Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hey hi raker nikka mama the camera is so scary so cute he okay see BICS in my own video yeah see hi oh hey guys recognize my shirt I was wearing it at the end of last video but it's so comfy I absolutely love this shirt and it's so easy to breastfeed them in this shirt too it's like just a gold score of a shirt oh you're so cute right now into our little 24 hours with a newborn here with you with you it is um about 8:45 right now and I need to get going and some of my work yes I do hi yeah yes I do how am I supposed to get anywhere still when you're so cute right so for breakfast like I showed you guys I did now down a yogurt parfait except it was dairy-free yogurt like I mentioned in my last video I am trying to go dairy-free I'm just for the sake of this will guide and I do have my iced coffee too with almond milk and my water and I really wanted something more infrared fest today but you just won't let me have it oh yeah Oh big yawn yeah you just want let me have it so that is life with a newborn they kind of control your schedule bless you bless you bless you three in a row every time he sneezes he'll seize three times in a row that's where we're at at our 24 hours with a newborn so far that's this is typically how my day goes every single day on maternity leave I am up at 5:00 6:00 a.m. to feed him and then Kai goes to daycare which I didn't show you guys that and I didn't show you guys that in this video I did in my in one of my other day in the life videos I showed you like getting kiya ready for daycare but Mike will come pick Kai up for daycare they take off and then it's just me even little man after that so one other quick thing I wanted to mention I'm sorry I'm like always sitting in this like same position on my couch I've noticed like a really drastic decrease in my supply in the past two days and look for example I just fed him and this is all I got out of my Hakka and usually I get like a good ounce and a half like like like up to here is where I usually like up here that's where I usually will fill this pump up too and this morning just I don't know I don't know what's going on the exact same thing happened with kaya last time right around three weeks I saw like a serious decrease in my supply by like six to eight weeks I was done nursing her because I just had completely dried up so and I'm doing all the good things and I had an oversupply last week so I just really don't know what's going on I might reach out to my lactation consultant and do some research here but I'm just going to kick up my water and I'm gonna kick up my oats and see if that helps with my milk supplies today and I also have lactation tea so I will be taking that as well but anyway yeah we'll give it a shot I am feeling a little bit defeated though because he's just he's constantly hungry I know there's milk he's just constantly hungry I mean I've seen him drink like a bottle of pump to breast milk like three four ounces at a time so this little guys just like savagely hungry and he'll eat them like every two hours so anyway that's that's kind of where we're at right now for breast feeding I was really hoping that I wasn't going to happen this time you are my buddy hi buddy how are you so cute well I'm just gonna make them breakfast and then I'll give you breakfast yeah what's a milk you're so cute hi okay so it is now clock and I let one of my dogs inside the other one is eating right now so they're taken care of I made myself a little egg scramble it's just two eggs with asparagus and spinach with a little bit of like a pico salsa on top which I will be doing like a what I eat in a day video here coming up soon I need to write down my video schedule so I can tell you guys exactly when that's coming but it should be coming very soon I will then also update you guys like on my weight loss and stuff and what I've been doing to keep my weight loss steady but also keep my milk supply in now something happened in like the last day or two like I mentioned my milk supply did plummet I'm pretty sure it's because I had a small glass of wine when I was out at that benefit the other night I'm sorry my one dog is in the basement because he's being very naughty and he's trying to lick the baby so I had to like separate him and put him in a basement okay well guys it is now I like literally been sitting here for two hours it is 11:50 and a little man is just waking up from his nap so I'm gonna get like all of my nursing goods so this is what I'll do like every time I know that I'm gonna be sitting down a nursing for a while cuz I'll like collect all my things before I go and pick them up so I can like my water and any kind of snacks so I'm gonna have and then I'll put my butt down and watch a show and it's the baby so alright just a quick 15-minute feeding yeah yeah and they catch up and he pokes it away and my less phone on my left side was much better this time time it was almost an own so even just kicking up my fluid so far this morning seems to be working I don't know like how long it takes to like see an increase in though I don't know but there was a little bit more this time so that's promising for me and he seems to be much more full after that feeding you know are you guys like keep having this in my days but I can't necessarily show you any lower than this plus in like five minutes no it's 12:15 and he decided that he was so hungry so now he is feeding on the other side yeah so and I have one of my best friends coming over to come visit me for a little bit so that'll be fun I'm sure she'll hang out for a couple hours and then mister man and I need to leave by 3:00 so we can go pick up the car seat from dad and get kya from preschool and then come home and make some dinner so that's our agenda for the day and yeah lots of Nursing I got yeah like a would that milk still good oh yeah milk feel boy alright so we just had to top off with the Baba and I just used what was in my pocket huh for my letdown all right so he just fed on both sides yeah and had an ounce this little guy is a monster I mean just very hungry I think he's going through a leap here pretty soon I saw it on my calendar I can't remember if it's like tomorrow this weekend but I know that he's going through a leap soon and maybe that's why he's hungry when I'm referring to leeks I'll leave a link down below for you guys I'm just starting to learn on it myself but anytime that I learned something I like to share it with you guys he is just a feeding monster her today's poor little guy no it is about 12:40 my friend should be here very soon and I think I'm gonna like TNT on really quick and switch out the battery from cameras and get the current footage on the computer yeah well what do you know we're back in this business should I get 542 I just got I just got back home with the kids picked up cut I know Ryker is nursing a gun um excuse me oh no let's not open the entire bag of mini marshmallows thank you Wow hey thank you [Applause] well I just got done feeding him and I had the hakka on my right side I got like two ounces and I my supplies dwindling in the freezer and kya I looked the other way and kind of pulled the hakka off my breast and spilled like almost two ounces of breast milk in guys I know you're not to cry over spilled milk but all right little man hang it up here again mommy's gonna go potty you think huh don't eat my popcorn stick hop in away papaya graphics a little la gonna put these away seem to the bathroom and then make some dinner it'll be time to put the kids in the bath and feed a raker again so it is 6:05 is 6:24 and we are having another little session we had kind of a little mini meltdown you know I'm feeding him again poor little dude in the middle of making dinner just threw in a cauliflower pizza guys so that's what we're doing tonight scared ya whisper hurt yeah I can't even show kya the vlog because she won't get a shirt on while you walk around naked huh crazy huh oh me oh my oh goodness that's so terrible okay we got your Pasi yeah chunky mug got you Pasi your swaddled yeah when I'm gonna wait like 10 minutes and Noah had some dummies for dinner okay seriously he's just like the cutest little bug for those of you wondering on my nursing and this right here in the corner that pink up in the corner is just called GP nursing that is the app that I use for nursing we just open it open the breastfeeding and then yet tap on which side you're on um I haven't done the best job today at recording each feeding because I've just gotten better at remembering which side was lost but sometimes just for recording purposes or if I want to see how long his feedings are exactly I will still use the app so right now I am using it just to I'm just because I Supply has been kind of goofy the past couple days I just want to see exactly how long these feelings are it sounds like he's getting a decent amount even though my I feel like I'm empty it sounds like he's getting a decent amount he's so gulping and is swallowing actively so I know that he is getting something so anyway that's if you ever wondering if baby is getting enough to eat that was one thing my lactation consultant told me really helps is just watching for that active lower jaw movement and like listening and for the gulping okay 9:40 and I'm gonna rest my eyes for a few hours until he wakes up for his last middle of the night eating and then like I said he has one more and that's usually around like five or six in the morning but and that's not a good night what I want

23 Replies to “24 HOURS WITH A NEWBORN 2019”

  1. Decrease in supply is normal but NON DAIRY will decrease milk, eat whole milk yogurt and drink dairy and ice cream to generate milk and hot baths that stimulates the milk flow… he has a tick bite under has left eye…

  2. You need to make sure you’re properly hydrated. Coffee is dehydrating so maybe skip it for a little while and up your water intake to make sure your milk supply isn’t diminishing.

  3. Such a cute baby!!!! You seem to have your life together, you are my hero! Breakfast, makeup, breastfeeding, recording, pumping… I sometimes can't find the time for a shower!

  4. Hope you didn't give up
    At 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 9 weeks old newborn has … I don't know will I tell it good at english jump in growth phase explore it
    You are not empty and MILK quantity does not depend on you overeating and overdrinking, you just have to puting baby on breasts every time he wants to so your brain give information for much producing
    You CAN'T measure milk in boobs because boobs are not bootles and milk goes much if baby suck more
    It can last few days
    Giving baby bootle is huge mistake because it reduce your breast milk and it will cause baby refuse boob
    Good luck

  5. I realize this is an older video. But I'm going to leave my suggestion anyway.
    I feel you may have supply issues because your calorie intake is not enough. Breastfeeding women need to eat 300-500 more calories in a day. Breastfeeding is not the time for cutting back on calories.

  6. I’ve learned what can cause a decrease in milk production is improper latching like baby sucking out of a straw. Short burst between suckling and cheek indentation is a sure way to know if improper feeding is in place. This happened to me my first baby so don’t feel bad😌 https://globalhealthmedia.org/videos/ then go under nutrition. u can learn a lot from this breastfeeding video. Hope it helps❤️🎊

  7. You could try upping your calories. That helped my friend a lot. That and Oreos lol. There’s something magical about Oreos that helps with some moms supply

  8. My husband is supportive since day one. He does work and he helps me out half the night. I took a year out uni so I’m a ft housewife this year I guess. My 3m old son is sooo demanding omg. Has a temper screams his head off when wanting a feed. I bottle feed as my supply isn’t enough. I use to think I’m a cup size c that’s why I’m not producing but I’ve seen women who have e/f cups n got same problem, it’s all to do with hormones. I really wanted to breastfeed but I pump what I can, ready made formula is dead expensive but that’s what I use. Another things is I can’t eat every hour I just don’t have time or space in my stomach I rather sleep.

  9. Boys have hollow legs. They are always hungry! Wait til puberty! My son grew about 6 inches in a year!

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