25 Replies to “2nd week and 3rd week of gestation”

  1. Chorionic cavity is made up of cells of extra embryonic mesoderm and trophoblast. Please correct me if I m wrong.

  2. جميل العمل لكن لم افهم ما الداعي من الموسيقى ؟؟حتى الانجليز نفسهم لم يضيفوها لمقاطعهم التعليميه ..بوركتن ع المجهود الحلو

  3. thank you…. the video was really helpful, but the background music created some disturbance. Anyways, the video was of great help

  4. Great Video! Thank you very much. I hope you continue doing more videos. Just one thing though, its very hard concentrating with the music- try turning it down. But all in all AWESOME!

  5. Very helpful. Thank you. However, it would be much better if the music at the background is turned down a bit lower but don't turn it off completely, it's presence in the background makes this video very beautiful; just that at certain points, your voice was muffled and the music sounded louder. All in all, a wonderful video, great artwork too. 🙂

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