2D and 3D versus 4D pregnancy scans

I did try gimmick see what other heads worth now service r45 now the just keep in mind that it's not the detail abnormality scan there's more memorable experience for mom and dad and also a little bit of bonding with online fearless descent I decided to do for this game because a very good friend of mine told that it would be a beautiful experience and last memory to build upon and it would actually be your first time to see your baby and complete different perspectives my experience with the four discs and was quite emotional but in a very positive way I was tremendously thankful for the kind approach and enough explanation and also the clear way of explaining us this is another diagnostic scan but just the memory one can build upon there is a range of things that you can actually pick up on how to fund but we as general obstetrician-gynecologist when we do a scan we usually look at the cross on atom of the baby that is looking at the structure of the head the brain face you know the necklace Prime and the limbs and some of the internal organs first trimester scans are normally done between 11 weeks and zero days and 13 weeks and sex size ideal time being at about 12 weeks the scans are usually used as screaming for syndromes like downs because there are certain matters that you can pick up you know then they suggest that there is a possibility of a syndrome they normally do a quick evaluation of the entire fetus they will look for a cleft lip cleft palate you get to hear the heartbeat as well because I like to see that all four chambers are present and functioning normally they look at the nose bone the thickness of the skin of the neck the long bangs in the arms and the legs they can often see the gender already as well if you're interested in finding that art and then they measure the blood flow to the uterus to look at the risk of growth restriction and preeclampsia sometimes some kind of colleges will do what you call serial clothes and just to monitor the cause of the baby interested at the environment that the babies in is still you know conducive for the pregnancy to continue lack of growth probably more common than excessive growth excessive growth can be associated with certain congenital infections that might not be picked up previously impedance you might acquire an infection during pregnancy and we finally picked it up with your growth scans you can also pick that excessive amniotic fluid which could be an indication of things like diabetes or certain congenital abnormalities that could be very difficult to pick up otherwise and in terms of restriction its if you see that the tummy for instance isn't growing well the doctors start getting elevated and your amniotic fluid decreases you can identify this growth restriction and we can more often than not you can intervene and manage the patient properly some babies might need to be delivered sooner rather than later

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