26 Weeks Pregnant | How Am I Really Doing? 😕

(grunts) (screams) – [Woman] It’s on your nose! – I got it! – It tastes like jello. (laughter) – [Woman] 26 weeks today! – Good morning boys, how are you? – Good.
– Good. – Good, did you sleep good? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Okay, we have to go to school today. – Okay. – Okay. – And we have to finish getting ready. Jackson, you look so
handsome with your hair done. We have to go brush our teeth. – Okay! – But, Mommy is asleep. – Yeah. – So we have to go and walk so quietly into Mommy’s room and into Mommy
and Daddy’s bathroom, okay? So, will you guys walk so quietly with me? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Will you show me how you walk quietly. I think I’ve taught them well. Let’s go. Good job, okay, let’s go. So quiet. So quiet. Good job. (quirky music) You guys did it! Good job, thumbs up! (silly noise) (guitar music) – Ah! – Ah! – [Man] Just like we walked in, we have to walk out so quietly, okay? Show me how you walk quietly. Let’s go, so quietly. Oh, you gotta get your dog, that’s goood. Let’s go. (quirky music) So quietly. Yes! – Yes! – We did it! – [Woman] Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! I’m already playing peek-a-boo! 26 weeks today. – Hi. – I’m 26 weeks! – And you’re 26 years! – I’m 26 years old, 26 weeks pregnant. Holy moly. You wanna know what my app says? “Baby is messing with your brain.” (chuckles) – [Man] Baby is messing with your brain? – “It may even be giving you
stress headaches or two.” (man laughs) – What the heck. (laughs) I am 26 weeks along and I’ve
kinda taken the last few days off of social media a little bit and I’ve kinda just stayed low. And my app says for
this week for the baby, Baby M is one pound! Baby is a pound and the size of kale. Baby’s eyes are forming, and he’s going to start opening up his eyes soon. This week has probably
been the hardest week. My anxiety has completely taken over. Like, I swear if I could just take my brain out of my
head, I would be better. But, my anxiety is through the roof. I woke up a few days ago
with rashes right here because I’ve been crying so hard. It’s just been… my anxiety
has been really rough. But I’m 26 weeks and baby is growing. If I can get a hold of my brain, I’ll start to feel a little bit better, so that’s my goal this
week, is to just breathe and to just really feel better. How was school, mister? – Good. – It was good? – You know which number of gems I have? – How many? – Nine, and I have one last gem. – Yes! He’s been waiting to get 10 gems! – [Jackson] Yes! – Come here. Did you bring your rock to show and tell? Did they like it? – The one I broke. – The one you broke? You know what? – And the shark one. – [Woman] Oh, good, the shark one? Good. You look different today. Look at your face. Did you know, I just bought
Jackson a pair of 5T pants. – That’s crazy. – I, like, cried. I was like what the heck. – Speaking of crying, I felt so bad today. So Jackson and I were getting dressed. – Oh yeah, I was just
going to tell you this. – And he was brushing
his teeth and everything, and I was brushing my teeth, and he had his precious little rock. It’s like one of those gem
rocks that are see through. I can’t remember.. – That we got in Moab. They’re really fragile. – And he dropped it in our bathroom, and it broke into three pieces. And he just was… – Wept. – …so sad about it, and we felt so bad. – Our kids cry, they’re
toddlers, they get frustrated. They have some tantrums, but not often. It really is rare that
Jackson will really cry. And it was like his heart was
broke that his rock broke. – Yeah. It was a different cry. – We felt so bad We all just sat on the floor. We all kissed him, like “It’s okay.” It hurt his feelings. – It was almost like you lose your puppy. He was like, “My rock!” – He was heart broken. But he was okay bringing it home. Now you’re good, Mister? You’re happy about your rock? Yeah, we’re playing with playdoh. And I am making a handful of recipes today for our family cookbook, so it’s all done. Photo shoots are done. We have one last full family photo shoot, but recipes are done. So everyone’s in charge of ten recipes. We’re making them, double checking them. – I think there’s been a lot of people asking when it’s coming out. – Fall. – Yeah, this fall is when
we’re tentatively releasing it, but we’ll keep you posted on all that. – Grandma’s meatloaf. That’s what I’m in charge of today. – And the best part is we get to eat all of it once it’s done. – I know, We’re eating pork and beans, meatloaf, and a desert today. (quirky music) (grunts) (screams) – [Woman] It’s on your nose! – I got it! Yeah! (laughs) – Alright, my cooking job is done. We’ve got my dad’s bacon pork beans. That is done. And we’ve got my grandma’s
meatloaf that I have made. And I’ve given it an a-okay. – Oh, I am so gonna eat these. (sniffs) – I cooked this a little
longer on accident. – Sometimes when you have crispy edges and just a touch of burnt
tops and stuff, it’s the best. Like burnt lasagna is my favorite. – Oh, yeah, same. – Same thing with
meatloaf, don’t you think? Even steak! (laugh) – Why are you so cute? – I would never have a
burned steak like that. That’s disgusting. – Good. – That’s blasphemous. – Each kid has to take at least a bite. – This is lunch. – [Man] And Calvin is
wanting to spit it out. – We have to take one bite. Jackson ate all of his. (whines) – [Man] Don’t you run away. – He wants to spit it out. Look, look, I want you to chew it up. It’s in his mouth. – [Man] You will not spit it
out into the paper towels, no. Sorry young man. – Every household is so different. I don’t know if some people
are going to love or hate that, but in our house, if Mom
makes lunch or dinner, that’s what’s for lunch or dinner. And so he has to have at least one bite. At least one. Jackson did not really want the meatloaf, but it did eat all of his beans. So, I’m happy there. – You are almost done! You poured all that in for me, thank you. Did you eat it? – Um, nope. – No? – I drank my chalk. Huh, watch Chase. – He drank his chalk
and he’s walking Chase. You did talk one bite
and that was good, huh? – Yeah. – Yeah. (chuckles) – And I spit out. – We’re cuddling and we’re going to watch Chase together, okay? – Yeah. – I still have my apron on. This is the apron that the
boys made me for mother’s day. – Chase is trap – Did Chase get in a trap? – Yeah. – Oh no. – We’re all here having jell-o. Because when you make a desert, you have to bring the whole
neighborhood to have desert. This is a jello from the family recipe book that we’re doing. Jackson, how does it taste? Good. Cody, how’s it taste? Good. Lincoln, how’s it taste? – It tastes like jello. (laughter) – Your kids are the cutest! Here, let’s see what Calvin says. Hey Calvin, What does
the jello taste like? – Um, yum. – [Man] Yum? Olivia, how does it taste? – Awesome. – [Woman] Bonnie, that was hilarious. – That was amazing, he
was like j-e-l-l-o, jello. – [Man] It’s alive! (laughter) Calvin, how does it taste? – I don’t know. – I don’t know, cause he’s not eating it. – [Man] He’s kind of
being a pill right now. – [Man] Who’s is this? – That was for Calvin. Calvin and Lincoln have
a love hate relationship, and Calvin just got in trouble. – [Man] Yes, he did. – No. – Well, we’ll be nicer next time, huh? – [Man] Uh, huh. It does taste like jello! – I like jello. (laughter) – So Olivia, you have a question. You’re mom said that you can go with her, or you can stay here and play with us. So, what we’re going to do, is we’re going to flip this Spider-man. And if it lands belly up, you stay here. Belly down, you go with your mom, okay? Go ahead and flip it. (gasps) – [Bonnie] So, what’s it mean? – [Man] You stay with your mom. – [Woman] What do you want to do? – [Man] What do you want to do? – I kinda want to stay here. – [Man] You do whatever you want! – [Bonnie] You can stay. – [Man] You girls have fun, alright? – Okay, we gotta go. – [Man] Okay, go get your
work done. (laughter) Okay, kids, we’re going to go downstairs, and we’re gonna have a
little party, alright? You guys ready to rock? – Please be good. – [Man] Okay, Let’s go kiddos. – [Olivia] I’m gonna battle with you. – [Man] Oh, a battle? You got it. (growls) (adventurous music) (screams) (laughter) – Let’s do this. (adventurous music) (screams) (laughter) (playful music) – We are wrapping up the
evening with the kids. And you guys know that
Calvin has a dog collection that he does every night before bed. He’s got his dog blanket,
he’s got his red dog, he’s got his big dog. Minimum, that is the minimum. – Here. – Oh yeah, good, thank you so much. And now we are going… – [Jackson] I’ll get the medium. – [Man] You’re going
to get the medium dog? Perfect, okay. Now we’re adding “Biscuit.” This is the dog book. So this is probably going to
be a regular for roll call. Oh, there’s medium dog. Thanks Jackson, appreciate that. Whoa! And Chase is on the case! So we’re going to read
this story to the kids. Hey, where did we read this book? – A dog book! – [Man] That’s a dog, too, huh? Where did we read this book? – At Las Vegas! – [Man] At Las Vegas. Time for bed, Biscuit. Woof, woof. Biscuit wants his blanket. Time for bed, Biscuit. Woof, woof. Biscuit wants his doll. – Yeah, why does he want his doll? – [Man] I don’t know,
sometimes doggies like dolls. Is that cool? – I don’t. – [Man] You don’t like dolls? Do you like doggies? – Yeah. – Yeah – I have a dog, too! – [Man] You have a dog, too, that’s right. You have a few of them. – And a pen outside – [Man] Yeah in pens outside. – Where’s teeny dog? – [Man] I don’t know where that one is. I think it’s upstairs. Okay, Biscuit! – Alright guys, I’m back. (laughs) And what I got done was a spray tan. I’ve never had a spray tan before, and I got the super, lightest,
lightest that they’ve ever done on me, because I just
want an overall even color. Growing up, I’d go
tanning in tanning beds, and honestly once I got
married, I just stopped. And I’m glad that I did, because
remember a few months ago when they took out a
precancerous spot on my back? Yeah, that was not very fun or pretty. I’ve never gotten a spray tan before. I don’t really care to be
like, “I need to be tan!” I really like my fair skin, I don’t want to say
“pale,” but my fair skin, but I’m getting ready to
go somewhere with Bonnie and we want to look just a
little bit more glistened. And so I went and got a spray tan, and I get to wash it off soon. So, first time getting it
done, we’ll see if I like it. – [Man] Speaking of glistening, remember how you left your
phone case in the hotel? – [Woman] Yeah. (laughs) Thank you! – This is your bolly
brand of floral phone case – Thank you! Guys, I have been loving your comments and your pictures that
you’re tagging us in. All of you guys are loving the robes. Don’t forget to check out
our Bolly Brand Website. We’ll have that in the description. – [Man] Where’s your
phone so I can put it on. – I know, I left it in the hotel room. I’m like, whoever gets that, is lucky. So this morning when I started the vlog, I was still a little wishy washy, and throughout the day,
I have felt much better. I have been struggling quite a
bit this pregnancy, mentally. I feel really healthy,
I feel really energetic. Baby’s doing good, I feel good, but I’ve been really struggling mentally. And there’s been several times
that I’ve been triggered, and it’s triggered up some
emotions, some memories, some not good things
and the last few nights have been really low for me,
and it’s just not been pretty. It’s been a struggle to even
film, because I felt weird. Like, I don’t know what to say, but I do know that I want to
talk about it a little bit. I think that the biggest thing
for me this week has been that my body has been
pregnant for a long time. I had a miscarriage in
May, and May is coming up. We’re having the baby in
June. Calvin’s birthday. I remember Calvin’s birthday last year and not feeling up to par
because I just had a miscarriage. My body has gone through a lot, and my emotions have gone through a lot, and so I that’s just how
I’m feeling right now. The last few days I’ve
had a really hard time getting my anxiety under control, and I’ve always been
prone to have anxiety, but sometimes in my life it
has come to the surface more, and it’s really taken over. After I had Calvin, it was probably the worst it’s ever been, and I wish I would have reached
out and gotten help then. But I didn’t, and I’m doing
that this time around. I am already starting to feel much better. One of my friends recommended this book to me that I
ordered today on Amazon. The book is called “You are Here: Discovering the Magic
of a Present Moment.” And my friend said that helped
her a lot with her anxiety, and it just helped her reading this book. I didn’t think much about it. I just thought, if you love
it, I’m open to anything, so I ordered the book today and
I’m very excited to read it. I think Jared and I might read it together and maybe we’ll do like a little
couples book review on it. It’s just up and down. One day I’ll be really good,
and one day I’ll be really low. Today, I have felt pretty good. The last few days,
though, the past few days I haven’t felt good, and I’m
sure if you watch the vlogs you’ll notice maybe I
wasn’t in it as much, or I wasn’t actually vlogging as much. It was just, that’s why. I have three months left. I am feeling good, other than my emotions. My tummy feels good. That’s life, that’s baby right now. That’s a little life update for me. I’m gonna go ahead and end
the vlog and tell you guys, like I do every time,
thank you for watching. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your wonderful stories. After Jared did the why vlog, we were reading your guys’
messages and just were in tears, because it really does help us hearing your guys’ side,
hearing your stories. And we have faults. I have regrets; I do things
everyday that I can be better. I can be nicer, I can
be more compassionate, and it’s something that we’re
striving to do everyday. We’re not perfect, we don’t
try to sit her and preach. We’re just trying to sit here
and just talk and communicate. And you guys are kind of going
and growing along with us. Thank you for your stories.;
we really do appreciate it. And we’ll see you guys next time, bye.

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