorrow I’ll be 22 weeks!!🙏🌸
    Baby girl is moving like crazy and I love it.
    And yes it’s true, I try to put my husbands hand on my belly and she stops lol 😂
    It’s funny and sad but it’s like my special bond with her only 💕

  5. Yay I’m 22 weeks ! I’m so happy !I haven’t had a baby in 6 years and it’s crazy how different it feels

  6. I have been watching every week since week 5 (now week 22). Hearing from other moms at each stage has been so good to use as comparisons. These videos have been extremely helpful and encouraging. Thank you for posting! We are excited to meet our little Lyla in September!

  7. Love these videos! I watch them every Friday when my week changes over. I’m 22 weeks today. Feeling pretty good. Out of town traveling with my kids and husband to visit in-laws. The flights definitely did me in on the first day. Between my toddler and being pregnant, I was over it. I’ve started having Braxton’s if I walk or am on my feet for excessive amounts of time(shopping all day, cleaning all day, etc.) Feeling pretty good overall! We have our gender reveal tomorrow!!

  8. Ok just a quick question is it normal not to always feel kicking or no movement? I get worried when i dont feel anything all day im a first time mum.

  9. I'm a size 10 in shoes as I'm 6ft, I hope hope hope that my feet don't grow, it's hard enough to get shoes as it is!!

  10. Almost 22 weeks along (tomorrow!) and I have such poor digestion! I had lunch three hours ago and it still feels like food is right there, lodged in the stomach and not going anywhere. I've always had poor digestion, but now it's even slower. But thrilled that my baby boy is growing more and more each day!

  11. Definitely agree about baby mostly wanting to only show off for my hands viewing only! Its frustrating and makes me feel like I'm half crazy when im like "feel feel! Hes kicking mad crazy right now!" And its zero movement the moment daddy tries to feel in haha. But i know it'll be much more pronounced soon for dad! Feeling awake when I'm awake but tired as h e l l when I'm tired lol 😆
    Very VERY moody lately for sure- I know hubby is a trooper for dealing with my swings! Belly size: ive popped out for sure! And actually ive popped so much that im carrying high even tho baby is a boy! (Puts the old wivestale to rest kind of doesnt it ?) All in all I'm feeling excited for babys growth and developments and feeling this much closer to his birth and getting to hold him in my arms!

  12. I’m 22 weeks today with my first and I am STILL nauseous all day. It has definitely been rough. I know that other women go through this but some days I just feel like I’m going to feel like this the rest of my life. Any support from other moms who have through this and can assure me that I will feel like myself again and won’t be nauseous the rest of my life would be greatly appreciated

  13. First time pregnancy and boy oh boy… this experience is not as cute and fun as I thought it would be. I'm always uncomfortable and constantly feeling full all the time causing me not to be that hungry. I'm always tired but can't sleep more than 2 hours. 🤦‍♀️

  14. Im 22 week pregnant and i never experience leg cramps.. my baby kicks anytime he wants .😂😂😂

  15. Love u channel am 22 weeks today SO happy TO feel HIM/her in the morning and I decided MY bby is surprise bby didn't want to find out the gender even though I have feeling what the bby iS anyway keep doing the good work I have been flowing u ladies since 10 weeks OF MY pregnancy is like u are MY secret pregnancy group loz good luck to all OF as

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