25 Weeks Pregnant: Watch Your Little One’s Growth this Week

twenty-fifth week of pregnancy hey mommies and daddies your baby's spine is now made up of 1000 ligaments 150 joints and 33 rings at this week your baby's nostrils have opened allowing your baby to go through the motions of inhaling and exhaling the baby draws amniotic fluid in and out of those little nostrils your baby is now able to hear loud noises the heartbeats of the baby can now also be heard using a stethoscope or by anyone who places his ear onto the abdomen using ultrasound you can see your baby sucking his or her thumb or yawning at just 14 inches long baby's neck is one of the parts that take time to become steady and smoother the skin of the baby is now opaque so blood vessels underneath are concealed as your little one gains weight his or her skin begins to become less wrinkled and your baby begins to look more and more like a newborn the baby's hands are fully developed with the fingerprints at 25 weeks your uterus is about the size of a soccer ball and your baby is bouncing and kicking inside you expectant mothers at this week may experience breakouts melasma stretch marks and hot flashes check back next week to know more about your baby's development only on consumer health digest calm till then take care of yourself you

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  1. I am 25 weeks today 😊 We have 2 boys and we're finally having a baby girl. Our family is now complete. Just anxiously waiting for her arrival!! Due date is 9/11/2019

  2. Im having a girl! I dnt know why but for some reason i really wanted a boy. When i knew i was so disappointed. I cudnt accept it still. Whats wrng with me i felt rly sad.

  3. I have been following consumer health digest. Com from my first pregnancy and still in my 2nd one now…I just love the way u explain us things growing and going inside of us…lots of love to U😘😘😘

  4. I’m 25 weeks with my first son 💙♈️ he will be an Aries like his mom I can’t wait to meet my son

  5. I am 25weeks pregnant. I cannot take iron tablet due to vomiting and now the hg level is 9..suggest me a diet plan plz

  6. I love your videos♥️ Easy to follow along when you’re giving so much info back to back ! Your sweet voice and smile is so soothing ! I will continue watching throughout my pregnancy and will do so in the future with other little angels if God sends me more 🤗

  7. M 25 weeks pregnant today……i feel maximum kicks of the baby very low and a few near belly button. But most of them are very low….is it normal????

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