23 Weeks Pregnant: Watch the Movements of Your Baby

twenty-third week of pregnancy welcome mommies and daddies the 23rd week marks the time of the mothers noticeably bigger belly and the baby's ability to survive in the outside world if preterm labor occurs at 23 weeks the baby has all the organs ready to help him or her survive outside the womb your baby now is about the size of a mango baby's skin is cellophane thin and has taken on a reddish cast due to the blood vessels developing underneath keratin a tough protective protein is being added to your baby's skin cells the blood vessels and your baby's lungs which are important for breathing outside the womb are developing small capillaries are forming in the lungs and specialized lung cells called pneumo sites are developing your little ones lips are becoming more distinct and his eyes continue to develop though they still lack color the bones and the middle ear start to harden the skin is still wrinkled the pigments which will give skin color are currently being deposited babies during this week move a lot and you might sense him or her dancing inside the womb the which is your baby support system is protecting your little one from harmful substances and infections from passing from your system into your babies the placenta also produces estrogen and progesterone that keeps your pregnancy going strong if you're having multiples they may have separate sleeping schedules check back next week to know more about your baby's development only on consumer health digest comm till then take care of yourself you

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  1. I am in 23rd week and I am having extreme pain at the bottom of my breast when I sleep on the side..what to do?

  2. the video is called "watch the movement of your baby". the video did not have any of it… what's the point?

  3. Im 23 weeks with my First Daughter having her in August.
    For all the technical Mothers out there. I’m due sept 11 I am inducing it Aug25-31st. 🙄
    Congratulations to all the 2019 Mothers!!

  4. I look forward to these videos every week. I try not to skip ahead, but sometimes I can’t help it. Too exciting to see what’s up next. For me though, waiting every week patiently is like opening an advent calendar for the next treat! Thank you so much for these videos. I just LOVE them! 😍

  5. So relieved our son is now viable. My husband and I saw my belly moving around a lot last night. You can actually see his little body moving from one side of my belly to the other. It's so amazing.

  6. am 23 wk pregnant I feel my baby movement lot in lower abdomen I feel like it will come out side is day since of any problem

  7. Am 23 weeks and my little angel baby boy is kicking and no rest am very happy 😍😍😍,,,my due month is May 2019

  8. I'm only 18 weeks but check videos several weeks ahead of my gestational time. ^0^ too excited for baby to grow

  9. I am 22 weeks pregnant with twin boys and they have the same schedule baby B on the right always wakes up baby A to play

  10. im 23 weeks pregnant and i fell the kicks very low at my pevlic, should i be worried why the baby kicks are noticed so low at my belly

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