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so you are now 26 weeks pregnant and believe it or not you've only got a couple of weeks left in it your second trimester time is really ticking down so let's take a look at how your baby is doing this week so what your baby is getting rapidly bigger mouths can you believe that from just last week they have already gained another half pound which takes them now to two pounds oh my goodness that they are getting to be such a little change in terms of limbs they are now around thirty five and a half centimeters long which is roughly the same length as a large spring run is one positive with every passing week is that your baby has a growing chance of surviving outside the womb with specialist care should they be born early and only 26 it's quite a special week because they are now practicing breathing in and out in the surrounding amniotic fluid ready to the days appear for their eyes will also start to open at around 26 weeks which is a lovely thought isn't it though their vision will still be a little bit undeveloped at the moment but that will change in the coming weeks and while run the task revise a wonder what eye color they're going to have it won't be long until the iris which is the colored part of your eye starts to take on pigmentation so ask for the final color you may be kept guessing way afterwards a lot of babies are typically born with blue eyes but this can change first of mine have ended up with blue eyes even though minor green so let's take a look at some real comfortable 26 [Applause] we talked about they'd be for what about you how are you feeling and what is being 26 weeks present really like well here at channel mum we're comparing the textbook versus the truth with some help from some expectant mums just like you well things are probably feeling a little cramped now in that tummy of yours thanks to that growing baby and those flips and spins and Wiggles are probably going to start turning into punches and jabs and kicks and worms as baby gets much bigger and that's great babies growing but there is one downside those jabs and kicks and punches may start to hear from time to time but this is completely normal don't worry but that said amazing baby is a really good sign isn't it at this stage especially when you start to notice your baby's routine it's really good to keep an eye on those movement if you think that your baby's movements have slowed down or even stopped and make sure you ring your midwife or your maternity unit which is open for 24 hours a day seven days a week as soon as possible don't put off calling until the next day and don't worry about calling or feeling like a nuisance because your midwives and doctors are there to make sure that you and your baby are safe so it's always best to get checked out just in case if you'd like to find out more about baby movements then make sure you visit the kicks count website this is a UK registered charity that specializes in empowering parents and reducing the number of stillbirth we'll leave the link down below for you and now it's time so let's take a look at those 26 weeks baby belly I'll insert some shot here so you can see what it looks like now my belly button it has never popped before but I feel like it might actually pop out this time because like this not live on completely empty and this part is just full of ladies that's a fun from side I'm Bob from the funk and this is my belly so what else can you expect well we've got tons of logs over a channel moment from other monitor at the same stage as you are right now so let's take a look at what they had to say about being 26 weeks pregnant I'm welling up already because I'm pregnant I have been really really emotional spin a bit the roller coaster a week emotions line my goodness I have been so so tired really getting to a point where I have to like force myself to do things I'm falling behind a lot of things I've honestly been financed observed like through three pretty good days where I've only cried like one I've been breaking out a little bit and this is also something that I've never experienced before my pregnancy I have felt to being married to me as I'm in nightmare yeah no chance and I'm not really a baby is really really really high up even higher than I love so I'm getting lots and lots of kicks up here and my ribs around the side not many but kind of down anywhere down here it's all up here and really hot sometimes I'm like having sweats at night what in your bra I'm getting bigger around seeing but the backline Club at that point Noah I feel excited like I'm almost in the third trimester which is crazy and then before I know it she's going to be here and my life is going to be like completely different and there's going to be new challenges but I'm looking forward to that what happens actually brought any of the big things yet but make over your life Scott Oh buddy so are you ready to get honest it's time to the channel one the good the bad and the ugly of being 26 weeks pregnant the good now this is the week with my little girl that I started to mated body parts popping out of my belly and I could sometimes workout is that with a foot or a bottom or an elbow and it was just so much fun let us know if you've noticed this too in the comments below the bad sleet is probably going to start getting a little bit harder now for me personally this was the week where I started feeling really big and uncomfortable and if I wasn't trying to make speak perfect formation of pillows I had heartburn I felt a little bit sick or I was up and down all night having wheeze that's the life of a pregnant lady but unfortunately it's not really going to change for the next 14 weeks so just get as much rest as you can when you can and do Glee you realize that you can get quite aggressive and grumpy when you're hungry never come between a pregnant lady and her cravings of all our interface so as always we hope you've enjoyed watching our textbook versus the truth about being at 26 weeks pregnant we'd love to hear how your baby is doing so be sure to leave us a comment down below and let us know and if you'd like something to watch after this then why not check out all the other vlogs from other one with you at 26 weeks person right now over on channel one we'll leave the link down below for you and that's all for material china mama so we will see you and that gorgeous baby is yours next week for week 27 you

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  1. 26 weeks today. I'm so jealous of women who are having multiple kicks and movement. My baby girl moves a bit every day, but her kicks/movements aren't hard or forceful at all, just small bumps. Definitely not able to see body parts pushing out. Even Daddy has only felt her once during a particularly active 3 minutes. 😩 Is anyone else experiencing this? Baby is healthy and growing well so far.

  2. Are you a midwife? You're very empathetic to other mothers out there, thank you for your wonderful content it's so uplifting

  3. The only time I haven’t been able to sleep is when I get really bad heartburn! But i am pregnant with my second babygirl 💖 she is due oct 24th and I’m so excited to see her!!

  4. 26+2 getting to pee so much in the night
    Getting really uncomfortable and feeling huge
    Plus leg and foot cramps NICE
    Being induced no later than 37 weeks so really feeling close to D day now.
    Cant believe will be in 3rd trimester in just a few days.

  5. No dear not ever baby will have blue eyes!! I hope you know GOD created different races. I am a black women. I dont have blue eyes either. I hope you know different races are looking at this. And if this was a video just intended for white people you should have disclosed that. Shame on you😠

  6. 26 weeks with my first ! (Its a Boy!!) 💛
    Leg cramps are terrible.. A bit of yellow mustard really helps ladies!
    Blessings and luck to you all 🌷

  7. I'm two days away from being 26 weeks; watched the video a bit early. The last two weeks have been really hard and emotional as my dog passed away. So I've been exhausted, loosing patience with my commute, and crying 1-5 times a day. Sleep is getting harder with leg cramps and heartburn. My baby is kicking all the time which is fun, and earlier this week I took a video of my belly where you can see it moving!

  8. 25 but not feeling pregnant or getting any difficulties of pregnancy the only thing that makes me feel i'm really pregnant is the kicks and movements and the belly getting bigger otherwise i'm just fine. But they say the last two months gonna be heavy😴

  9. I still don’t know what week is 3rd trimester but at the most we only have 2 more weeks! So excited to be passing into the final trimester!! I’ve been tired, a little nasal congestion, and of course bad heart burn but I’ve had it the entire time.

  10. I'm 26 weeks and my bump is huge! Leg cramps like crazy, i feel like there's another one hiding in there lol

  11. 26 weeks pregnant and sleeping is okay , don't know the gender yet cos I'm 19years in varsity so I can't afford medical aid yet ,public health care is less beneficial than having medical aid but soon I'll know the gender , I think it's a boy though , the kicks are super hard I can tell this is a strong baby , my back is fine for now , my nose is not ,breathing is becoming hard , wasn't exited at first cos I wasn't expecting a child so early but now I'm too attached and excited .

  12. Hey all I'm 26 today…having bad back pains and trying to disguise the waddle walk lol…I'm going to treat myself to a facial and pedicure today x

  13. Feels like I totally skipped the honeymoon phase, since the 16th week my bump is weightening me down 😅 so hard to fall asleep before midnight and the leg cramps are real

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