hey you guys welcome back to the channel my name is Linh and if you are new it does say Lin and Chris but my husband he is currently on deployment as of right now and if you have seen our previous videos me and Chris are expecting our first baby a baby girl I'm gonna show you a updated belly Bob later um I am currently 24 weeks as of right now I got a hot chocolate grande with um with caramel drizzle on top is just to give it I know hot chocolate is already sweet enough but I don't know why I just like the caramel drizzle on top I'm thinking is the pregnancy hormones or just pregnancy just in general and so what I have been wanting to make this video is just because with my husband Chris being on deployment you know I haven't really seen any videos on YouTube that really kind of like explains what most military spouses kind of go through I mean I'm not saying like it's you know a bad thing I'm really grateful he's in the military you know and it's just I guess it being me and Chris first baby you know and she is healthy by the way I mean I kind of want to start off kind of like a pregnancy baby type video I guess you can say but it's just more of like I want to basically show not show everything but kind of like a skin like off the top type deal of what I'm going through personally just because I mean I have seen some videos where you know like it's their second or third child or maybe it is their first child being in the military you know the when comes home to surprise during delivery you know I have seen those videos you know especially on the news of course they need their spotlight I don't know if I should be getting napkins for this or sushi paper just in case I cry just makeup off but by the way before I do start this video or I know it's already a long beginning but I kind of just I don't know I just wanted to speak my mind you know and this is gonna be a total different type of video just because I'm just gonna be talking you know I really want to see other people or I really want to connect with other people that have been in my situation or is going through my situation as well it's just because I mean I do have my friends that are here of course they are my neighbors and things like that and you know I'm not completely doing this alone pregnancy-wise you know they are always checking up on me even like my family members they always check up on me and you know I guess it's just mentally you know just knowing that he is across seas you know it's just it's a little it's a little hard but I'm trying not to cry but yes before we start make sure you follow our or follow my personal Instagram if you want to see updated belly bumps things like that I will put it on the screen in the middle or on the side something you'll see it on the screen today so I'm gonna take a sip of this hot chocolate because I feel like I am getting out of breath same first make sure you definitely subscribe to our channel to be following my pregnancy of vlogs or our pregnancy videos update videos typings if you have seen our gender-reveal video at the end the video we did announce what we were gonna name our what we are naming our baby girl I'm gonna put it on the screen it's gonna be Everly rose strand and I just feel like I feel like Everly was a beautiful meaningful name is just because we me and Chris we went through a little rough patch not marriage wisely we went through a little rough patch last year after our wedding and I feel like we when Chris gets back from deployment me and him will probably talk about that a little more into detail is nothing super super like you know a really really bad rough situation but it happens and so I feel like when I found out I was pregnant I feel like she is the beginning of our happy ever after type chapter I'm trying not to cry but remember I am pregnant but um you know I just felt like Everly felt right when me and Chris found out she was gonna be a girl and you know me and Chris even though in the gender-reveal video you know I kind of already said it I was like I know I think it's a girl or I knew it was a girl but you know I know Chris wanted a boy first but no worries I'm pretty sure as long he he just wants a healthy baby and that's all I wanted as well and so she's healthy now um just a heads up I do have my 24 week appointment coming up on Thursday and so I get to see baby girl and I'm gonna say baby girl a lot just because I don't know it's just hitting me that our first child is gonna be a baby girl and so I just love saying baby girl so if you hear that a lot I'm sorry but being our first child and everything I'm very super excited about that but yes so we will be checking up on her on that on the 24 week appointment which I kind of want to be recording that recording that appointment or at least give y'all update after the appointment as well so that's why I kind of want to put this video out there ahead of time and um well yeah let's just I just kind of just want to be sipping all my hot chocolate and just kind of talk to you about how I'm feeling I guess be in 24 weeks pregnant on some apps it says that she's the size of a cantaloupe and then some apps say that she is the size of a not a melon but kind of like the smaller melon I guess you can say I'm trying to check my baby app and make sure well yeah one app says that she is the size of grapes or a bunch of grapes as you can see but she's getting pretty big uh-huh so adds up right now what I can tell is um when I eat sweets which after this hot chocolate she will be kicking like a ninja so it's usually when I eat sleep or before I'm about to go to sleep like you know usually when I'm laying down after I showered and brush my teeth and all about and I'm watching TV or playing on my iPad in bed she's kicking another thing I noticed is that she is active a lot in the mornings usually when Chris facetimes me every morning usually around 7:00 in the morning 7:00 to 9:00 I don't know if it's just because she knows okay mom you need to eat breakfast or she hears her daddy's voice Chris on an iPad I don't know if it's either the or tight deal or I don't know like it's always it's always like that like ever since she started kicking at I felt her kicks I think at 19 weeks I feel like I did or maybe either earlier I did like it was that butterfly effect butterfly the quickening kicking type feeling and you know it's just it's so surreal basically it's just it's so crazy that you know that she's kicking like it's so much kicking and I cannot imagine when she gets bigger or full-grown when she gets bigger and is she really really like alien kick me or you know I kicked me in the ribs and stuff like that I don't know if I'm ready but I have noticed that usually she will start moving around or being a little more active when I am close to needing to pee I don't know if that's like a trigger thing like she just needs to tell me like mom go pee so you'll kick until I let loose basically and you know it's just those little moments it's so memorable like I have recorded so many videos you can ask Chris I have recorded so even my little sister Dana I have recorded so many videos of her like kicking like you can see like little kicks on my belly and it's I'm just so happy it's so crazy um so that's how I Everly is doing for me ah honestly physically I'm gonna go physically and emotionally physically my back hurts like it is usually my middle like the middle where you kind of have that curve it Kirt curve curvature where you have that curve of your spine when you're pregnant and you have that belly it's mainly from the middle and down is it's there are some days where I would have knots and it would get so bad so where I would have to get my heating massager and like massage it out and it's so crazy because sometimes it's so uncomfortable and things like that and I'm pretty sure everybody goes through this back pain and everything and yeah physically I would have to say the only thing that's been kind of working my nerves is just a back pain just because you know I don't know if it's because I'm smaller or you know because I'm 410 and or 411 I'm under 5 foot let's just say that and so the pregnancy is kind of taken a little more toll on me and another thing is is that I haven't really noticed anything else that has been like worrying just the back pain as of right now thank God but emotionally I have to say it I am happy and blessed I'm grateful trust me believe that but there are days where I wish Chris was home you know me and Chris shouldn't be an on deployment me and him we do FaceTime every day you know he checks up on me every day you know we text each other every day and with the time zone is completely different you know I'm pretty sure all other military spouses y'all know how I'm feeling or what I'm going through as well you know and it's just like but you know I'm not complaining I mean you know I knew what I signed up for when I married him you know military spouses they all knew what they signed up for it and it was just kind of like just him being over there it's I know he's safe he's you know he's always calling me every day and you know talking to Everly in the belly and you know it's just it's just sometimes there are days where I just wish he was home you know and you know he's taking care of himself over there and I'm just worried about me myself and baby girl and I'm worried about my boys team Allen taro you know and I'm glad that Iman taro are here you know my boys if you aren't following their Instagram make sure you go follow their Instagram I'm gonna plug it in real quick go follow them it's at Kimo and taro the court or under slash on a underscore the corgis I'm glad that they here they are here because they keep my schedule going you know they keep me going you know throughout the day like even though I work you know on weekdays they still keep me like going like after work like when I clock out and things like that you know I try to make sure I maintain you know just walk in the boys you know make it sure like feeding them things like that and I feel like if I was in this house alone I would be so bored I like I would be freaking like shopping like crazy every day probably but excuse me um but yeah emotionally I would have to say there are some days but not every day though I think just every day knowing that she's growing healthier and healthier and you know just kickin and just being her it makes me appreciate him being on deployment you know just because he gets to work on himself he gets to you know like make money basically and you know it's just like not many people can say that I don't know I'm trying not to cry at the same time so that's what I'm kind of like saying I don't know because I don't want to to cry on here but but I do have my girlfriend's here you know they do check up on me all the time which I really do appreciate and even like my family you know my mom my siblings you know and my aunts and all them they do check up on me and I appreciate that a lot because it's the thought that counts even though they're not here physically I know that they would be here they could be but you know it's so crazy how much you do need your family support through pregnancy through anything honestly and you know just I know that baby girl is gonna be loved by a lot of people I do have to say that um oh oh no and I don't even have tissue paper out here I mean let me try to drink this car I mean this is a hot chocolate and try not to get emotional but oh yeah I kind of wanted to just come on here and just talk to y'all like I just wanted to tell y'all that I want to start some pregnancy updated vlogs or updated videos because you know a lot of people were surprised when we announced that we're pregnant and then a lot of people were surprised when they found out the gender just like me and Chris we were very surprised but you know I just I kind of want to look back on these videos you know just like our wedding video our gender-reveal video and you know just vlogs with friends family you know it's like things that you know I want to look back on or whenever Lee grows up I want her to look back on and see how how things have changed or how we've all like you know just things like that so I guess most likely you know even if I don't get like the communication that I kind of want you know I want communication with other people who's going through the same situation as me or you know who are pregnant of right now they may not be in my military situation but you know may know how I feel things like that we can help each other out type deal and you know I have so many girlfriends that you know they have been supporting me and just I just love them you know and they're giving me so much I'd bias dealing with you know like newborns things like that and I appreciate it so much and you know I just want it to come on here and just basically tell y'all that yeah I don't want to cry it's hard I have to admit just pregnancy and then we're not just pregnancy but I guess just knowing that your husband is across the country it's it's hard but I know with my family behind me my friends behind me my girlfriends you know just and then team on Tyrell here things like that you know I'm really I'm really grateful for the position I'm in I'm really happy that you know my little sister Dana she always calls me everyday make sure I'm good you know things like that and they my little siblings they always keep me going and you know Chris he keeps me going as much as he can just because time difference wise you know it's morning here at night over there night over there morning here so it's it's hard but honestly it's easy or it gets easier it's not easy but it gets easier because this is me and my husband's third deployment and I know I should explain this a little bit earlier but yes this is our third deployment together and the first one first appointment it was a little complicating because we were younger and I didn't know you know that was his first deployment he was living life and second deployment he came home and I moved over here to Florida and I started my life you know here in Florida with Chris and it's just this slide that's why I like this third deployment isn't taking a toll on me the only thing is is that my due date is September 9th with Everly and he won't be able to come back on time so I'm praying as long he just comes home safe to me and Everly that's all that matters Oh try not to cry sorry oh man yeah I feel like as long our baby girl is healthy and chunky with rolls cuz I am not trying to eat all healthy too much cuz I want roll us to come out on her and you know as long as she's healthy and and he comes home safe that's all that matters and um but but like I said I mean my family they're always here you know or not here physically but you know my mom and my siblings and you know my older brother son he you know we're all like trying to do or plan out you know plans for the next few months so I'm hoping they'll be in the pregnancy vlogs to you but I know as long I have as long as they have my back yes that's all I need and you know Chris knows that I'm okay that we're both okay me and Everly we're okay and you know I just what are you come on you said they're like a million times but okay so I think that's all I kinda wanted to say for now I feel like I don't want this video to be super super long kind of like a quick rundown I already explained how everybody's doing how I'm doing emotionally physically but Chris he's he's doing great you know he is over there every day busy 12-hour shifts just say hi to this vlog my little sister she's facetiming me why she's on break but but okay hold on D alright well actually come back I'll call you back hi dad so for example my little sister she called me on her lunch break and so you know we always keep each other entertained and you know it's just um yeah so I think that's all I wanted to say as of right now I feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable you know just being pregnant and I feel like if you are going through the same situation as me or if you want to talk to anybody or you know just anything don't win I don't know just if you're in my position or if you're going to be in my position or you know just husband being on deployment you know just comment down below I will definitely answer back and you know I just feel like mommy – mommy we can help each other out even though I don't know anything but I do have some girlfriends that are new mommies in our mommies as of right now and so yeah okay so let me show y'all a baby bump update real quick you see I can get the Tamara so I have a mirror that's out here oh that nighti do all right so I do have a mirror out here here is the belly bump update as of right now and there's tomorrow every time I'm always trying to do a loti D they're always photobombing huh baby that's how well trying to show off your poop come baby oh yeah here is the Belle update update as of right now so I am 24 weeks so she is getting there she's getting a little bit bigger and bigger every day which I'm grateful for do you know you're gonna say hi yes I had to the vlog or into the video say how YouTube not handsome I'm closing out this video with a sip of hot chocolate with caramel drizzle on top and make sure you subscribe to me and Kris Channel and make sure you follow all of our social media team on Taro's yes team on tireless Instagram I'll put on the screen and then my personal Instagram I'll put it on the screen you'll get a lot of updates a baby bump and things like that also yeah make sure you hit that like and/or that like button and make sure you turn on your post notification bill or on our post notification bill so you know when I upload another baby pregnancy vlog video type deal and I just want y'all to join our baby adventure basically just you know with crispy and on deployment and me kind of doing at this solo but I do have a good support team of course always you know just come on this little vlog and video and join our family so until next time so I will see y'all later bye


  1. Awesome video!! Gave it a like and subbed! It would be amazing If you stopped by my channel to return the favor and let's support each other!! 💖🥰

  2. 😭😭 I REALLY can’t wait to see babygirl Everly.. so you can STOP making me emotional as hell !! 💜💜

  3. Your doing such a good job mamma!

    Yes being an army brat I’ve seen it is hard on the wives when especially their husbands are on deployment.

    Pregnancy is full of emotions, i cried over phi not getting me a donut.

    Yes chocolate especially dark chocolate is said to help prevent preeclampsia.

    Baby will get those beautiful rolls after they come out.

    That bump tho ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ahh its almost third trimester time!!!!!!!! You got this!!!! You are sooo strong!!!!!!

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