hello everyone and welcome back to my channel I am here today for my 27 week pregnancy update so I've got some contradicting things going on I don't know if I'm in my second or third trimester and I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm still in my second because I don't want to be in my third yet I'm not ready to accept the fact that I'm that far along in my pregnancy so I'm not ready I am not prepared to be in my third trimester so we're going to go ahead and deal with this I'm in my turn sec salute I'm in my second trimester today so as I always do I like to let you guys know what my weight is for the week and i'm 131 pounds this week so I've only gained a pass since last week so I'm not gaining too much baby this week is the size of a bunch of bananas have noticed myself hibernating is when I say hibernating I don't mean like I don't want to come out of my room or anything like that I just rather stay home and be in my pajamas all day like if I have that option to just stay home be in my pajamas and clean and just do everything in my pajamas and not have to be wrecked it ready at all then that's perfect formation pink blush Maternity did send me a beautiful robe and I have been hibernating in that a lot lately I am completely obsessed because I was looking for a robe because the ones that I have are getting short in the front and I wear my robe all the time I wake up I put my robe on I put my robe on before I go to sleep after I go down the shower so I can wear my robe all the time so this is actually one of their hospital ropes but I couldn't wait to wear it obviously I'm going to pack it in my home little bag as well because it's so wonderful and honestly it makes me feel so pretty like I've never had a robe is this pretty before but I was thinking ahead whenever I ordered it because ordered it in the black and I noticed that when I'm in the hospital there's definitely going to be quite a bit of blood well if everything goes as planned and I give birth vaginally and there's going to be quite a bit of like that experience that with my daughter so I wanted to make sure that I got darker color and just in case anything to believe through a pad or you know bleed on the side of the pad then I wasn't going to stain whatever I was wearing so I got this black so pretty I still have to tag on it because I don't want to get off it's so pretty and new and it has a beautiful detail but if you look top edges it's like the blade speeds on it makes me feel so it's pretty I just love it so much and it also has the lace detail on arms see I love the black I know like black isn't like a typical color that you would pick after giving birth but I love black like everything that I own in black and I just love black so I'm really loved to have that option and it's so soft the material is such good quality thank you so much dipping blush for sending me this I'm going to love being in this especially after I had the baby I'm going to give y'all a little snippet of me trying on the road because they really want to see it on you so you can tell how long it is in the front it looks so good because like I was saying roads that I have now are so short and they're like almost almost cookie cutter so I can't have that I have children and I can't walk around in my house with a robe that showing my cookies mad props to pink blush I'll probably be looking online and getting some more of these but I will definitely link the robe down below for y'all I would like to go in order one bin then we will be right there let's talk about the rest of my symptoms I have been noticing that baby is growing like crazy moving around in my tummy like crazy like at times Bailey is hurting me because of the way that or she will get positioned and like get into my rib or it's like an elbow but rooting out and it's just like kind of painful and now I can like feel nubs like if I feel like I spot in my stomach where the baby's pushing I can push back on it and it'll move really quick so it's really really cool so really emotional anything will make me cry right now I feel like a teenage girl on steroids it's pretty ridiculous I am just an emotional wreck and my husband has been dealing with it so well I'm so grateful for him I know I say this and almost every one of my videos but I really am you so good to me whenever I'm pregnant I just cannot thank him enough I've been experiencing some pregnancy and saw me on this week and I haven't been able to really sleep that well I'll lay down in bed and I just can't go to sleep and I was telling my husband the other day that I can't just lay here anymore and I'm going to get up and start doing things because I am such a multitasker like I feel like from doing one thing from brushing my teeth I can be doing this too you know like that's just how I've always been so instead of just laying in bed I'm going to take the opportunities that I'm you know not sleeping and get up and go do laundry or go do something I just can't lay there in bed anymore just lay there with my eyes closed while not sleeping I just can't do that so that's really been bothering me a lot during the day I'm extra tired it is taking a toll on me still having food aversions to meat every time I see me I just kind of turn my nose up to it I don't have anything to do with it doesn't matter if it's beef chicken pork doesn't matter it's just meat in general I just don't want to have anything to do with it it just doesn't look appetizing to me and I'm not going to force myself to eat it I'm not going to force myself because I've been substituting other things I'm taking my prenatal you know I'm still getting my protein because I'm eating beans I'm eating you know nuts and things are rich in protein and making sure that I'm still getting that but I just can't do meat right now I really can and usually I have to have meat with every meal let's meat potatoes in your vegetable or meat rice in your vegetable like that's how my house functions on dinners and I just just eat decide so that is what my appetite is like right now I've been having some overactive saliva glands and my salivary glands has been so overactive and like I will go to swallow at times and I'll choke on my own saliva because I feel like mine like there's so much spit in my mouth and I don't realize it until I go to swallow and it was just choke me so I'm coughing all the time it doesn't have anything to do with my head nor anything like that it just has to do with how much saliva I'm following and I'm not expecting that much to go down my throat and it just just me you're not too much into the TMI and I would suggest that you turn this video off now because things are going to get a little bit another pregnancy symptom that I've been having this week is increased amounts of discharge and that's normal what happens in my last pregnancy it's alright guys well that is going to do it for my 27 week update I'm going to go ahead and insert the clip here of the beautiful robe that pink blush sent me and I'm also going to insert the clip of Elysa so I'll see you guys next time and don't forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up see you next week bye alrighty guys here is my bump for this week 27 weeks definitely rolling and I love this maternity shirt and the fair belly I loved it so much I thought my husband I get kind of sad thinking that I'm gonna have this baby soon but I'm excited to find out what we're having here's my belly feel like Ellen full-term that here is that beautiful world that I was telling you about from pink blush has the core gist detailing on the arms with the lace and this really is what does this rope is so pretty it's the rest of the rope like I said and really compliment you in the front because it's longer than most row and it's so soft and I just cannot get enough of this Rose literally I love it so much


  1. Hey,The Simple Momma! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that's because it contains a link. But please check out this video! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG1dF_XAXuQ

  2. I went vegan at 20 weeks this pregnancy. With a balanced diet it's completely safe during pregnancy! I feel amazing and my weight gain has been very minimal these past two months! I'm super behind on my YouTube updates, but a high risk condition and a vegan change is something I need to update on!
    Your belly is so cute!

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