27 Week Pregnancy Update | Second Pregnancy

[Applause] I am Bua at welcome back to my channel today I am doing my 27 week update if your Nayla welcome my name is Monica I'm documenting my second pregnancy and if you haven't seen any of my other videos be sure to catch up on my past weekly updates when you're finished watching this one today's video should be fairly quick I just wanted to update you guys on my pediatrician because I mentioned in my last video that I was going to call them and let them know that I'm pregnant so they know and we have that all taken care of so baby we'll see who my toddler sees because I have a two-year-old who will be three soon and I have registered at my hospital so those two things are taken care of and I'm pretty proud that I've gotten those taken care of lately I've been going on walks and I've just been kind of just laying on walks I guess but the walking has helped me so much you guys I know in my past videos I would complain about my sciatic nerve pain and my back hurting but walking has helped so much I have seen such a difference and I haven't even been walking every single day yet which is like what I want to do I have it but I will be within the next few days I'm gonna start to get into a routine of doing it every single day um but just by like a few times a week taking a walk it has helped so much so I totally recommend it you guys I don't know what I was doing I was waiting for so long even if your earlier long in your pregnancy start walking even if it's just a 15 minute walk two thirty minute walk daily it's going to help you so so much now if you're having back pain and also in the long run so I just wanted to mention that because it has helped me at least a lot so if you guys haven't done so start taking walks and just be as active as you can and hopefully that helps you guys as well if you are having the same type of pain I also have been having more frequent bathroom visits I know that happens like it begins to happen actually really early in the pregnancy but I've noticed at night that I have been going so much more often which kind of sucks especially sometimes when I'm really trying to sleep in and I can't because like I absolutely need to go to the bathroom in that moment so I have to go and then another reason why it scares me is because I went through a phase where I would get up to go to the bathroom probably really early I get 6:00 in the morning and sometimes I just couldn't fall back asleep so it scares me it doesn't always happen um but sometimes when I really just want to sleep in I'm scared to get up to go to the bathroom because I'm scared I won't be able to fall back asleep and then I'll just be up for so long vivid dreams I wanted to mention vivid dreams because if you guys haven't had them you will soon no matter what time in your pregnancy I think it can happen really early in the pregnancy and I I do think that I have had vivid dreams I might never mention it I probably forgot I have recently experienced a few nothing compared to what I would have when I was pregnant with Madeline no those were definitely intense and I would wake up terrified so the dreams that I have now aren't really scary a the most recent one that I can think of was a few days ago that um it was scary I wouldn't get milk yeah I guess it's a nightmare but I had a dream that my fiancee lost his job and that was terrifying I think I wanted to cry I like woke up and I was terrified and I was just like I even asked him they just feel so real and I really wanted to ask him and make sure that everything was okay like I work like did you get sent home um yeah with it was it was crazy and so it wasn't necessarily a nightmare but it was really scary if that were to really happen to us right now I would like freak out but I haven't had any nightmares where I think with monoline I kind of would have nightmares and also just dreams that were just so they just seemed so real but I think I would have them more frequently and more often when I was pregnant with Madeline which I don't uh uh I don't think has happened during this pregnancy but it's it's wild alrighty guys so I think that is going to be it for this update it's a pretty quick update not much changed I will show you guys my belly which is really funny because I am starting to think that I'm having a boy and the reason is because I had two people in a row yesterday tell me that I was having a boy and one was a complete stranger at the store who just told me she thought that I was gonna be a boy well after I told them that we don't know and then the second was not so much of a stranger but kind of it was our neighbor but she's still kind of a stranger I mean we just say hi to each other I don't really know anything else about her so she's so kind of a stranger and she just said that just by looking at me she could tell that I was having a boy so who knows and that's pretty where I get that so much you guys like people say and and and mmm what's the word just like I hear like the phrase boy vibes that I'm giving off boy vibes or people are getting boy vibes for me or just yeah like that that specific phrase like came up so much with other people and when they touch my belly and stuff like that so I just wanted to mention that because I actually don't think I mentioned before that I don't even have a guess I didn't have a guess I didn't want to have you guess because I was ready to just be surprised and whatever it was which I'm still it's fine whatever the baby is it's fine I'm completely happy but I am starting to get convinced that I might be having a boy just because everyone around me is saying that like strangers are saying that Alfredo really really think so and yeah so I I wanted to update you guys on that if you have any guesses leave them down below in the comments I'd love to know what you guys want to know I mean what you guys think and yeah let me just show you guys my belly yeah so this is the bump alright guys so that's gonna be the end of this video I hope you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe if you haven't already and turn your Bell notifications on so you don't miss my next video and don't forget to catch up on my pregnancy updates if you haven't already I'll see you guys in the next one bye [Applause]

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