24 Hours After Birth! Hospital Day 2 with Newborn

Charlie that beautiful baby up there is you pass on her back a bit over right how'd you sleep I know that was our first night around the day too now we fast 24 hours although it looks like I haven't slept that's just because I haven't done the shower yet I think today's a day Charlie's at her like 24 hour assessment they took her to do some assessing and I was gonna show you guys what mama looks like 24 hours later just transition back into real not mesh underwear this is what the belly looks like 24 hours after Africa birth with Emerson and most people have like a line I don't know it's called the Linea Negra I think actually that goes there but I didn't have one this time and I don't know why it's not ice or anything everything is just a little like squishy you see all this this is just from the tape of my epidural that's funny it's like a bruise but it's just the tape for promise there's one little dot right there and that is from the epidural so to look really sleepy I feel so much better and I just went to take the puppies out again and play with them I'm sorry aunt Charlie took it back so just gonna update you more on myself I feel 10-15 times better than I did what's Emerson and part of that is that I'm not in as much shock I feel like I was completely just thrown into the water with the newborn with them it's time I know what to expect so I'm not cooked in like what's wrong with Charlie and I don't feel as nervous last night she actually finally finally woke up inserted breastfeeding should it's so much better last night she actually had a really great night for a newborn she as you guys know slept the entire day yesterday the entire day we had to like struggle to get hurt up and the lactation consultant fed her my pump milk through a little syringe so I was getting food and then finally her before bed on our last like syringe meeting she acted like she was searching so we put her on and she started feeding for about five minutes and short practice late so I was hopeful going into the night and she actually ended up waking up two hours later for her next feed and she ate for 17 minutes and for eight minutes on the other side so really proud of that and then the next time around she needed a new diaper she was really really easy to calm down basically what she needed you give it to her and she went back to sleep and we were just completely shocked because Emerson was not like that at all his men so amazing it's like honestly we keep thinking like what what is happening why is she so perfect so sorry that's not even update on me anyway I felt so much better this time around I have one stitch I have a couple like he called them scratches they're not I guess like full of tears I don't know I went almost all of yesterday on no pain medication whatsoever I remembered at the end of the day that I had ibuprofen so I asked for that and I've had I brew hooked in today as well but nothing else and I feel other than a little bit sore on my back which is from the epidural which if you didn't do that you wouldn't really have a little bit of a sore back I feel like awesome I feel really good and then last night I was able to get in a few hours a few stretches of a couple different hours of sleep and since she's been having her testing I actually had another hour of sleep so this is awesome this is so much better than it was the first time around and I'm really really thankful for that so waiting on my food and when I'm a baby but I feel good let's go into day two strong and I'll see if Charlie wakes up a little bit today but I'll show you guys her eyes she's really cute look at my little bags that's nice hey food you got here before Charlie ooh the government supper waffles and bacon and a fruit cup chocolate milk cuz you know just kidding she sensed that mommy had food hi Charlie good morning how are you wide awake and alert today do you want go look out the window and see the outside do you want to eat wanna hang out with mommy I missed you I love you look at the squishy [Applause] get to being away oh my goodness how could somebody stop and eat when your little face is right here how are you are you hungry oh my gosh she's looking right at the camera like why in the world do you see Charlie that beautiful baby up there is you that place is so freakin cute now if you guys can see it cuz her eyes right there she has pretty long eyelashes like Amy here is a closer look at her hair I really feel like the camera does not show it well but it is it's pretty light in the front it looks kind of brown in the back but it looks much much lighter in the front that I would ever expect but like I said Amy was not born with red hair she had brown hair kind of like this in the back and then it fell out I definitely think that she got the texture of Nick's hair and maybe even his little cowlick look at you this is something that the hospital just put them in okay Charlie has decided she's ready to eat which is a big step for her so anytime she shows any signs I mean hunger just feed her huh am I gonna eat too while you eat you still have finished rowboats to like latch on or show she will but she won't like that she's just like oh I'm comfy now charlie oh this is that I remember trying to figure out Pete your hair and keep the baby everything was drawn at the hospital thus far has been a busy strong though the goal is to not get waffle or eggs on trial again only knock I'm so proud of this one she did so well she ate ten minutes on both sides before totally falling back to sleep one of the mistakes I don't want to make with her is her not knowing the difference between nighttime in daytime I know she's a newborn so it's not it's not like something that we can totally control but just to help her out or keeping it loud and awake and windows open and stuff when it's the daytime so that she knows that obviously she's gonna be sleeping she was just born but at night it will be dark calm quieter I don't do the same thing at home so that way she starts to get the clear like nighttime sleep day time right now you see all you want did you come to visit to see Lucy Charlie look she's so excited is that to see who is it Gaja Charlie Jean J cha-cha did you do it say hi dad you're so big say hi mama where's mama where's Charlie Wow Wow I can't believe she realizes that Charlie and not my stomach which Ireland's half-sister sometimes she eats them charlie they okay just checking in it's 2:30 now I'm looking out our window cuz I keep hearing this weird noise I've been resting any homage Grammy and Grandpa to take a nap and I was like why is it feel like someone keeps knocking on door or sound like that there's construction people digging a giant hole right outside of our window Charlie's still here just newsn away with her PO this time the birth certificate reason just that vibe it's sparkling grape juice so we don't have to wait till she's 21 exactly we can open like this it says purdue's she's like I want a drink it says produced by Nicholas I think anyway we're gonna have to take that home pop that up and moving it back that's so funny it's sparkling grape juice it's not gonna get better well she wore it and spit up yesterday look it's diaper Charlie you got a diaper being in depature she's she's under me uh sure how are ya good can I get you anything okay great well I'll be back to check on you in just a little bit sir things I just took my first shower post-baby but Charlie had a little bit of gas so thing is chillin with Charlie he we ordered some dinner so we're waiting on that now Charlie it's been doing so well today with feeding luckily there are some really great lactation consultants here I loved them today she's a nurse all day I haven't had a pump at all that's awesome oh this is where we like keep track of all the times Charlie's been eating my back has been sore so I'm gonna sit down with these heat pads that the nurse gave me I'm not pads like heat pouches I think we ever did a proper room tour of our recovery room over here is a little sink those are the parts of the best Crump that I was using yesterday over here is my this thing I love I wish I had one of these at home because I use it all the time now it falls right over your bed and I always have I have so many things on I know I know I would love it there's also like a nun endless amount of outlets here you can plug anything in they one over here is trash can and this window which to me feels like we are in an observation room and they're watching yes but I've never seen the blinds open there's some artwork here's our TV and this is another little bit here is Charlie's little bassinet that they can take her back and forth it if she has tests or whoever this is where she sleeps at night and a little mini-fridge in there over here we've got this chair that we've been moving around and beanie loves to play on the footstool of it this is what nick has been sleeping on it's not bad here's all the supplies that they've given me shower which I just used but that ends our tour of our lovely hospital room here's what it looks like out in the hallway we've been walking around in circles and stuff like that there's a room over there with some drinks and stuff in it down this way there's the nursery which is where they take them to do the tests which you can sit right the like pull a chair up and you can sit and watch that was weird so Nick just got back to taking the dogs out and new nurse came to check on me and then said that Charlie well she I don't know she was looking to the thing and she mentioned that Charlie feel failed her hearing test and we were like wait what she's like good said she that she killed her hearing test this morning nobody told us that and the pediatrician came in said everything was fine – said she passed on her laughs – fell over right or the opposite anyway they said that they do another one 12 hours later so that's now so she just wanted to go back for another hearing test and then if she passes she's fine and if she fails she let see a hearing doctor did they mark it wrong or something hopefully she just passes it and it was all like just a weird thing but charli's the second day of life is coming to an end we just found out that she passed her hearing so it must have been some sort of fluke or miscommunication or she just failed for whatever reason everything's good she's gotta get up and eat here soon so that we can all go to bed and it has to go hangout the puppies bought more time we actually go home tomorrow be home and show her where she lives and for the most part just an angel she had about an hour of kind of roughness and she's back to her little self I'm excited to get home and see what she's seen what it's like to have both of my babies and in their natural environment if that makes sense cuz at the hospital you have people that help you and you're checking on you so it's not really the real world but or but our nurse check meal app for the last time tonight and I'm all done so they don't have to check me again until the morning like my vitals anything which means that we actually have the whole night and not uninterrupted from nurses no stuff so tonight will be our first night kind of see what it's like to try and sleep a little bit not our typical sleeping arrangement but she's like squeaking every once in a while anyways only in the vlog that I'll show you her one more time thanks guys for watching hit subscribe we're to bring Charlie to world I'm actually get a little bit sad to be possible I'm one of those weird people who likes hospitals take a night charlie

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