2am Epstein UPDATE: Jeffrey Found in Fetal Position – 'Tried to Hurt Himself' Some Say

it's two o'clock in the goddamn morning on Thursday July 25th 2019 good morning two o'clock in the morning and my dog wants to play fetch but of course he does good morning I am compelled this morning stone-cold sober awakened 2 o'clock to do a quick video about Jeffrey Epstein yeah that's how useless my life is good morning Betsy we can do this real quick there is a report out of New York New York for two beasts besides Jeffrey Epstein has been found injured in a New York City jail cell after possible suicide attempt they claimed that he was found in a fetal position inside his cell in New York City this one yeah sure Ali says he is added or assault who he was assaulted this was published three hours ago so I'm sure it happened like late Wednesday evening early Thursday Wilson I'm gonna read you this article after I throw this stupid bar I gotta when he think she gonna throw let's talk about this no I gotta do this real quick and we'll do that later okay Epstein was found semi-conscious with marks on his neck sources said investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened there are three possibilities a possibility number one Jeffrey Epstein decided to take his own life possibility number two somebody else decided to take his life and possibility three it's all bullshit just like that McAfee guy did number one John McAfee was arrested in the Bahamas I think and he faked a fucking heart attack so they would take him to a hospital remember that that happened look that shit up these fucking privileged pricks get busted and they end up you know not living in their multi-million dollar mansions doing their drugs and screwing their fucking little children not that I don't know if McAfee ever had a thing for kids but he certainly had a thing for drugs and a thing for screwing young women but they end up you know in a harsher environment than they used to they tend to react in ways McAfee McAfee and McAfee ended up thinking of heart attacks of the hospital and it's like in doctors in the hospital said there's nothing wrong with this guy get him out of here it's not poison my dad game time well something very similar could have easily happened with mr. Epstein here hang on though you're gonna have to wait I can't do this ah let's just read this real quick this is an interesting article again this is from New York for and I will post this down there Keys pedophile and wealthy Manhattan financier Jeffrey Epstein was found injured in a fetal position inside a cell in New York City Jail according to sources close to the investigation that he's on the cables Epstein who's being held in Manhattan Correctional Center during his trial for conspiracy and sex trafficking was found semi-conscious with marks on his neck two sources told News 4 investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened saying details remain murky two sources tell News 4 that Epstein may have tried to hang himself while a third source cautioned that the injuries were not serious and questioned if Epstein might be using it some way to get a transfer if they can show this is my editor I'm editorializing here at two o'clock in the morning I can do that they might have he might have convinced himself that they can use this as a ploy to get them to put him in that 77 million dollar fucking mansion that he's gonna lose anyway as under under house arrest so like in Florida when he was under well he was on work release he was able to screw little girls and do drugs in his fuckin Manhattan or in his in his in his office that shit's all coming out now so he might be thinking that if he's a risk to himself then maybe the judge would be more lenient and they could put some pressure on the judge somehow some kind of external pressure like PR or some shit some spin to get the public to put pressure on him somehow to be decent to the guy because of course he's spoiled and he's rich and he's used to a different lifestyle it would be inhumane to keep him in jail if he's going to end up hurting himself even more so maybe that's the idea entirely sure that they've really thought that theory since he is of course accused of and guilty of pedophilia something exactly sure how they're going to spin that but that's always a possibility but let's continue a fourth source says an assault has not been ruled out and that another inmate was questioned now this is interesting the other inmate identified as Nicolas de Taglioni according to two sources two Taglioni is a former police officer in Westchester County who was arrested in December 2016 and accused of killing four men in an alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy and then burying their bodies in his yard in Otisville Orange County in Otisville in Orange County according to court records sources say told for for news investigators they questioned Tartaglia name and the former cop claimed not to have seen anything and insisted he didn't touch Epstein sources said the attorney for Tartaglia on it denied all the claims that his client attacked the financier saying his client and Epstein get along get along just fine the attorney added Epstein was seen today and appears to be five they're in the same unit doing well Bruce Barkat an attorney for tar Tagliani he claimed he said any claim tar Tagliani might've assaulted Epstein is absolutely not true barkat said to our Tagliani and Epstein have been complaining about conditions inside the MCC including flooding rodents and bad food Epstein's now on suicide watch inside MCC according to two sources attorneys for Epstein did not immediately return calls for comment and everybody else is also officially if you used comment now this could all be bullshit it could be he's not even in them fucking jail it could be they just bring him in for court hearings and and Bert Boggs and then he's someplace else at the fucking I don't know Trump Towers hanging out who the fuck knows could be and that this is all just bullshit some justification that the judge can use to give him house arrest you know in a situation like this the judge would say to the lawyers involved and the PR guys involved listen I'd hang me to give this fucking billionaire a house arrest after this shit I need some kind of justification I mean before this this this shit beating this these new allegations I need some kind of fucking justification and boom there it is and of course you got tar Taglioni he's former cop he was easily facing some serious serious serious charges and he could go along with the program not pretending that he heard him but pretending that he knows him and then he hangs out with me lives in the same fucking same tier that's a possibility other possibility is he's in there and he's doing his level best to try to get out now let's talk about Tarr Taglioni two o'clock in the morning playing fetch with my fucking dog and kind of like this lighting scheme though the claim that tar Tagliani did this is absolutely 100% fucking ridiculous do you know how you know Tartaglia Lee didn't do this Epstein's not dead deed is a former cop certainly knows how to choke someone to death and he's already killed four goddamn crank slingers buried him in the truck and those are the ones we know about so if tar Tagliani wanted to kill this guy for being a goddamn pedophile he'd be dead now you wouldn't be laying around in a fetal position all dramatically no with a few little fucking red marks around his fucking neck no you know if I close that door he wouldn't be able to bring the fucking ball back to him so we know Turk Tagliani didn't do it but here's what's really interesting about tar Tagliani start Taglioni is a cop in Westchester County I was a cop Westchester tenant and now he's at the Manhattan Correctional Center you know they don't keep fucking cops in general population right yeah they keep them in segregated protected isolation otherwise they end up getting killed so we know where he is he is in a very protective wing if he's there at all the Manhattan Correctional Center which of course should pretty much have to do to the charges against him what's also interesting about Tartaglia honey as I say he's getting along well with Epstein I hate to put it this way but leave it to a corrupt cop to be the one fucking person in a goddamn jail system including the guards who would get along with the serial fucking pedophile and raper if children I mean if they did fucking script this whole thing and they included this guy you know whoever is doing that fucking casting should have thought that shit through a little better oh yeah the one friend he's got is a fucking corrupt murderous cop he's the one person who actually wouldn't kill a fucking serial pedophile pederasty in a prison system in a jail system because that pretty much is the caves other white-collar fucking criminals other fucking millionaires who want to be billionaires and corrupt cops are putting bush the only ones he wouldn't say what you will about rapists say what you will about drug dealers say what you will about fucking murderers say what you will about pretty much any you know gangbangers or or Hells Angels or anybody else in it in the jail system even ms-13 say what you will about any of those people they all have a code you know and they draw a line at hurting and raping children at least you know the ones you don't Wall Street billionaires Wall Street tycoons finances people who will screw over anybody and everybody in order to satiate their goddamn lust for more money or just their lust sociopaths which is what Jeffrey Jeffrey Epstein is now interesting article interesting story don't know where it's gonna go from here could be the whole thing was fabricated in order to provide the judge some kind of fucking cover to go ahead and give him his fucking home release so the guy can go back to living his 77 billion dollar four million dollar fuckin mansion in New York and and screw other children possible possible they are keeping him in the Correctional Center in the fucking white collar wing shall we say of the Correctional Center that's also possible a lot of possibilities possible he did try to do some damage to himself because he realizes this is the life he's gonna lead from now on that's possible doubtful but possible but I think the one thing that's not possible it's not possible that that fucking cop tried to bite tried to whack him out that didn't happen and they try to spin it that way in the future I'll tell you right now that didn't happen because of that guy wanted him dead he'd be dead and in all likelihood probably the best friend he's got in that place is a corrupt fucking cop anyway there you go there's your 2 o'clock in the morning if I can update Jeffrey Epstein update yeah I kind of like this it's lights like that uh that an image of our sissy and the King King Abdul and Donald Trump with the hand on that orb put the hands on that orb looking up or something with the lights on anyhoo kinda what I got going on here yeah I'm punchy at two o'clock in the morning what expect thank you for your time guys have a good one

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  1. PTL Rev Jim Baker went into a fetal position too while awaiting trial ! I wonder if Rev Jim Baker did any real time in Prison ??? I think it is all Fake too !

  2. He's going into rape withdrawal.
    No children to rape. A 30 year addiction
    when you go stone cold sober you have a nervous breakdown.

  3. given the number of concerned wealthy kiddie-diddlers who want him silenced, they're probably fighting over who gets to actually do the deed.
    funny you mention McAfee – he was just released from some form of detention in DR – though his "campaign manager" (lol) says he wasn't actually under arrest. they took his boat. https://www.rt.com/news/465002-mcafee-released-dominican-republic-boat/

  4. Don't feel bad, Scott … I also get up at odd hours. I'm glad my tablet broke so I'm not compelled to waste away the rest of the morning with social media, though. Reading an actual book is a lot better way to get back to sleep (screen light interferes with your sleep cycle). I still wonder if Kenneth Lay is actually dead (he supposedly died of a heart attack only weeks after being convicted of defrauding Enron.)

  5. Please cover the Equality Act of 2019 which will establish gender self id as the law of the land and overwrite the Civil Rights Act. Note the end consequences of such a law as illustrated by Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv of Canada, whose human rights to get his lady balls waxed brings state force to compel women to handle his genitalia. Coming to USA if the Equality Act passes (has already passed the House.)

  6. LOL…You're life and mine, Scott. But, no…seriously, we rely on your for real news and observation. You are NOT useless!!!

  7. Thanks for reporting, Scott. I heard the headline earlier and it woke me straight up. Yeah, I don't buy him being hurt by anyone in jail.

    Not only does Epstein have Mossad ties, he was also on the Trilateral Commission and the CFR. Ghislaine Maxwell is not only some sort of assistant/co-conspirator to Epstein, but, the link between him, Trump, and the Clintons. This is getting real heavy, real fast.

    Appreciate your logical, sound insight on these ordeals. I've had to go back and rethink a lot of cases after hearing your input on them.

  8. God I hope they nail every single one of these evil rich fuckers. Would especially love to see Clinton and Tяump sharing a cell. There is one former pres who's name hasn't come up….well, if we're gonna get technical about it there'd be three still living presidents not YET implicated; Carter (At least I think he's still kickin' at damn near 100 {Note to self: eat peanuts, not jelly beans}, Dubya rockin' his oil paints, and Obama, the whitest black guy ever. Which of these three is most likely to end up part of the pedo pack? Hmmm…. If I had to pick one I'd probably say Bush Jr., but Bush Sr. seems more the type, (groping on his nurses and such), but he was a generation before Epstein's little group of play house friends. Guess we'll see, unless of coarse they bring in a much better hit man now. Actually, that's my bet. In the form of a sudden heart attack or stroke.

  9. Thanks Scott for burning the midnight oil on this story that, if allowed to fully explode into the open, would become more consequential to US politics than even 9/11.

  10. Good video after that Tulsi propaganda video. Am shocked you made that live. I know you know your stuff. PUERTO RICO is PART of The US and CANT BE REGIME changed it’s NOT a sovereign country Scott. He has to follow the laws of the CONSTITUTION like the governor who went black face. Shameful video there buddy.

  11. when i worked in an E.R… people who were being arrested and claimed of this or that, we would call it incarcenites.. and wasnt this just a little too convenient…and obviously smells

  12. Yes, this is definitely big news that many people foretold would happen….IF Epstein is even incarcerated at all at this point. All the focus is on Epstein right now. Maybe his cell mate, the cop who murdered and buried coke dealers in his back yard, is some sort of intelligence assassin plant placed there to “deal with Epstein” so he doesn’t sing and bring down the entire NWO international community….HOWEVER, an even more important part of this puzzle/case is the lack of spotlight on Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s probable Mossad Handler, who happens to have deep “philanthropic” ties to the UN! See Casey’s report on the “EnterThe5t4rz” channel for some interesting info that hasn’t been mentioned by anyone I’ve heard yet.

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