Hey everyone and welcome to my channel.
If you’re new here, my name is Sarah I have a 21 month old son named, Suleiman and I
am expecting baby number two on February 14th 2020 inshallah we know that the gender of this baby is a baby boy, as well. So this will be our second son and I’m looking forward to that.
I explain everything about having a second son during our gender-reveal video. Which I will show somewhere up in the cards if you enjoy motherhood and pregnancy related content, please be sure that you like this video and subscribe for more content. I try my best to upload
regularly. Last week, I missed my Friday upload I’m sorry guys I was traveling
quite a bit, but I do upload about twice a week Usually Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays.
So with that let’s get into the video. Usually, I start my bumpdate
by talking about the baby and their development Right now, they are a little bit over 14 inches and almost 2 pounds- about 1.93 lbs or so They’re about the length or size of a papaya or a bunny rabbit – if you like those type of chart comparisons At this point, at 26 weeks pregnant the baby is developing quite rapidly in terms of their lungs, their liver, their brain and their immune system.
They may seem more active this week & it’s because there’s less amniotic fluid,
this week and going forward as the baby is taking up more space in the uterus this week as well, the sucking reflex has strengthened
quite a bit and this is to prepare them for feeding so you might find that the baby, on ultrasound, is sucking their thumb a lot more often than they were before if you are doing regular ultrasounds the baby’s brain development has come
along quite a lot over the past few weeks and right now their brain wavelengths are similar to what they would be like when they are a newborn they also have a lot of neurological development, as far as their neurons and just general brain waves becoming more consistent than they were in previous weeks the baby’s skeleton is developed, but their joints have not quite developed yet so although a skeleton is present, there’s a lot of
joint development happening this week be sure to take your magnesium and
calcium to help with that as well as I mentioned before, their immune system, their lungs and liver are continuing to develop That’s major development
happening this week and going on forward as well the baby’s eyes are beginning to open more.
If you take a light or if you were to shine a light on the belly, your baby may open or close their eyes in response to that which is pretty amazing and the retinas within the eye have begun to develop more this week it’s a lot of baby development that’s been going on this week Now, what’s going on with me as far as being 26 weeks pregnant? This week in particular was quite a difficult week for me again. With the travel, I think, it added to the symptoms that I was going through and
you can tell in my voice I’m a little bit sick. I have a lowered immune system, as most pregnant woman do – I am going to be getting the flu shot once I’ve recovered from whatever it is I’m
going through right now. I do recommend that to anyone else who’s pregnant.
If you can get the flu shot, get the flu shot. Get your spouse to take the flu shot and anyone else is going to be around your newborn The reason I’m saying this is because I learned my lesson with my last pregnancy the last pregnancy I did get the flu shot,
but my husband did not. What happened was he came home from a conference and he gave our newborn the cold and flu,
which manifested into bronchiolitis and it took weeks to fight off and we went
to the hospital and it was quite a traumatic experience just it’s not worth the risk If you can take the flu shot take the flu shot
With the DTaP that’s gonna be happening The whooping cough vaccine, I will also be taking that.
I highly recommend speaking to your doctor and seeing if these are options for you and discussing it with them further Speaking of my doctor, I actually haven’t seen him in six weeks, which is a really long time I’ll be seeing him this week and then I will hopefully share the ultrasound and all of that in next week’s bumpdate – my 27 week bumpdate. what I’m going to be talking to him about, this coming appointment, is heartburn I have really bad heartburn now. I never had this with my son’s pregnancy although he was born with a lot of hair So don’t believe that myth! I just started taking the TUMs “Chewies”. Which are equivalent to five regular TUMs so I take one a day swelling has continued. It’s a little bit
less on my face right now but it’s still pretty bad in my feet and
– it’s still pretty bad in my legs and on my feet which is really uncomfortable another weird symptom I’ve been having
this week is I’ve been getting bruises on my legs seeing the bruises has me a little bit on edge, because, of course, if you Google it you’re gonna get a slew of scary results and I don’t trust Dr. Google so I’m going to ask my doctor about it And see what he has to say.
Maybe I’ll get some blood work done. I am due for blood work anyways for my thyroid.
I have hypothyroidism And I’ve already had my dose adjusted once in this
pregnancy so I’m expecting it to likely be adjusted I’m also expecting to get the RhoGam shot and I will also be doing glucose testing so there’s quite a lot coming up in the coming weeks another major symptom that I’ve been
feeling this week is round ligament pain Now, I’ve had it in previous weeks as
well, but it’s definitely started up again this week I feel sharp pains and I did experience this last pregnancy. So I know it is round ligament pain and it’s usually when I’m in a weird position or if I move suddenly that this pain will happen Rib pain is another one, but rib pain is new for me, because my son, Suleiman in his pregnancy was very low. I had something called, placenta previa
My son never really touched my ribs This baby is. This baby is kicking
high. They are much higher than my son’s pregnancy and it is causing some major pain for me.
If you have had this pain in your pregnancy or previous pregnancies,
let me know in the comments below because I’ve never experienced this and this is my second pregnancy The last symptom that I’ve had as of this week is nothing tastes good. It is the strangest thing things that I even typically crave or
enjoy they don’t taste good they taste really off so I don’t know if that’s a normal symptom or not
I will also be bringing that up to my doctor My OB, by the way, called me Ms. 150, because in my last pregnancy I would go in with 150 questions and with that I’ll show you the bump This is my bump from the front. You can see. This is my bump from the side. You can see it’s much higher than it was before There, he’s right here he loves sticking himself out right
during my bumpdate, of course so my bump has officially ,definitely
surpassed my chest at this point and that’s 26 weeks and with that wraps the 26 weeks pregnancy update or my 26 week pregnant bumpdate if you like these types of videos please be sure that you like this video, subscribe for more content and have your notification bell turned on for future bumpdates. I try to post them every Tuesday. I also have a video that goes up every Friday or Saturday and until then I will see you all next time. Bye-bye.


  1. Finally home and back to my regular upload schedule 🙂 Looking forward to getting to the end of the second trimester! What would you like to see my discuss in my next pregnancy update?

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