29 Replies to “27 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect – Channel Mum”

  1. 27 weeks and my back and legs are killing me. I’m carrying a big basketball 🏀🔵💙in the front of my body. Baby #3 is so active, and I can not wear pants because it hurts so bad

  2. 27 weeks and 3 days today !!!
    Filled with so many emotions !!! Excitement, anxiousness, nervousness…
    I can’t wait to meet her ☺️

  3. 27 weeks feeling exhausted like i did at 12 weeks. My appetite has disappeared and cravings have sorted themselves out 🙂

  4. Yay! So excited to be entering the third trimester. Not really sure if it’s 27 or 28 that makes 3rd trimester but I’m going to just go with it. My crazy dreams, shortness of breath, and heart burn are still in full force. Thank goodness for Zantac. I’m feeling lots of baby movements and I’m able to watch her from the outside. I’m leaving for the beach in the morning and I’ll be gone my entire 27th week. Looking forward to resting and relaxing, oh and eating from good food🍤

  5. Hi I'm 26wks and I have lightning crotch😂 I was taking my daughter to school and on my way home it felt like somebody stabbed me real fast down there😂 OUCH💗😂

  6. i was 27 weeks yesterday and i just wake up random hours the baby definetely doesnt want me to sleep in past 6:30…. i definetly feel that thunder thing omg randomely when i walk sometimes. i will say im definetely nesting now trying to organise every thing and buy new things to do up my hse again… i will say thiugh this babys making me crave mainly healthy minus the nucho's ahahha

  7. Last week of second trimester or first of the third… really doesn't matter moms! Congrats 🤰🏽💖💙

  8. I see a lot of people talking about leg cramps but for me it’s been foot cramps specifically in my right foot ive also been feeling so much weight from my belly now and it’s definitely hurting my back I’ve noticed being much more restricted when it comes to bending over or doing a lot if I walk a lot one day I typically end up having Braxton Hicks contractions by the end of the day one night I actually got woke up from them but everything has been pretty well with my pregnancy just mostly typical symptoms I can also make out a lot of her body parts when she moves now and it makes me so happy 💕 I can’t wait to meet my baby girl

  9. Compared to them I look like I’m carrying a baby elephant in my belly, then again I’m only 4”11 so she has nowhere to go but straight out 😂😱

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