26 – Intent and the Law of Gestation

so we talked about relaxing that love frequencies at low vibration setting up an intent how things start to come to us that law of attraction starts working there is also another law called the law of gestation if you get pregnant you can want to attract as much as you want to have a baby in one month it's not going to happen we live on planet earth we have we have different rules different laws one of the law is that her baby takes about nine months to be four grown with two exceptions so it takes a certain time it's not when I decided put my intent with that bow and arrow example that I wanted to become a doctor that I was a doctor the next day it took me four years of studies think starting to happen but I also had to do my part if I had gotten that postcard in the mail and had done absolutely nothing would I be a doctor no I wouldn't if I had gotten a material and not studied would have become a doctor obviously not so we have to do our part and there is different projects we have some projects can be very quick like cleaning up a house there is a beginning and a quick end becoming a doctor healing losing weight can take sometimes several years don't get discouraged there's perseverance the law of gestation the law of attraction it all works together to make our lives what you want your life to be I'll talk to you soon

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