when the song come on let me see you get down Eddie is fat and pregnant away to nothing fuck was pregnant so I think I'm gonna have hold up can't man hello everybody welcome back to our Channel don't we have another well I'm Sid and I know because because there's a lot more you know news you guys new guy new people why sitting in a different place there because today's video it's actually gonna be like over lobby style challenge in from the title and we are completely not and nervous we live in England and if anyone's from England you'll neither one has been a bit rubbish recently and today's really hot which is really good because whereabouts puts up on our scriptures ready not that so we are gonna do 24 hours pregnant we have ordered some pregnant bellies fake pregnancy bumps disclaimer pregnancy is not a joke and we know that this is literally a bit of fun gradual this idea from niki and gabi who are another duo but they're obviously twin sisters and we watched it we was crying so if i'm going to try to make it as different as we can but obviously their the way they've done it was so good they smashed it so we're gonna try and take a little bit of inspiration but then try and be a little bit different gradually from a Halloween website I know any business like any family yet other than us oh yeah ones at niki and gabi had well that's okay jelly i think no must use them in films and stuff yeah that they they're probably quite expensive these approaches this is what eight pound a it look like giant boobs I mean where do you think we're gonna have to put stuff underneath yeah we're gonna have to Pat them out they got belly button put that there and then something goes up that trigger once it's on your actual to be fit strap on our belly I've gone for a long jumper so look back I'm gonna tie it around your finger through I don't think it doesn't that well yours us more well I'm a spurt t-shirt or I think you need it's retired if I said that pops up why did I look so real I've got a t-shirt on then when people join poverty bit in there wearing jumpers I think it your dumper on so it's not it's a it's a different vibe ain't it the way we got pregnant at the same time so this is a dream by the way I hope yeah well bet you have planned first it's my cousin's I've just actually had a real life very very last week and we haven't seen it yet so we're gonna go see it but also I haven't seen my cousins in that amount of time yeah so can we get their reaction we're gonna show how we got pregnant at same time ooh so we're gonna get some training in yeah we're getting my holding the baby it looks good go to the side to give me another spin yeah it just looks like you're not trying off trying to show up yeah when you're like no yeah the belly button is on real oh well you know me great mom okay so some of the stuff you'll see in our baby and pregnant I won't try on some to me we're just because we need say yeah we don't want that stress then you got an actual baby yeah we're gonna try out walking up and down stairs see if it's hard right they're not drive and then just get people's reactions how much oh I pictured that to be huge okay but I'm dressed like a mall come on that mangy your birthday what how to strap again getting pregnant to be honest it's pretty heavy have just stuff mine detective ladies work Balenciaga z– call preggers these are heavy shoes for I didn't I'm just like are you actually going out in them I don't know what it's literally anything to just sit with your legs wide open it's just really comfy it kind of distributes the way I like I'm gonna breath you know I'm gonna quit job being you been role play in one time and then we need massages love hey good show the belly was your god I don't know if that's good we've just come out into the public there's so many people driving past it's really stressing me out people we know yeah we live in quite a small town yeah so we're gonna try and venture out as much as we can oh I'm a crazy lady waiting skating a car can you unlock it yeah and put that belt on that baby put how do you put your seatbelt in your precious sweat in and out for pregnant we hormonal alright I know no one gets on my last nerves to down kick right off this weekend okay so we've just pulled up a tells cousin's house and we're about to meet the newborn baby baby paws you're gonna be so famous one in here one hand one on the mat this is how we put the baby away out the way and I thought maybe training and we've come last the newsagent so we're gonna grab a drink because we didn't actually get a drink while sales cousins that sounds really like I don't go for it they're very busy no pero no no we just realize we're really thirsty we've just pulled up outside the news agents and two boys just went in I went what are you looking at I'm pregnant as in like don't try and hit me on Lisa oh yeah at least won't get chatted out huh come on bump what do you fancy I'm like hold L your bump straps you know is it so a man just held the door open for us it's a spot over he's polite or he knows whether we're pregnant ladies said that I'd rather laugh that's it well oh my goodness they've got the strawberry one Chloe operation this green apple fruit twist oh so bad for you yeah I'm actually a strawberry so bad for you thank you pregnant I know you can thank you Ryder if you saw that bar that's what we're gonna cause a scene whilst we had a bump son let's try these different video by Maternity shopping for clothes try some stuff on so we plummet to shop for baby clothes Maternity I can see my brother basically we're meeting him in the town Wayne colleges and if he's not saying so we're gonna get its reaction there is Joe you're gonna be an uncle paddy boy I think is too high me but look what happened hang we're gonna go from eternity shopping will you be cameraman my Unni and she gave me a funny look makes you think bed oh no maternity section that's okay stretcher yeah they'll be fine oh yeah right by the fitting room he looks so legit how are you getting on vid comment to say how does it work bit lumpy we've realized that we're kind of dressed in colors yeah we're gonna this is gonna be our I think I gender pie we're gonna have a joint den de pere LA and then my guests will be that unhappy girl because I'm wearing you know you get your guests to dress yeah yeah yeah so I think a suits you babe do you think who needs maternity clothes just wear stretchy maxi dresses but to be honest I think it makes things look cute huh yeah yeah and don't this look like these I'm an acute yeah oh my god the cutest just go back on the shocks and we're gonna do I've had this is really good preparing for childbirth prenatal yoga for beginners that sounds like a syringe ewwww not onto your mat or it was a bomb under baby and hope your baby in your moving on to your gentle cow one more time inhale cow pose so it's not arched yeah get rid of downward facing dog with your fingers you know what potatoes oh so maybe this wasn't the beginners you consult your doctor before doing any exercises well I have the ring in don't everyone reacts not pushing your chest to the sky this is also a great stretch for indigestion open up your chest to this picnic side bringing your arm over your head my pennies I've been feeling the nice release and your back and the front of your belly we're gonna kick : ain't it likes nice and wide and lean down how do you do that with your bottom cools your head we've actually decided what I do it aren't tomorrow I think we're just get into the on position yeah oh my god oh geez just do I don't mean to deep breaths in of the Bene in the both action we should do squats cermets and then rub your friends line your back push up you think my butt I taught my workout yes I think this before we close out this video we just gonna grab something to eat and we're gonna drop something to eat why don't they Pat my words maybe brick he'll be back in a bit and then we're gonna discuss them oh man I think we've decided that being pregnant is honestly I'm actually not just being dramatic I'm actually more tired today we did leave an else cousins and the first thing I was hoping to get in the car is like they're cute but like they're forever yeah saying it like that baby throws up on you you can give it back if it's your own you've got a deal with it we thought a nice way to close out this video would be to do three names that we love but we wouldn't usually use we 100% probably would never I guess until we're finished having babies shared the night share on a toy I don't trust anyone we know each other's yeah but there's obviously no there's a lot of times I can appreciate but I'm not that's not for me yeah one our new pair this is no joke well we tell you we've just been so different aha coming up with the names that we have like it's hard I'm really all enough in kind of girl I fire Laxmi I'm like I don't I just think I said you use it and and if I don't like something I don't like it so that's what beats the object I think we'll go one at time yeah I had thirst name which I actually thought was pretty easily because I've always said it is the name Sienna I think it's such a pretty name obviously for a girl color ah mmm yeah it's like burnt sienna it's like an orange no user I do really like it but I don't want to use quite common names I know sometimes it's hard to but Sienna is really really becoming very common and that's probably one of the reasons apart from knowledge she loved it my first one I'm gonna start a boy mine is Zachary I've always loved Sakura I wouldn't want it to be shortened to that and I obviously name's get you in so that hello I'm sit then I get called said I love it but I just think for me it's too common I don't think it'll ever get years I feel like I wouldn't even go and no second name is color and this was actually on my baby list but the more I looked the more for am I gonna actually realistically use it I put it down for a boy I think it's it's like a weird in between a black unusual but like is it a dog's name it is yeah that's why I think Ella yeah I still like the name so maybe I'll call a doctor mm-hmm and I do want an Alsatian is I don't steal it for your dog my next one is a girl's name it's Brooke big enough okay I've lit she loved it since I was a little kid I remember I was a little girl a primary school and she was so prayerful and it was broken oh she looks I know I know my nan actually really loves this name mmm Brooke would I use it mm probably not just it's quite I feel like it's still quite common like you don't say broken people like weird and I kind of like that not I prefer when people act weird yeah but feel like people would just be like you yeah I don't want people to say yeah me too my last name is Molly I can picture a blonde Labrador I was gonna say I love dog names still a dog's name you like if someone had a baby I'm called it Marley who I knew I would honestly be like no that is really cute but I personally just I'm really indecisive and I'm just I think I'm just I don't know sometimes I say it and I like it sometimes I don't know I really don't like hmm no I like it I just picture Bob Marley or Molly and me happy to Hattie there's no in-between yeah he's cute but I feel my last one is a girl's name and it is Savannah I think Savannah is a prettiest name ever I would just never use it such a mouthful I can give you so unless what names that I'd be like yeah how engines not good is it two girls names ninety two boys names that sign that we're gonna have my belly oh the video right in the baby momma dance yeah thank you guys so much watching we love you we hope you enjoyed this remember what L said at the beginning this is just a fun video is a very very serious but for now we're gonna go with one two three maybe not and yeah I'm pregnant but I got an earful trying to make some money buy some Huggies for myself yes to the TA and I do it my way no but I'm here doing moves I'd be nice yeah sounds I can make I can pay my mate your opinion is irrelevant you better be my baby mama if you just let don't forget baby mama all right don't lose it oh you should go get that baby to Montana who we'd say oh I'm free oh that's too much bad if anyone wants to put money about one punch not


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