hey guys and welcome back to my channel so you are tuning in for my 29 week pregnancy update I am currently 30 weeks and 2 days pregnant right now so I have a full week of symptoms for you and even more importantly I am starting the product hauls so I did a poll on Instagram and I asked if you guys would prefer to have me share all of the products and things that I get for pregnancy and baby girl and postpartum life all in one video at the end of my pregnancy or if you guys wanted to see it in real time on a week to week basis and the week to week basis one so that means that I'm going to be sharing a lot of stuff with you guys in every video after I go over my symptoms with you for the week so this week I got a lot of stuff mostly because my mother-in-law went on my registry and snagged a few things for me and she was trying to brighten up my week and it really did so I'll be sharing those items with you also another thing to know before we get into my symptoms you will notice I'm an entirely different space that I normally film in I'm going to see how the lighting works out in here it is Charlotte's nursery so you see her a dresser behind me I'm not showing you guys the entire thing because one it isn't done yet but two I want to do a full nursery tour once it is completed and I'm so excited because we've made some really great strides this week in it but I'm gonna see how it works out filming in here and if you guys don't hate it and the lighting is nice I would like to continue my pregnancy updates in here because it's Charlotte's room so why not okay first things first I always start with what's going on with baby Charlotte so 29 weeks so she is currently just shy of 16 inches long from crown to rump and she is just under three pounds but I have a feeling she's a little more than that per the usual because she is growing a head also something else I'm gonna share with you guys is I had my thirty week on my thirty week prenatal appointment today so I'm gonna go over all the stats from that with you too as well so some fun facts about baby girl for 29 weeks your baby is now able to see even though it's dark inside your uterus red blood cells are now forming in your baby's bone marrow and your baby is shedding the Ling and can never say this in the new go the body hair on the skin so the hair on the head is growing thicker every day okay now for my measurements so this week I weighed in at 168 point 2 pounds which is a total overall gain of 25 pounds in my pregnancy at 29 weeks and my waist is 39 and a half inches which was a 1 inch gained in the past 2 weeks and a 7 inch gain overall for my entire pregnancy and when I weight or when I measure myself I measure it around the bellybutton just for consistency that's not where your crew waist is but it's I can I don't know where my waist is now let's be honest so I know where my bellybutton is though even though it's flat I know where it is so I always measure right around where the bellybutton is I'm feeling pretty good about my weight gain I'm feeling pretty good about the growth of my stomach I'm at 25 pounds with essentially 10 more weeks to go if I gain another 10 pounds I still stay in that healthy you know 25 to 35 pound weight game range so I'm happy with that my goal was to stay under 30 pounds gain I just don't know if 5 pounds is feasible in 10 weeks especially at the end when the babies are putting on about a half a pound a week I think so I just don't think that's gonna happen but I'm okay with it so as for the stats from my prenatal appointment today so baby girl is doing very well her heart rate was a strong 145 beats per minute and she is still head down right now she actually started getting hiccups when we were trying to listen for her heart so you could hear her heart beating and then a hiccup it was really funny but my midwife got to feel her kick her a couple times I mean she said oh she's very active you got a strong one in there you're good so according to my fundal height she is growing one week ahead so I'm measuring at 31 weeks instead of 30 weeks which is fine it's still within a two week grace period either way so I'm at Murray I remember used to grow one week ahead all the time and she ended up I end up going into labor at 39 weeks so we'll see what happens this time so some things we discussed when I was in there with my midwife were my prenatal anxiety I brought it up to her I told her that I had had a very big discussion with Cameron on it we kind of talked about things that I'm gonna be doing to help alleviate some of that and in the past week or two it's actually even the small things and adjustments that we've done have really made a difference I can 100% feel it in my mental well-being and I'm pulling back in Ally areas and I'm just not taking on as much not saying yes to a million things which I like to do and so my midwife said it sound like I had a really good grasp on it she said the fact that I even identified that there was an issue is like the number one thing that people can't do so she said you're way ahead of the game she said some of the things that she would suggest adding to what I was already doing um is meditation daily or breathing exercises just for five minutes she said it doesn't have to be a whole hour long procedure she said when you wake up in the morning for five minutes meditate or go through some breathing exercises she said if you're feeling overwhelmed in that moment and you're it's a you're having an anxiety attack or anything like that she said stop and do breathing exercises she said you'd be shocked there's so many different apps that you can get out there and the one I actually already had on my phone which I didn't even think about is Insight timer it's an app that does get guided meditation and breathing exercises so she said yes use that if you're starting to spiral out of control in your brain she said stop what you're doing turn that on and find a five to ten minute guided exercise and bring yourself back to Center she said you've got hormones raging and coursing through your body right now so she said even if you're the most logical non anxious person in the world pregnancy will do crazy things to you so she said just try some of those things and she said also exercising on a regular basis will flood your body with endorphins she said it is akin to taking Zoloft but without the chemicals and the medication in her body she said exercise is so good for you not just physically but mentally and I would 100% agree with that because I always feel like I'm in a high after I've worked out so she said keep up all of that one other thing we talked about in my appointment just because we are in the last 10 weeks and I wanted to make sure I knew what procedure was we talked about who to call if I go into labor if it's off hours or during work hours for their practice where to go things like that and then the other item I asked about was when to call because different places say different things at the birthing center it was for one one meaning your contractions were four minutes apart one minute long for a full hour so for one one she said technically they actually run by the rule of five one one so your contractions are five minutes apart one minute long each for one hour she said since it's your second birth she said you kind of know your body better than we will she said use your own judgement she said if you're worried about getting there too early too early the birthing or the birthing center the hospital giving birth that has really great laboring tubs they have X the exercise prenatal bouncing ball want that you can sit on she said they're really midwife friendly so if you're trying not to get an epidural or not get it at least immediately and you want to manage your pain on your own she said they have so many things there that you can use that she said don't be afraid to come in early because she goes the fear is is actually with the second birth you don't realize that you're you're going as quickly as you are because it normally is like half the time so she said I would prefer you to get there a little earlier than later so she said but you know your body she said you call us when you feel like it you're ready to go in so that was kind of cool to kind of start really talking about that stuff it's kind of it's it's surreal it's becoming real now I just can't believe it we have less than 10 weeks now and we're gonna meet our little girl give or take a couple weeks maybe on either end okay so symptoms that I'm experiencing this week so I actually took a little break prior to this week from exercising my lower back and the top of my bellies you guys know from my previous updates were killing me so I actually thought it might have been related to working out too much and I'm in court I started incorporating and I'm like feeling much better but I started incorporating cycling and walking back into my exercise routine this week and I've been doing okay but I'm not lifting weights so I wonder if that's maybe where my issue was I don't know but basically I'm just taking it easy and I'm working out three times a week even if it's just a simple walk you know mile to two-mile walk outside I'm just trying to stay active at this point of course one other thing that it's actually been going on probably for about two or three weeks now but I'm eating crushed ice like it's my job I have become in love with chick-fil-a ice as well as sonic ice if y'all have chick-fil-a's or Sonic's near you go to them and say I want a big bag of ice and they'll sell it to you they're really well they've got the pellet easy crush ice it's just so good but I talked to my midwife also about that she said you might be slightly anemic if you're if you're craving ice and if you're tired and everything but I told her I added in the iron supplement so she said you should be good to go but she said it's okay to eat ice it just helps hydrate you so talking about Charlotte's room I have now finally figured out a theme and that's actually that was what was killing me I couldn't think of what I wanted to design her room around I know the color is kind of that I wanted to go with and things like that but I just I didn't know what kind of theme I wanted and so Emory has the spirit animals what we call it a spirit animal basically was an animal that we were like that's her animal and her animal is an elephant well we finally figured out this week what Charlotte animal is gonna be and it's going to be a swan I'm so excited oh my gosh there's so many cute things out there first one so we are starting now – now that we've figured out what we want it to be we can now start getting more and more decorations and we'll be able to get the nursery done here hopefully soon and one other thing I wanted to mention before I go into all the products that I got this week I actually started putting together my birth plan this week as well as collecting and gathering items for my hospital bag which I'm like in the corner back there just so they're in one place and I'm gonna I'm creating a list and I'm kind of checking things off as I get it but then I'm gonna go back through it and then I'm gonna do a full video on what I'm putting in there because the first time I gave birth I packed for a birth center birth but they tell you to have the essentials that you would need the basic essentials if you ended up having to transfer the hospital which I did have because they just I I'm a prepared person I can't help it so this this was a little different than what I did last time because I knew I was going to the hospital so I put some probably what I would consider luxury items in there that I did not have in my first bag that I wish I had so that's it for the symptoms that I had this week I'm gonna hop into the products that I got this week so excited okay so one thing I'm going to show you is actually behind me so we got Charlotte the ubi diaper pail we got it in gray we had the oh gosh I'm gonna forget the name of it the decor diaper pail for Emery we have it so I don't know why I said we had and it just doesn't lock the odor and um and I don't know so instead of reusing it or getting that one again we decided to go with the new because the reviews on this are amazing and when I say we got it my mother-in-law got this for us off our registry she's an amazing woman but the reason it's supposed to seal in and like be amazing and keep all the stinkies away is it's actually made of steel so it locks it in and the great part about it is that you can use any kind of trash bags with it so you don't have to spend a ton of money on special trash bags which we did with the decor and I'm like how much money did we waste on those stupid trash bags so we went with this guy it was a little bit pricier than the decor and the other options out there it wasn't a ton pricier but I think it's well worth it especially when you talk about the money you save on the back so super excited to use this for Charlotte the other item that my mother-in-law got us was Charlotte's changing pad and I'm going to link everything down below of course for you guys if you're interested in getting these items for yourself as well well I guess for your baby so this is the Summer Infant contour changing pad I like it cuz it's open at the bottom so their feet can pick out but it's got like a headrest that you can't like push up on also there is skid free like it doesn't like it doesn't say it's like it just keeps it from like sliding off the table is the best way to explain it so um depending on how quickly we diaper our potty training I'm Marie I might get another one of these because they're super affordable for her because her changing pad has seen much better days and it's kind of falling apart so that's the other item I love this piece okay so this was supposed to be um Charlotte's hamper but it's not it's actually gonna be a toy basket because it's a lot smaller than I then it looked online so I got Cameron's mom got us this rope-like basket bag I love it it's just so cute and it has a laundry basket liner in it so but we're gonna use it for all of our stuffed animals and our toys and everything and use it as a decorative piece I actually got her another hamper that were to use for her hamper this is just too tiny to put all of her stuff in for her clothes and things alright so some other items so my mother-in-law so we were big fans of the webbing of with Emery she loved it and so we're going the same route again with nobs so my mother-in-law surprised us with these guys last weekend so it's a little pink fox open up how cute is that look at the little design on the side I mean they have such these one around when emery was on the pacifier a little pink elephant lovin up if y'all are not aware with what webinars are there pacifiers that are weighted by these little love you stuffed animals so if they spit them out they don't go flying everywhere it and they just kind of normally drop on the chest of the baby it's pretty pretty ingenious and this is actually where I got my inspiration from it's a little Swan weapon of I mean the detail on these are so pretty so hopefully Charlotte likes webbing up is just as much as her sister did another thing that we got off our registry from hit and his mom is this sound machine this thing is a lifesaver Emery still uses it honestly I kind of want to get one for camera a nice room it's amazing but we kind of hear it through the monitor at night so we kind of get a sound machine but it's the dumb by Marv pack and if y'all watch one of my previous videos I actually have the travel version of this so it's great to take with us when we take the kids somewhere overnight so that's awesome and then she also got me some breast milk storage bags I use these with when I was pumping as a supplement I plan to breastfeed Charlotte just like I did Emery hopefully longer this time but I do also pump because I do like to obviously be able to leave and not worry about if Emery is going to be able to you know make it in the three hours that I'm gone without eating so I am a big fan of pumping to supplement when I'm gone or if we want to go you know out to dinner and we have a babysitter taking care of her or if we go somewhere and I just like you know I don't want to breastfeed there because I don't want to wear an outfit that needs to be prepping breastfeeding friendly or whatever you know whatever the reason is these are awesome I love the land snow bags they're the best I think in my opinion so this is another item that she got for us off of our registry so this is the Munchkin nightlight it's battery-operated and the reason I wanted to get this is because this will be great when we're in the hospital at night when I don't want to turn on a huge light to wake up Charlotte but I need to change her diaper or I need to breastfeed to her also it's gonna be really great for the first you know five or so months that she's in our room and again the same principle I don't want to wake up Cameron or her and I need to breastfeed her and change her but I need to see what's going on so this guy is awesome for that another item this is so sweet so I debated I'm if I wanted to do one of these are not and I decided I did so I put it on my registry but I got one of the counties so it's a hospital town but it's made by baby be mine I think is what it's called I may be wrong I don't know it's gal news.com I'll put all link it down below but I love this print it's just so sweet and one sensor I mean another girl I thought tank was appropriate but the hospital gowns there are just they're itchy they've been worn by a million other people and they're gross I just I kind of liked the idea of having my own prettier one – I mean flavor is hard work you might as well feel pretty well you're doing it so that's for labor and then this I actually already started using so it's got stuff in it this diaper caddy I love it I think it is so chic looking – with the gray and the white trim I mean I just love it it's by Joel Ailey baby and it's got three compartments in it and then it has pockets all the way around so with Emory when she was first born we lived in a one-story home we live in a much bigger house this time there are stairs I'm not going to be able to always be able to run upstairs and change Charlotte and leave Emory downstairs so I like having this downstairs so you know when I use it right now for Emery I mean it's no offense I mean maybe this is me being lazy or it's just me being pregnant whatever I don't like running up and down stairs to change my kid's diaper if I don't have to if we're up here playing in the playroom obviously I'm gonna use this changing pad or the one on the in Emery's room but that has been a lifesaver already because as soon as we get home from daycare emery's diaper is normally like so wet so instead of and she's ready to eat so instead of like removing her from the living room kitchen area cuz that'll create a whole hullabaloo in and of itself I just use that I have that in the living room in the corner it looks super cute the way it is because it's just such a sheep diaper caddy I love it so that staying downstairs for me but that's it that is everything that's it this is literally gonna be the longest pregnancy update ever sorry guys um I'm gonna show you my bump right now and then I'm going to say goodbye and I'll see you next week isn't so give me one second while I get set up okay rather than like standing up I'm literally kneeling and I'm just gonna show you guys from here because I'm just too lazy to reset up the camera so bear with me alright so here is my bump from the front I feel like some days I'm just so big and then other days I'm just like it's like whatever barely there but she is definitely hopping out in my opinion I don't know you guys let me know do you see do you notice her getting bigger every week I feel like she is right now she's also rock solid I've also been getting a lot of Braxton Hicks so you know how that goes then here it is from the other side alright guys so that is it for my 29 week pregnancy update I have less than 10 weeks right now before this baby arrives or at least our due date it's getting real it definitely is and we a lot we got to do over the next couple weeks but we are getting really pumped and really excited and I'm just I can't wait it's gonna be so much fun it's gonna be the hard work but it's gonna be fun so if you guys liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you are new to my channel or have not yet hit that subscribe button down below and that Bell notification button next to it so you know when I post new videos and I'll see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Great haul momma. You look fabulous girl glowing as always. Baby girl is definitely getting bigger but you are gorgeous as always.

  2. I tagged you in a pregnancy tag, i added the list of questions to my pregnancy tag video if you'd like to do the tag it was fun πŸ™‚

  3. Loved this Mary! Omg your mother in law is SO SWEET to get you all of those awesome gifts! & your belly looks tiny compared to mine! πŸ˜‚also, LOVE the swan theme! So different, unique, yet girly and pretty! LOVE! xoxo

  4. HAPPY FRIDAY!! 😁 Btw I think the lighting is great in Charlottes roomπŸ‘πŸΌ i cant wait too see the tour of the room when its done πŸ’œi cant wait until im able to do my baby’s room πŸ˜πŸ’• im glad everything is good healthy with you and babygirl , I hope you have a great weekend 😊

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