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so you are 23 weeks pregnant that's another week's down according to the textbooks your baby is now must be the size of a large mango and they are weighing in at around 500 grams which is one point one pound and they are measuring as about 30 centimeters in one now they actually have the rough proportions of a newborn baby now but they are just lacking in some serious job that you will be squishing once they arrive that is now probably just enough room for your baby to be taking some of those inside you still although that may not be for much longer it's also possible that you might actually see the moving underneath your clothes that they have a particularly active day I remember when my team used to wiggle away in that and sometimes I would see an agent idling bottle I love leaf at four this week is that while you may have had a baby's heart be several times melt or a Doppler your baby's heart is actually developed enough to be here for a standard stethoscope either way you listen here it's still probably one of the most beautiful sound in the world so let's take a look at some real scan footage for week 23 now we talked about babies but what about you how are you feeling and what is being 23 weeks pregnant really like well here at channel one we're comparing the textbook this is the truth but a little help from some expectant mothers just like you but this week we're going to focus on a little bit of housekeeping because if you're in the UK then this is the week where you really need to be telling your employer that you're pregnant in writing if you haven't already while you may have already told your employer your face-to-face and everybody knows at work you do also need to do it formally in writing what this means is that you need to give them at your end date and when you plan to start your maternity leave and I think the date that you plan to come back as well even if it's just a respect of it for now what you also need to do is giving it your must be one form which is the certificate pregnancy that your midwife should supply you with if you have in the past as well then they will need to sort out all of them potentially this week too so get on it if you haven't already it comes to deciding one to start your maternity leave then the date is entirely up to you many places in the UK still only offered statutory maternity pay which can be quite an adjustment if you're used to living on two showings of income I actually waited until I was 39 weeks and five days president with my service and 37 weeks my second because I wanted to save up my maternity tab with my babies for as long as possible but I was very lucky not to have any issues during my pregnancy and I felt physically able to do that you have to do what is best to you next up I think it bumped home so let's take a look at how some other mums bellies looked at 23 weeks yeah that is my belly for 23 weeks not much has changed this week now from the front a southern look very pregnant which is wonderful I don't think he looks as big this week it looks very round from the front and quite big from the side I think I've grown a lot these last two weeks and she's kicking me absolutely alone so what else can you expect well here at channel one we have tons of logs that every week of pregnancy from other one with her at the same stage as you are right now so what else can you expect at 23 weeks pregnant let's see what they had to say 23 weeks pregnant and I guess the last thing record week is that I finally am stoned the food a little bit more Mulligan I'm starting to feel cumbersome and my bump has grown loads and I'm just feeling really sluggish shrug it on and going so far so perfectly I can get a pain down my right leg and it kind of runs from the milk went butt cheek hands down to maybe I just hurt my knee if it backs my leg though which is kind of annoying it's not I'm constantly looking for people like it's right here I kind of feel like this like that or in my tip forward too much I would be sick literally this week my app so it's gone from here to appear I just want to eat it all the time so I'm hoping that the weight gain were kind of even out because I was really bad at the beginning all I wanted to jump food why I don't really have any cravings like that at the moment I can eat pretty much normally which again is so nice they come in a holiday help and a bit of rest and health and also I think I'm just maybe at the next stage of pregnancy I've had to source myself to rest and I just feel like I'm constantly feeling not good enough but anything that I do is also a kind of like you have to like surrender like immediately I feel to be able to enjoy it for clues there's a lot of things which come with annuals when you like to register change I feel like it's easier than to like embrace and accept and actually just like to see this time for like what it is not how do you think it should be changes are only constant in life so it is important for me I think it's been very interesting for this time no expectations just to do as well as I can so now it's time to get on it and look at the channel mum the good the bad and the ugly of being 23 weeks present the good tinkin baby's nursery chores to do around the house food shop me doing what better excuse to get out of those and being pregnant we're going so that you can sometimes start to feel a little bit faint in pregnancy and this is to use the pressure of your growing uterus on your blood vessels the rise in the level of progesterone and simply because your body is just working it's so so hard so make sure you get plenty of rest you eat little and often you drink lots of water and get some fresh out when you can and be ugly it's not ugly actually you're beautiful trusters but one strange symptom of pregnancy that lots of women hate is skin discoloration now this can include the dark line that goes down the center of your stomach and this is known as the Linea nigra or a mum as Mark depending on what you heard and it's completely normal in pregnancy and it does go away after birth but this can happen elsewhere on the body – including the face which is known as the mask of pregnancy because your skin can discover in the shape of a Mac again that this does fade afterward and in the meantime what conceivable isn't it so as always we hope you've enjoyed watching our textbooks versus the truth about being 23 weeks pregnant we would love to hear from you down in the comments below and to see how you're doing so make sure you let us know and if you'd like something to watch after this then why not check out all the other vlogs from other moments about 23 weeks pregnant right now over on channel mum we'll leave the link down below for you and otherwise that's it from me so we will see you and that little baby of yours next week for week 24

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  1. Thank you! This channel is very informative, I always watch every week and I learned a lot about pregnancy! 😊

  2. Hi, I am 23 weeks pregnant and am expecting a baby girl, but the ultrasound says the baby is breach ,( head up) is it normal? Also having discomfort while urinating.

  3. im 23 weeks but still belly is too small and i didnt go yet to have ultrasound to check if my baby is okay or my baby's gender..hard to be single mom

  4. I am in my 23th week now.. so lazy just want to sleep. I missed exercise I haven't done it for 2 months but my little girl is literally dancing in my womb 😍

  5. My backs sore most days and my ankles are swelling too but just started lactacting slightly as well 😱

  6. No sickness at all through my pregnancy so far, just a bit of tiredness, lots of little kicks and wriggles to be seen and felt too! 🥰🌸

  7. Am 23 weeks today feel happy😆😆😆but having sleepless night feel so full always don't eat much and get tired so easily.

  8. 23 weeks and 1 day with my second. Feeling tired probably due to being pregnant and chasing around a 20 month old. Main symptom is the feeling constantly full. I don’t usually finish my meals which is odd for me. With my first I ate like crazy. Still relatively sensitive to smells and having some food aversions. Also some headaches.

  9. 23 weeks! Official viability! I’m still very tired, I’m super hungry all the time. FINALLY popped a little belly. Working out causes so much pain in my muscles and ligaments ugh. She’s kicking like crazy. More than any of the other 4 kids did! I’m not sure what that means. But what a treat

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