hey everyone and welcome back to my channel today we are going to be doing my 27 week update it's not just gonna be for the week of the 27th though I don't think I've done one of these since I was I know the last one was titled 20 weeks but I think I also did like either two 22 weeks or 25 weeks anyway so this is just gonna be basically all of my symptoms and everything that I've been dealing with up to now basically so one of the reasons I haven't done an update is because after the the whole preterm labor scared that I had I actually hadn't been back to the doctor because that day I was supposed to schedule my the rest of my prenatal appointment after that appointment but I never made it to scheduling because I ended up in labor and delivery so basically um so basically I went in and had my glucose test done and all that good stuff I packed my glucose test which was really kind of funny because normally they make you like fast for it but the nurse on the phone didn't tell me to fast for it and so I didn't because I wasn't gonna start myself if I didn't have to so um I didn't I didn't fast and I still pass I think my level was 122 I don't know what the limit was or is for a glucose test but mine was 122 and I passed so um when they do the glucose testing they also do the iron testing and of course not to my surprise I am anemic which happens to me during every pregnancy sometimes it's doing when I'm not pregnant but the other news I got at my appointment is that the baby is measuring well my belly when they do the measuring of your tummy your belly is supposed to match up with the weeks that you are and again no surprise my belly is two weeks smaller than it should be so that means that my uterus and the baby are measuring two weeks smaller than they should be but well technically your uterus you don't really know if the baby's measuring small until they actually do an ultrasound and check and see if the baby is measuring small but like I said that's common for me I had I ugr with Jocelyn and ariela was also small always weeks behind so it's not a surprise what was more surprising to me was in the beginning when they were telling me that the baby was bigger than my due date you know because that's that's surprising to me because my babies are usually small and so I'm not worried about him being two weeks behind at this point so let's see I also because of that because I had I ugr with Jocelyn which if you don't know what that is I had intrauterine growth restriction with Jocelyn which basically means that she didn't have enough room to grow we're not going to go into that because I think they go into it every time so because of the history and the history with Ariela being small as well not small when she was born just measuring smaller during the pregnancy I will be having a growth sorry you guys my brain is a little foggy I will be having a growth scan at 32 weeks for the baby so I'm kind of excited to be able to have another chance to see him before we have him and I also got my c-section scheduled which she said we would schedule at six weeks before but we're about 10 weeks before and she went ahead and just scheduled it so my c-section is scheduled for October 4th we have to be there like 7:30 in the morning so he'll be born early in the morning if we make it to the c-section now with Ariela I did not make it to my c-section I had her at 38 weeks and they scheduled c-sections at 39 weeks when you're a repeat section here because they don't want they don't want to take the chance that you go into labor and it has to become an emergency c-section so when you have repeat c-sections here where I live where doctors don't do the backs and stuff like that and they schedule you for 39 weeks so my due date was technically October 10th the baby will be born on October 4th which actually puts me at 39 weeks in one day if I make it there now if I make it to that c-section date that'll be the longest pregnancy I've had because Jocelyn was born at 37 weeks and ariela was born at 38 so we'll see if I actually make it there I'm going to bet that I don't and I kind of feel like the baby's gonna be born in September and I know women say like oh I think I'm gonna be early all the time you know and stuff like that so you know you never know and we'll see if not then you be born October 4th so lots of symptoms my back hurting really bad right now sitting like this I want to like lean up against the pillows so sorry if I look weird in this video I just need to be comfortable anyway so basically I am feeling like the baby has grown a lot and I'll show you my belly when I'm done talking he's a lot a lot bigger he's feeling like not that he's higher up but because he's bigger he's taking up more room because he really does like to sit really low so he likes to sit really low in my uterus which is actually really strange because both girls they didn't sit like that low they would be especially Ariela she was up in my rooms all the time but he seems to stay pretty low but he likes to stretch out a lot and he'll stick his arms in my rib over here because I believe he is still sitting his head is like right here and his feet are on this side because I constantly feel kicks over here or what I assume aren't kicks so I think he's kind of still sitting like that what she doesn't bother me because again I'm having a c-section so he doesn't flip I'm not going to worry about it and that's a possibility because Jocelyn was breech as well let's see so my back hurts a lot I have I'm just starting to get to the point where I'm just really uncomfortable a lot more and I have to like wear comfy clothes like I'm past the point of caring like what I look like to other people in public like if I go out and wear leggings like girls not wearing a thong so you're gonna see underwear lines you may have noticed that in in videos recently that I'm just not I passed the point of thongs right now especially because like I gained weight in my butt and my thighs during pregnancy so my underwear are a lot tighter and I'm not gonna go out buy new films or during pregnancy I just don't care that much so there's that fun little tidbit let's see what else I'm trying to make this not super long yeah so I'm getting winded a lot easier it just feels like he's up in my rib so it's harder to breathe I feel like I have to take a lot more deep breaths which again it's harder to do and I now I have more days now that I'm tired and not really wanting to do anything then I was having previously so I kind of get these just random nesting urges it's nothing like you know nesting for days right now I'm sure that'll come later on again but I has four right now like main that thing like completely went away I just started getting really really tired and now I get like random little urges of like okay I'm going to start this project like I just started if you follow me on Instagram which if you don't all leave that right here but um if you follow me on instagram you see you've seen a little sneak peek of my kitchen I'm actually doing some stenciling in the kitchen wall where we're missing the cabinets um and I'm loving it so far but it takes so much time to do one stencil you guys and it's like a lock on my body so it's like I do one stencil a day right now and it's gonna take me a long time to finish that one sense little day but basically I do have these random nesting urges and but they just come and go I have a lot of days like I said where I would rather just lay in bed so I feel like I'm not craving too many like look I don't have any like specific cravings that one thing I'm craving all the time right now so I basically should have like mostly random cravings like ice cream and fruit and salad let's see the main thing I do eat every day though is for breakfast I eat waffles with tons of butter is there taslim syrup but tons of butter and yeah that's like my main thing right now that I guess it would be my main craving is waffles in the morning it's not a smattering slathered in butter and and then with some syrup but yeah basically I don't really have like too many cravings right now I mean I do like I said I do crave more random things mostly lately it's been like ice cream I want an ice cream here and there but yeah so let's see what else I'm having some like a lot of I don't know how to explain it because I've never experienced this with my other kids sorry there's like crumbs on my bed so I've never experienced this with the girls but I have this weird feeling down below and it's like I don't know I don't know how to explain it it's like it's not like pressure it's not like pain that just stays there I don't believe it's what some women refer to as light in the lightning crotch I think is what it's called I don't even know what that is because I don't think I've ever experienced that but it's like the groin muscles I guess like my groin muscles are like always sore and so like when I move my legs like when you're pregnant you don't bend over to pick things up like you usually like if you open like if I open a drawer I'll bend over to open it and then I'll close it with my leg but that takes too much of the muscle and that's when it starts hurting but it's like really close in there so I I feel like it's like the muscles are just really tender right now probably because you know the muscles and your hips and groin and down there start to you know everything starts to loosen up when the when you're getting closer to birth obviously because like things don't need to be tense down so I feel like that's probably what's going on is that like my muscles are starting to relax because it's called the hormone relaxin and my muscles are starting to relax and if I use my leg muscles it just kind of hurts so I don't go to this gym right now because there's not many things that I can do because of that pain that I experienced so yeah I'm not going to the gym right now which is really cool cuz you know that's that's what I want is to not go to the gym and gain more weight but actually my way is that a really good place I am only out like one I think when I weighed myself I was at 130 now when I weighed myself but when I went to the doctor 130 so I've gained 20 pounds so far and I'm 28 weeks so that's not bad at all let's see yeah so when you say it like that that sounds like a lot like 20 pounds is a lot but it's not it's not trust me so you're supposed to depending on how much you weigh you can gain anywhere well I don't know like if you're already overweight I don't know how much you're supposed to gain but when you're within normal weight or underweight you're in a range of gaming from 25 to 35 pounds or is it twenty to thirty anyway point is this it's like 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy so I'm honestly not worried about it like I said I'm not stressing on that or focusing on that during this pregnancy because I know don't want to start breastfeeding and once I have the baby the way it's gonna go it's I mean it doesn't look I don't snap back like instantly but I'm not worried about it I know eventually it's all gonna go away so I'm not gonna stress about it don't like that's not my main concern here during this pregnancy which is why I don't talk about it much because honestly I don't even weigh myself I have a scale that's like in a closet somewhere I don't weigh myself I don't know it doesn't do me any good because then I stress like we might never make it into its way oh and then I start stressing like about what I eat and like during pregnancy if I'm hungry I'm gonna eat like I'm not gonna overeat and I'm not gonna eat all kinds of crap but yeah basically if I'm hungry I'm gonna eat anyway I am rambling this videos gonna be super long if I don't stop talking and I think that's basically all I had to share with you guys I don't have any pictures of him this time but I am at the point in my pregnancy where I am going to the doctor every two weeks now instead of every what is it once a month so I am at the point of sorry I heard music I hear music outside but um I've had the point where I have appointments every two weeks now and then at 32 weeks I believe it goes down to once a week am I wrong no I believe that 32 weeks or 33 weeks it's once a week and then I'll have my we also scheduled my pre-op appointment I guess you have to have a pre-op appointment two weeks before the c-section so I don't really remember if I did that with Ariella I'm gonna messed up if that's something that they do but yeah anyway I'm gonna stop rambling now and I'm gonna show you my belly so that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up if you're new subscribe I would love to have you guys here let me know some of your pregnancy symptoms down below and if you know the pain that I'm talking about in the groin groin area and I'll see you guys medicine bye


  1. I know the pain your talking about. It feels like you did the splits and are sore after doing them. Not sure what it is called. Definitely uncomfortable though. I’m 26 weeks and have been dealing with it for the last 3 weeks.

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