so I'm gonna go ahead and start this video right here don't mind how I look it is 4 a.m. and we are waking up for our first feeding and so I thought it would be really fun to document 24 hours with newborn twins so we're gonna kick this off at 4 a.m. this is real life this is how I look at 4 a.m. but yeah they woke up for the first time today mic fed them about 11:30 is that when you fed them 11:30 I was sleeping and now they're waking up for the first time good morning Addison Addison good morning baby you ready to eat mm-hmm you're wide awake uh you're ready to eat so this is Emery this is Edison Emery always gets hiccups or a lot of times after feeding she gets to hiccup so a lot me to try to get rid of those and then we'll lay these babies back down for hopefully another good four hours that would make mommy and daddy happy [Applause] Hey look at me good morning did you already do your hair this morning so why is there a clip in it what you look pretty which baby sister is that she's so cute isn't she I have a big sister job for you here can you catch ready good catch good job what are you playing with what type of CA what do you want for breakfast alright cereal milk you got it so I just came down Mike is still upstairs with the littles and I'm getting Avery some cereal I have to wash the bottles we usually just let them pile up overnight and then we'll wash them in the morning I'm gonna get some breakfast myself because I am starving Oh this race [Applause] twins are fed Avery is fed now it's time for mom to be fed so this is what I've been eating most mornings I get this at Target or Kroger if you have a Kroger grocery store near you but it has flex seeds in it so it's just like a healthier oatmeal and I really it tastes super good I've been eating that with some yogurt for breakfast and my coffee of course are you watching your sister's for me okay be careful okay look at her look at you she says sister what are you doing to me all right thanks girls for let me get ready did you let mommy get ready and you watched your baby sisters thank you so usually what I like to do after that morning first morning feeding after we get up I like to take advantage of the next you know two or three hours why the baby sleep and while she's still waking up so what I'll do is hurry up make sure obviously everyone's fed and then hop in the shower get myself ready because it makes myself feel better and I know that if I don't do it in the morning I'm probably not going to do it and I'll be honest with you guys I don't always get ready I don't always put on makeup but it just depends on how I'm feeling so if I'm gonna do it I do it right away and then get everyone dressed and then try to clean up a little bit of the house if I have time today I don't think we're gonna have a lot of time to get cleaned up I'll probably have to wait until we get home because what do you have this morning soccer so she has soccer this morning so I'll probably have to wait and clean up when we get home but usually just for my sanity I like to get everything cleaned up and it just makes me feel more prepared for the day one down one more to go baby number two baby number two ready mics over getting you ready for soccer and we need to leave crazy morning already multitasking huh Addison we multitasking watchin cysts and feeding babes so I'm getting ready to pump I'm I pumping run not naked but we just got home from soccer and I think that one of the craziest things I guess one of the hardest things in the transition to having newborns again or I mean we've only had one newborn before but having newborns in the house is a three hour schedule I mean you're living life every three hours so like this morning we got up I mean granted we got to sleep in until 8 o'clock so I'm not gonna complain about that but we got up you know we fed the girls we fed Avery I get ready might guy Avery ready I got the little girls ready and then we had to leave at 11 o'clock and then we just got home we got Avery lunch I just grabbed a quick lunch now it's time for me to pump again so it's gonna be probably close to 1:30 before I can start doing things for my day and the girl the little girls will have to eat again you know at 2:30 so I think that's the craziest thing it's like you just have these little chunks of time that you can get stuff done which I know my primary concern right now is just taking care of the littles and that's the most important thing but it just makes getting things done a little bit difficult so I'm gonna pump and then I'm gonna kind of clean up hopefully I can get all of that done before it's time for the girls to eat again the our bedroom kind of becomes a mess while overnight and so does the downstairs especially in the mad rush to get ready this morning so I just like to pick up and kind of having my house cleaned up helps clear my mind and makes me feel a little bit better as the day progresses so [Applause] well close eyes to the Sun come down I'll keep on waiting waiting you must so just showing you guys what I did so since the girls are still sleeping here in our room I grabbed this basket it was a basket we had on hand and I just put all the stuff we use at night so I've wipes diapers these burp cloths lotion hand sanitizer down there bibs all of the stuff that we need late at night so what I'll do is I'll just grab it throw it on the bed and then that way in the middle of the night we have everything we need but it also stays contained in the room which I like because I can just throw everything in there and then throw it on the bed when we need it in the middle of the night 30 and the girls are eating again Mike and I are tag teaming feeding both girls I think we make a good team so far so good yet they haven't which I'm a little bit nervous because he goes back to work so it's Saturday he goes back to work on Monday so I'm gonna have to do this on my own what do you think am I gonna be able to handle it yes I'm super nervous guys but we'll make it work I don't think I told you guys I'm kind of what our plan is or what their plan is so right now they are on a three-hour schedule they eat during the day at night we let them go for hours but they wake up right around four hours at night which gives us a good chunk or two good chunks of sleep I guess and then during the day they go every three hours and for the most part they wake up they don't cry at all they very rarely cry pretty much just when we change them but we try to stay on a strict schedule during the day so we can get as much calories as we can during the day and then at night then we can let them go those four hours and the good part about them being in the NICU which there's really not a lot of positives about leaving your baby in the hospital but one of the positives was they were put on a strict three-hour schedule so they came home on that eating every three hours or so so we didn't really have to establish a schedule at all which was really nice for us and since they came home what they have been upping their intake in their bottle by a lot which i think is allowing them to go that four hours at night because they came home at about 40 milliliters I know crazy we're measuring in milliliters since they're so little they're both five pounds ish Emery was five pounds two ounces on Monday and Addison was five pounds x ounces on Monday so when they came home two weeks ago they were yeah 40 milliliters and then now they're up to about 70 to 80 milliliters which I think is a little bit over what almost two and a half ounces just over two yeah so they're eating well growing phenomenal so we're very happy with that just trained d'Estaing on the schedule and watching these babes grow as much as they can so it is about quarter till five and I am getting ready to pump again before it's time to feed the girls trying to get this pump in the or get busy with the girls you I got oh what are you doing I am safe I played a good time and a meanie got me then she's playing the guitar so I'm pumping I have some entertainment the little girls are loving it they're sleeping right through it which I find it's hilarious I guess they will be used to loud noises which is a good thing for me but yes trying to get this pump in before they feed I feel like it's double duty with pumping but that's what I need to do I had to pump and supplement with formula with her because I never produced enough and I'm still not producing enough for these girls but I know that any milk I can give them counts so I'm happy to pump as much as I can and we have to supplement with formula anyways because they're preemies they have to have some extra calories so I'm supplementing anyways but any breast milk I can give them is good so I'm gonna go pump and I will check in with you guys later that's the end of my night I'm gonna go to sleep it's about 9:45 and the babes are just hanging out sleeping at themselves I'm gonna go ahead and close it out here for me but there is still one more feeding to close out this 24 hours and my husband mike is going to hopefully close out the vlog as long as he remembers when he feeds these two little ones he always feeds them about 11:30 or so for me so I can get some sleep so I'm gonna go to sleep but we will see hopefully you guys will see him and how he feeds both little babies by himself so thank you guys I'm sure he won't close it out so I will say thank you guys so much for watching give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and don't forget to follow me on Instagram Jamie a journey all of that will be in the description box below but yeah I will see you guys next time but stick around to see how Mike feeds both of them our last feeding the night it's about 11:30 so I usually just let them lay in here I'll take the blankets off and we'll go ahead and feed them and Emery is looking pretty hungry so she should be able to eat it pretty quick Addison is sound asleep so we'll see how this goes all right it's about just after midnight and both girls are fed and got a dime swaddled and dad is tired so now it is already ready for bed good night everybody


  1. Look at that HAIR! Lol . You can tell them apart for sure! (I know they are fraternal) but still. Lol

  2. Glad I found your vlogs and can join your journey. The sort of loud, sudden or particularly frightening noises that cause the startle reflex will interfere with a baby's sleep. But just background noise that is fairly ordinary should not because inside the womb is quite noisy considering that they listen to the mother's circulatory and digestive systems functioning all day and night plus any outside noises around the mother or people actually talking to them.

  3. I’m a mother of twins and I feel for you!!!i didn’t get much help whit them so the best advice I can give you is to sleep while they sleeping!!forget about home -work in the first months!!! I used to breast-pump and then transfer to bottles!!!but I give up after 5 weeks because of sleepless nights and days!!!Anyway time will fly quick!!!u doing a great job already!❤️

  4. please help me out 🥺❤️ https://www.gofundme.com/bambis-hospital-expenses&rcid=r01-155918454289-7e5ec3896cc64e1c&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m

  5. I just had a newborn baby girl 3 weeks ago and my husband just went back to work. I have 2 toddlers so I am alone now with 3 kids and i get what you were saying with the 3 hour schedule it is tough for sure.

  6. Every time you pump, DRINK A FULL GLASS OF WATER. This is the secret to having lots of milk for your babies.
    You're doing great!! Congratulations!!!

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