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shake its booty go watch your movie with Bubba hurry thank you take it to Bubba okay hey everybody welcome back to my channel
25 weeks pregnant now let me pull up my notes okay so 25 weeks where do I begin…
The day I turned 25 weeks was a nightmare the day I turned 25 weeks was a disaster
only because I was going to meet my husband and do some running around
errands in town I didn’t make it to do any of it
I made it maybe 10 miles down the road and I guess you could say okay so I’m in
the country and so I wasn’t even into town yet and the speed limit is 55 60
okay oh I’m going like 60 it’s two-lane road there’s a lot of
trucks log trucks that come through because there’s a paper mill over here
in West Monroe there’s always a lot of 18 wheelers on the road and trucks and
trucks and big trucks I’m going through and it’s almost like
lunchtime and like I said I’m not I haven’t quite made it to town yet it’s
lunch hour rush line of cars behind me and then I’m kind of vehicles
come in the other way and I was completely shocked I didn’t think this
was even this could even happen I was driving down the road going 60 and
then all of a sudden I hear boom and it was so loud and I kid you not I screamed
but as soon as I heard that boom I saw it in like slow-mo I saw it like the
whole thing my driver’s side window shattered and then all of a sudden all
my window is falling on top of me it was awful and I was a mess to say the least I
didn’t handle it very well I had the kids with me thankfully we were blessed
and that was the only thing that happened I got a couple scratches I’ve
dug out a couple pieces of glass that I had like all over
it was my entire driver side window and like all that glass fell onto my legs
and onto my arms and then my feet that day I just happened to be wearing shorts
and crocs in a short-sleeved shirt because I was just going to run around
town and do errands I don’t know it was it was a bad deal anyways that was why
25 weeks sucked for me like on that day didn’t make it to do any of that I was I
was so hysterical calling my husband to come and save me do it now I can’t see I
cried like a baby because I was just scared but like I said my kids my kids
handle it pretty well they were just kind of like caught off guard but I was
the one who is like freaking out and it took me a couple hours to be realistic
to uh get myself together and luckily like we got my car in the same day to
get the window fixed because the rain is awful anyways let’s get back to being
pregnant okay so I have been nesting quite a bit lately we’re in the trailer
right now because we are building a house the walls have been empty since we
moved in and I guess we’ve been here like I guess a little over a year now
I was just we have been building and we were building pretty fast and then it
kind of slowed down so I wasn’t really wanting to put any like pictures and
stuff up on a wall but since I’ve been nesting I have been constantly like
going through every single my clothes like I’ve been waiting out everything
going through boxes that we hadn’t you know even opened yet because we didn’t
anticipate to be here very long from building but we’re we’re building as we
go because we’re building it ourselves but now all of a sudden there is like
pictures decorations all over the wall because I cannot handle I can’t handle
it like it’s just the nesting the cleaning the going so organizing it’s
just never so I was doing that for several days and
then all of a sudden it kind of like died down and I wasn’t getting as much
and some of the past few days have been completely and totally unmotivated to do
anything and all I want to do is just sit around and watch movies and I don’t
know if it’s just the weather from being pregnant but that’s all I wanted to do
these past couple days know I’ve got like stuff hung up on walls and it looks
like we actually live here I finally have my registry up on target I need to
like do my Amazon one and I don’t know if there’s any other ones that I can
really do I mean Toys R Us and baby R US aren’t around anymore so I
can’t really do one on there but er I don’t know if I’m even gonna do like a
baby shower this time because every two and a half years boom
here’s another baby and it’s another boy but I mean there’s still are things that
I need to replace from having to other ones obviously and then obviously I got
to get diapers you know a ton of diaper you always need diapers and I may have a
diaper shower just because I want it I do want to party but I don’t really want
to have like a diaper shower that makes any sense I just don’t feel like it’s
really necessary considering and I had to previously and I’ve got most of my stuff
so I don’t know I just have the Registry’s
up I guess for me and anybody who wants to like get us anything
I mean diapers are always welcomed or you know like gift cards because when I
have the baby like I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna want to be cooking and I’m not
that put together organized mom who has like meal prepped and planned and has
stuff sitting and ready in the freezer who ready to go that is not me I am
super uncomfortable wearing pants and shorts because the elastic
okay everybody tells me he is so high but I don’t feel like he is high he sits
way super down low and like sometimes the elastic I don’t care if it’s
pregnant you know well a maternity line are not the elastic or whatever is on my
belly like download really bothers me and sometimes I feel like even I think
it’s like I’ll get pains and I’m pretty sure that’s what that’s from it’s like
too tight you know because of my bellies growing so much just down there and he’s
down there and so when he moves or gets in a certain position it really really
hurts so I’m bout to the point where I’m only
going to be wearing dresses I guess cuz I don’t want to deal with that as I get
too big because I am like 25 weeks now oh the last thing I have on here is your
aches I have been experiencing some earaches I don’t know that was just
because recently I’ve been sick but I didn’t have the other two but they were
so bad I’ve never had an earache before and
then all of a sudden they’ll hit me at night and it was only two nights
thankfully one night it was my left ear and then the next night it was
my right ear and the right ear was way worse it’s to the point where I could
not sleep I was taking ibuprofen trying to put a warm wet towel on my ear trying
to get some relief because I didn’t really know what to do for earache come to
find out it is pregnancy-related so that’s probably why I was experiencing
that but for two nights it was it was bad but that is all I have on my list I will give you guys
bump shot and then say goodbye anyways so here you go here is 25 weeks you can
see that obviously today I’m not doing the shorts and that shirt to show you
the actual belly but you get the gist thanks you guys so much for watching
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pregnancy because I’m posting videos every single week comment anything that
you know concerns or you know conversation starters or whatever if
you’re a pregnant how how far along are you
what are you having keep me up to date and Luke with your pregnancy as well
because I will be following along with you I think it’s fun to find people who
are pregnant at the same time and who are around missing due date as myself I
will see you guys next time in my next video
like I said thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys next time bye

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  1. Gosh you are so lucky that you escaped with just a few cuts, must of been so scary!!!
    You are carrying very low just like I am with my little boy xxxx

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