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  1. Sorry for your lost 💕 I can so relate😭. I went to my 12wk appt. and was told my fetus measured at 8.5wks 😭. Around that time, I noticed this weird feeling, but it was my first pregnancy so I thought a miscarriage came along with bleeding. So, I was just thinking that it was just a pregnancy feeling you get 😔… So I decided to take the pill because my appt. for a D&C would’ve been scheduled a couple days later and I wanted it over and done with. My God the process was by far the worst pain I’ve been through, the experience was painful and heartbreaking… So I received the pill right away, BUT nothing happened until 2.5hrs later and I bled, cramp and passed blood clots for 11hrs straight, none stop 😭 ONE OF THE WORST FEELING OF MY LIFE, GOD WHY😭… The next day, I was pain free, bleeding stoped BUT IT WASNT OVER 😭… 4 days later, I EXPERIENCED THE WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE EVER 😭. I woke up in the middle of the night to bleeding and cramping that came every couple of mins, I couldn’t even drive myself to the hospital, I had to call the ambulance to come get me. I was finally miscarrying, the pill started the process but didn’t pass the fetus and I didn’t know, I thought it was over 😭. I was contracting and had to wait until the fetus came down enough for the doctor to grab it out 😭 my God that pain was HORRIBLE… I know God makes no mistake 😔 but it’s so hard to deal with. Mother’s Day approaching and I’m going to go hide from the world, knowing I could’ve been a Mother to a 4yr old 😭 hurts my heart. Feelings get triggered EVERYDAY with sight and sound, I can’t catch a break in this world 😭… My prayers are with you love.

  2. Wow heavy stuff hope you are doing better these days, seems like you are trying to say attached to this world when our new world will make this place seem like complete garbage. Most High Willing.

  3. The past 2 weeks have been hard for me. I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I miscarried. I had my baby at home after using the bathroom. Why were the past weeks hard for me? March 4 was my due date. Every time I take a pregnancy test and see that I’m not pregnant hurts me so badly, but after reading some of your comments from other people, God has other plans for me. Sending prayers and love your way. Much love from Alabama.

  4. So sorry for your loss. My wife and I just had a misscarrag at 7 weeks into our pregnancy, we've been trying for a year. It hurts and is very frustrating but, we know it was for the best. We will never figure out the way God moves. I was angry at God at first and couldn't understand how he gives people babies all the time out of wedlock, but here is a married couple. After praying we felt a little better about it and watching videos on other misscarrages show me that it happens. We wont stop trying and neither should you. Stay strong.

  5. I also had two miscarriage and pregnant again and I pray every and so far I made it to 8weeks am carefully doing everything I have one baby which is two now

  6. Get this vitamin called pro creation,you can get it from the vitamin shoppe 💗it will help regulate your period and make baby stick💕💕💞💞🤗

  7. I never comment on anything but I just want to say you are so strong and beautiful. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  8. I feel so sorry for you God bless you and best wishes for the future God willing you will get pregnancy again one day God willing you will keep safe and baby will survive this time

  9. Bless you your soul is beautiful and you'll get that family you and god know u deserve 😍😍

  10. Well, on the 10th I went to my 10weeks appt which was supposed to be my first baby’s appt. and I found out that I had a missed miscarriage. I felt EVERY single emotion in this video. I was so angry and was questioning why?…. but I feel that god has something bigger instore for the both of us. I’m a YouTuber and I was gonna video document every appt. please stay strong❤️ I love you

  11. Literally just went through this , it’s a crazy feeling because you do feel that womanly intuition that you’re just not pregnant anymore , it’s just like you know but them telling you hurts more

  12. I am so sorry for all you went through, I too just went through my second miscarriage and getting cleaned today…..I know the pain, it will work out soon

  13. I am so sorry about your loss. Smh! I am going through the same thing …my second MMC. I am praying for you hun.

  14. Same thing happened to me. Please keep faith and everything will work out for you. I was recommended a product called Maca Gold capsules to help me retain a pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. The product is sold on eBay and I’m going to try it. You should do research on the product.

  15. Sorry about your loss. I had an ultrasound two days ago and there was no heartbeats. I was 8.5 weeks, so no heartbeats. It was my first pregnancy. Crying every days. May God will give to everyone healthy pregnancy and babies as soon as possible. It's too hard. We should be strong

  16. OMG. Hang in there. So sorry. My wife and I went through 6 years of miscarriages, artificial insemination that didn't take and in vitro that didn't take. Finally spent over $30,000 to do ICSI in Santa Monica. That didn't take. The second ICSI procedure did take. It hurts. But you guys will make it through this.

  17. So sorry for your loss! Definitely been there. You're spirit is amazing, remember take time for you AND it's ok to grieve the loss of your babies.

  18. Maybe it's a sign baby. You might be ready, but Gods not. He has something planed for you. ❤️❤️

  19. Don't work out when you are pregnant. I know they say it's alright if you were doing it before you were pregnant but I know so many people who misscarried while working out.

  20. I thank God for your positivity may your worship of God increase while you are healing as well love you girl stay look up all you can do is go higher from here.

  21. I sorry you had to go thru this boo but it shall happen in Gods timing. don't you worry we are here for you as always your future is bright and God has his hands on your life I pray that your womb and heart heal speedily in Jesus name

  22. I'm going to pray for you. Whenever I go through hard times, I remember the book of Job. God has a plan, sweetheart. 💕

  23. I'm so sorry for your loss…. I know this pain and it is like no other pain in the world…. I know I'm just a watcher… But if you need someone to be unbearably harsh with… … I'm a good sponge…

    But something I have found that works well within the family…. We do this in our own house…

    Buy or find some flat river rocks …
    … If you buy them in a store … SOAK THEM IN A CAPFUL OF BLEACH OVERNIGHT.. just to better tie them to your plea, scream, worry, love, hurt or whatever…

    Paint or write the word first connected with what you the it to hold…

    Once you have painted on it or written on it, close your eyes, kiss the stone and choose a stop in your yard that you can place it in the ground and have it near you, but not with you, all of your life…

    I know that it is crazy, and silly sounding, but it works…

    Best of luck… And blessed be…

  24. You're brave to show this. You really are love. I normally feel like people over-share on social media but I'm POSITIVE that you sharing this with everyone will help people in so many ways. The struggle of multiple miscarriages, the decision to be celibate when you're in love, etc. are things women struggle with everyday and you choosing to share both your pain and your positivity both your vulnerability and your strength with us is so helpful for us and you. You already know to keep your faith in God strong, don't ever let go of God's promises. Whatever He has for you is better than you could ever even imagine! I also have an angel baby brother and two angel babies so I know that type of pain. Rest assured that your two angel babies are safe in God's loving arms forever. Keep your head up love.

  25. Damn! I'm sorry. Just seeing you trying to still have a sense of humor through all this… reach out anytime.

  26. i heard you say something about dreaming about your mom & missing her.. I'm with you hun.. I lost my mom in 2012 & miss her dearly.. I wish she was still here cause like you I'm going through the most right now & if she was here I know she'd make me feel better

  27. It happens to the best of women 😔 , im glad you can push through your struggle stay strong girl 😍💕✊🏾

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