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hey guys welcome to my channel today's video is could it be another pregnancy update but if you've noticed but my hair is quite a bit lighter than the last time I finally got my hairstylist to kind of do what I'd been watching for a while this is like pretty dramatic as far as a blonde goes because I have a not washed it yet I actually went to her today and this is the outcome so yeah it's a little brighter than usual normally with like whenever she does blonde it's like super intense at the beginning and then I guess I wash it out it becomes like normal and then darker and stuff like that so it's kind of dramatic for right now but I'm kind of liking it I can really miss the blonde I haven't felt myself and I was looking at old pictures of like when I delivered grace and I just really like the look of the blonde hair and I kind of want to look the same for the next baby like when I have her so I decided to transition back to this it's kind of like a balayage that's what she's going for like we're starting it out so it's a little darker on the roots and then super blonde towards the ends so I've been liking it so far I'm not a hundred percent sure how I feel better obviously because it's new but I've been liking it so that's that so today I'm gonna be doing a 28 week update which means I am now officially in third trimester hallelujah thank you Lord Jesus I am so excited to finally be in the third trimester things lately have been a little bit tough with work and whatnot I've been working from home for a while which I told you guys about originally and yeah just the last I think was last week or the week before I was here and all of a sudden my stomach just really started to hurt I've been getting a lot of like pain right near my belly button area so I went into the doctor have some other issues going on as well I don't know if I'd mentioned the varicose veins in my last video but I've had bad varicose veins on and off on my legs and I actually have some around like the groin area or whatnot so those have been coming very inflamed as well super uncomfortable and then this pain near my bellybutton was like killing me I called in and they called my doctor's office but unfortunately she wasn't in for like another week at the point that I called so they just put they just went and asked another doctor that works there and she said oh it's just normal pregnancy pains go get a belly band which is just one of those things that wrap around underneath your belly just kind of support it and give you a little bit of extra support so it's not quite as taxing on your body so I've done I've got that in the past I got that last pregnancy and find that did anything and cuming had a different symptoms last time I think was for back pain then I got it but I wasn't a big fan but I decided to go out and purchase it anyways and I got it and yes it makes a difference in the overall comfort of your body but I did not see a difference coming from that stomach pain so um I don't know so bad some nights that I could cry I was literally crying because it hurts so bad so I decided to call back and just move my appointment up with my doctor and I met with her and she felt around she said she could feel a little bit of something underneath the belly button she wasn't sure if it was a hernia or if it was like when your abs or apart I think it's called like diastasis recti where your apps kind of pull apart and I mean it can be very severe or not severe at all but the pain I was feeling she was thinking is probably more on the severe level so I was told not to lift as much you know which sucks because I am looking my daughter who's like thirty pounds and I'm not suppose we're doing that anymore so I mean I still do it it's like sometimes I just can't help but if I'm home alone with her and whatnot but you know I've been trying my best not to lift her as much as possible because I do find that makes a difference now my belly is feeling a little bit better I have not been working she actually told me to stop working which was hard for me I don't think I was quite ready I'm still having a little bit of a hard time adjusting it's just weird going from like working 24/7 to not working and it's not that I'm bored because have a million things I could do but I'm not really allowed to do though like I can't organize things I want to organize especially by myself I can't lift anything heavy I can't do a lot of stuff so it's been very frustrating but you know what can you do my health obviously comes first in the health of the baby so I'm trying to like just tell myself that and you know try and take it as easy as possible so that's been a bit of a transition for me that wasn't really ready to be off so soon and I'm just one of those people where like if I have something set in my mind I want to work up until like close to the due date originally I wanted two months off and I thought about it again and I thought you know what I could probably do this a little bit longer let's see how far I can make it up until the due date so that's kind of what I was planning and you know it's not very realistic I have a toddler at home I know that you know I obviously just take a little bit easier than that I should have at least the two months off so now I'm gonna have like a brown three months so there's that but yeah I don't know I'm happy to be off but I'm at the same time I kind of wish I had the distraction of work at the same time so you know whatever it's for the best so I'm kind of doing it but yeah it's a little bit challenged after I went to that appointment I was actually given an ultrasound rack and I went in and I got ultrasound done I just make sure the baby was okay and see if they could see it hernia around the belly button because she thought that could be it they said they did not see a hernia it's just the ultrasound technician though so she said wait to hear from your doctor to be sure but she didn't see anything so that was good but she said that with the the tearing of the ABS there's not necessarily anything they can see unless you're bruising on the inside so that was pretty early on I think was about five days into the pain happening so I mean they probably wouldn't be any bruising yet so she couldn't say anything that way I'm still waiting to hear back from my doctor when she gets the results and then I'll really know for sure but as of right now I'm not exactly sure what the pain was but it's not impacting the baby at all so I just kind of just suck it up and take it easy I find the days I take it easy and I like you know sit around during the day just do things at home I find I him away better often like the day I went down to my work and I dropped all my stuff off and I was walking around talking to people I wasn't sitting down you know those days are very taxing on my body and then my stomach really does hurt so it does make a difference I mean fine sitting down it's weird like I sat down for work and I could not sit down and work like it was making it worse so I don't know if it's like the way you sit in an office chair or what it is but I'm not saying that very uncomfortable and also my stomach has really popped and I feel like it kind of happened like overnight so I think that's probably why there's a lot of pulling as well but I'm not a doctor so thank you you know but yeah when I went to the ultrasound she did do like a measurement and kind of tried to figure out the weight and from what she was telling me this baby is around two 25 pounds which it probably means nothing but think that was at 27 weeks so maybe yeah 27 weeks as I went last week so at 27 weeks was my two point five pounds which is on the larger side that's in the 75th percentile but she said based on my daughter's weight and when she was born it's kind of matching up so she's saying that hopefully or not hopefully I'm oh I'd say hopefully but she's saying there's a big chance that the baby's gonna come a little bit earlier just like grace so I hope so I really hope so they come at 37 weeks I will be like so so happy so um yeah I'm really I'm looking forward to it I just practiced on my hospital bag today let me know down below if you guys want to see a video on what I'm bringing my hospital bag I probably will film that I'm not a hundred percent done I want to watch a few things but I might might film that if you guys are interested but yeah because I started doing the house throw bag today I'm just really excited like I haven't packed any the baby stuff yet I really want to do that I just need to get some boxes down from the basement because I packed away all of Grace's clothes and I'm gonna obviously use those for the new baby girl so I want to look through it and see like what there is that I could bring to the hospital and I still need to go out and buy like a coming-home outfit I want something really sweet and nice that they can hold on to and maybe used for their babies in the future I was gonna use Grace's I thought that might be a little bit cute if they came home and the same thing but then I figure when they're older if they both want it like I don't know what to do so not sure if I'm gonna do that yet but yeah I was thinking I'd go out and get a new outfit for the hospital like they'll coming home outfit for her so yeah but I haven't done that but I have it in my bag and let me tell you it's so exciting to pack it because when you start thinking about like what you use last time what it was like it's just such an exciting time like I just cannot wait like I am ready for this baby I can't wait to be a mom of two and like just go at it and you know get the first hard couple months done and you know really start enjoying her and you know being a little bit more comfortable going out with two kids I just can't wait also to my body back like I feel like I go out now it's just my daughter and I find it so overwhelming at the store like nothing I can walk for very long anyway but if I go somewhere just find overwhelming like lifting her and moving things you know even getting groceries something as simple as that is so overwhelming when you're this big like when your stomach is like you know not what your body's used to carrying so I cannot wait just have my body back yes I'll have two kids to like juggle but at least I have my endurance and I'll be back to myself which I cannot wait I can't wait to work out I can't even work out anymore because I find I feel very winded and like tired and sick and I just it's not worth it it's the low blood pressure kicking in again I just don't want to get as bad as it did last time so I'm doing everything I can to try and avoid that but yeah so that's really everything from my update I know it's a lot of like little things but you know the biggest change I think has been just not working and I do believe it has made it better I have a lot better days now not sitting in a chair and just kind of like being able to move around or when I'm relaxing I can actually lay on my side which is the best way I find to get relief from my stomach pain let me know if any of you've ever been pregnant and had this pain it's like it's in such a weird spot I'll show you my belly and I can show you where the pain is coming from but as you guys can see my belly is quite big now people tell me that I look small but I think it's because like I'm used to the size of my belly I don't know I just I feel so so big like it's crazy but my stomach pain is like right around the belly button area it's like literally a spot like this big and it just feels like I'm being kicked from the inside kind of feels like she has her feet planted against my stomach and she's pushing with all of her might on the outside of my stomach I mean it included that's not what it is like where she's positioned according to the ultrasound technician it has nothing to do with that but that's exactly what it feels like so I don't know and sometimes it kind of like goes around to the other side of my stomach or it'll be all over my belly button area but for the most part it's concentrated and starts in that area like if I'm touching it right now it hurts so I don't know it's very odd very weird and I thought it was strange that they just told me like oh that's it's no big deal I'm thinking like if I'm in almost in tears and pain from this like there's no way that it's not a big deal so I don't know it's funny how different doctors think different things and also I was telling the receptionist who like gave the information to the doctor so she should need to speak to me directly so I don't know I'm just glad it wasn't anything more serious that they could have missed you know I probably should have went into like the labor and delivery unit or just like my my doctor or something but they assured me that it was nothing so I figured it was but you know clearly it was a little more than that but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video please let me know what you'd like to see next down below let me know if you guys think of my hair if you if you like it I think I miss the blonde I'm think I'm digging this and I'm pretty happy to have it back yeah thank you guys so much for watching and until next time we'll see you then bye guys it happened on a Sunday outside and sunshine that look on your face I would hit me so hard inside I

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  1. Sounds like they might be right with the diastasis diagnosis if the pain is local and reproducible. You mentioned that the pain sometimes travels around the sides….is it movement that causes that or does it start on its own? I'm expecting our eighth on May 18 and I have dealt with some pretty intense round ligament pains that come and go at their own choosing. It's stunning pain that can take my breath away and I often need my husband to help me change my position (if it occurs while laying down). It usually occurs to the front right or left sides of my belly but sometimes it's more central. Maybe that could be a possibility? It is considered normal and just means that the uterus is growing and ligaments are stretching. I hope you find relief whatever the case!!

  2. SUBSCRIBED! I just started my own channel for pregnancy and postpartum fitness. I am a birth doula in Utah and just love anything about pregnancy labor and birth. Good luck with everything!!!! feel free to subscribe to my channel 🙂 You will love having two kids. Its so fun.

  3. Your hair looks great!! Glad to hear they figured out what was going on with the stomach pain. Hang in there momma!!

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