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hi guys hello my beautiful mommies in my jewel engine so this week we've got profile pictures of the baby lots of them kind of a glare with my life here great pretty much the baby because of the nose you can see the mouth it's open and I have one picture where the baby is actually giving us stuff sticking there so – and also when we were in the ultrasound bait was flexing that's fine but we're not completely sure what it is yet we see if it comes out like oh here I am you know so excited but baby was just chilling like just good we chilling which was down like God ones like all over this rather boy flexed out school and he was a bun but then that the baby was completely cheering dance and apparently her baby's heartbeat that's like that's the only effort here after going through all the things I do with these carries my first baby and everything like that and just it's just interesting only how much I've blessing and how scary is you know going to birth you know that concerned about that I got really sick like right after if you do that filters now like I told you guys I'm not just an every girl for this week everything came out both directions TMI I know but it was bad and it was so bad that they better stay home one day from work and helped keep me I was just laid out of the couch the cabinet you know what's wrong with you like she's having to get out the bed on the couch and just kind of cuddle up with my pregnancy pillow which isn't cooling right now like I mean I mean I used I've been using for a while but like I really need it now and baby's size of lettuce definitely getting bigger I can definitely feel I'm the difference I used to be able to kind of like squeeze so I'm always over at like three places can't do that anymore a lot of my clothes actually which is very frustrating this week I have to do this they were you like cutting orange juice and it tastes like soda I've never carbonate it but it just is a really really bad orange soda it's full of sugar and it's pretty much should check your your glucose level like make sure that you don't have to say smell the diabetes is you guys know this you can't get diabetes from having a baby with being pregnant like it's crazy I didn't know that until I have Selena and I think oh this is my first time stuff is gross you can't drive yourself to the doctor you have like all these rows you see you have to drink it and hour later you have to get the blood test and it's just it's disgusting so I think I'm gonna have to do that between this week and next week I think so I already know I'm dreading it comes in the Groves and you can only put it in a refrigerator like and I'm like the night before you getting ready to do this so that it doesn't mess up with the chemical elements of whatever was going on in there so a lot of crazy stuff that you do could never let me tell you but otherwise I mean you know I'm so tired but nothing too crazy just the throwing up that whole day was normal and similar style and just feeling like I'm getting closer like yeah I got a start like washing clothes and get a place for the clothes and pulling stuff out like I'm starting to think about those things but we're just excited I'm gonna show you guys my belly all right thank you guys for watching that day and I want to know how your pregnancies are going if you're pregnant and let me know that you had any suggestions for the magic natural ones preferably thank you other than that you like bye Oh subscribe after taking a shower it's always for obtaining or for example like I dread it

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