3 Keys to Overcoming the pain of Abortions

god bless you brothers I'm apostle Jo Macklin by now you know who I am I have the founder of mailman Authority leadership and empowerment and I'm going to talk to you about three keys to overcoming pain of sponsored abortions now many of you know we live in a culture where abortion is legal and even now in some states you can do it up to nine months but I want to deal with those who recognize that what they did was wrong and when I use the term sponsored I'm talking about from a perspective of you being the man you paid for it I know many men struggle with that every single day I see the emails I get the comments some men during father day they Father's Day they they regret they they have a lot of pain and a lot of anxiety attached to this whole thing because they recognize now looking back that they were wrong about it and so I want to give you three keys to really overcoming the pain of a sponsored abortion and my first key is number one you've got to own it you know most people say they they take responsibility for what they've done but many people really don't understand what that means ownership when it comes to from a Christian perspective or a spiritual perspective it means that you have taken full responsibility and accountability for your part in it as well as the part for the woman for example John 1st John chapter 1 verse 9 is said that if we are if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness that is a very very important scripture because when we accept the forgiveness of God by owning our responsibility and by even going to the woman and apologizing to her for for even paying for even suggesting it we are showing God that we are faithful to him for what he's done for us all human beings must be faithful to God forgiving them and washing them of their sin but specifically I'm dealing with you brother if you have been participating in abortions of any kind you must understand that number one you are a leader you are the leader of the family unit you are the covering for the family unit the provider for your family and so by being the provider and the cover for your family you have to take responsibility for things that you didn't even have a part in and so what you need to do is contact that woman tell her listen I know we both moved on with our lives in some cases it and things didn't go the way we're supposed to and I was ignorant and I was stupid and I didn't know the Lord then but I want to apologize for you for participating in destroying the future of our legacy for destroying a purpose a destiny of a boy or a girl who could have grown up to be something amazing in the kingdom of God and so ownership does that the next thing I want you to do and I want to attach this we're still dealing with the first one of ownership you must understand that when you seek forgiveness from the Lord he's going to forgive you but you must learn to forgive yourself you don't know how many men I meet all across the country in my book so people that minister to you either by email or DMS they think they can't seem to forgive themselves and and men mankind is wired to do to be that way because he has a a compass inside of him that requires him to try to be as perfect as he can and even though that's a good thing but without the Spirit of God and without the revelation of what humanity is in his current condition you will always destroy yourself over it and so a part of taking ownership of it is number one just acknowledging that I have to forgive myself I have to forgive an innocent this is a really good profile to look at it I have to forgive the old me the new me has to become comfortable with the old me and he becomes comfort with the o me by me forgiving the old me because the old me did not know the new me knows right now the new me is filled with the Spirit of God I have an understanding of who Jesus Christ is I am seeking after him for righteousness I'm trying to live a profoundly holy and righteous life and as a result of it I know that the old version of myself was clueless about these things because if he knew he wouldn't made the decisions that he made the second key that I want to bring to your attention is submit yourself to the sole work that's required you know brother there's a lot of people who a lot of brothers specifically they they want to get help but when it comes to dealing with the feelings that's attached to the pain that's in their lives when when for the sake of our conversation today about abortions when you have to deal with the feelings of thinking about that could have been your son or that could have been your daughter it could have been the future president or a future apostle pastor teacher prophet evangelist it could have been a cure of cancer it could have been a cure of HIV HIV when you begin to reflect on those things it's a natural understanding for you two to have feelings about it but I want you to understand and one of the things that I teach in my counseling with men and women and those who are a part of our ministry is to understand that the soul is like a hard drive you know it is comprised of the mind the will and the emotions and it stores information and when it stores information what it does is holds on to it until new information is given I want to bring your attention to second Corinthians chapter 10 verse 3 through 6 and this is what the Apostle Paul says he says for though we walk in the flesh we do not war in the flesh right he says but our weapons of our warfare are not carnal but but mighty through God for the pulling down of strong holds right and then you cast down every imagination and every high thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of Christ I want you to think about that for a second the Apostle is talking about imaginations imaginations in some cases are erroneous and they are fictitious things that are not necessarily there are not true but imaginations can also be memories as well things that happen before that you are imagining or reflecting upon considering those things you've moved on and yet those things still fester on the inside and so Paul sells the Church of Corinth he says listen what you need to do you need to cast those imaginations down brother one of the things you've got to learn to do the most is to be comfortable with dealing with those things inside of you and the Spirit of God is commanding you through the Apostle Paul to learn to cast them down how will we cast them down we replaced that information with new information new information remember I explained to you earlier that the soul is like a hard drive of a computer we give new information new data new truth to the soul and then it affects the mind within the emotions and so ultimately we cast those things down you are a new creature you're a new man you've been transformed into the image of Christ and your past has been washed away and so you constantly through the renewal of your mind you constantly pull down those old thoughts pull down reflecting every father's day you're reflecting on the on what could have been your child the Lord does not want you to stay there he loves you he values you entirely too much he does not want you in that place because if you're a man that's holding on to your past and you have not pulled down the imaginations whether it's abortions or or molestation or rape or incarceration or divorce or or rejections of all sorts you need to understand that the Lord himself saw those things happening before they ever happened to you and because he saw them he understands the plight that your head that's why he extends his hand to you and he says listen son come to me come to me all the who are heavy laden and burdened down I will give you rest God wants to give you rest and that rest comes in the form of offensive weaponry and not just defensive weaponry that weaponry he offers you is the capability and the ability to cast down the imagination so in other words you don't have to focus on those things anymore more importantly what God is saying is those things no longer should be in your mind in the first place because from now on they're seen as an imagination your decisions from the past your sins from the past they are all imaginations to you now because you liver the new reality of who Jesus made you and who he's called you and how he wants to transform your life the third and last key to overcoming the pain of sponsored abortions is getting involved or in other words paying it forward to someone else mentoring other men reaching out to other men giving your time to help other men deal with it as you get delivered you help other people could delivered from it you stand there and you walk with a young man who you know his girlfriend is pregnant or his fiancee or his wife is pregnant and because of their financial situation they're contemplating I'm having an abortion you be the minister now minister to the people that no one ministered to you when you were in your situation be the minister be the priests of God that goes to that man and says to him or go to that woman and say listen you don't have to do this there's a future in your womb and there's a future that came from your body brother and that you need to invest time into it and do not allow the world system to take it away from you another thing you should do that's attached to this third key when you're paying it forward ensure that you do so with compassion and patience understanding that the people people in this society brother they grow up thinking that these things are normal and this stuff is okay that you don't have to you have that the child is not a child it's a fetus it's just it's just some biological material that they can dispose of easily listen I understand that methodology and that way of thinking but the truth is brother that is wrong that is erroneous and the Lord Jesus Christ wants you to understand that so how so what do you do when you approach them as you now become a minister after you have cast down your imaginations and after the Lord has forgiven you and after you've received forgiveness from this woman and after you've forgiven yourself and and after you've done the sole work and you've filled your heart up with the newness of life and that you have a new mind your mind is now we're renewed and your hearts in a better situation in a better circumstance now you in turn prove to God how grateful you are for his forgiveness by now putting yourself on the front line and ministering to men and women to help them overcome this and when you do that brother I guarantee you the burden the memories all those things that you have been fighting with and dealing with the entire time we'll finally dissipate because you don't have time to think about your past when the Lord has blessed you tremendously in your future and so those are my three keys for overcoming the pain of sponsored abortions but I just know that the father has forgiven you and he loves you and he values you and he wants to use you mightily to transform the world but you must learn to forgive yourself because he's already forgiven you I'm a pastor JL Macklin the founder of minimal Authority leadership and empowerment you be blessed

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  1. The mental pain will persist until dementia.

    Our individual DNA process is a continuous process, unfurling from the moment of conception. There is no later stage of our existence that is not dependent on earlier stages of our existence, as a continuous entity in space and time. Our DNA process is continuous in both space and time from the moment of our conception, to the moment of our death.

    Acceptance, rationalization of the termination of an already unfurling DNA process, once invited to unfurl, requires the irrational acceptance of a temporal bias. In the continuum of space/time, that continuously unfurling DNA process is not a complete individual human 'yet.' That is because we are not regarding that human over the complete time-space continuum that it exists in. But, the only thing required to see the complete individual human is the passage of time.

    We are of course much more than our unfurling DNA processes, but whatever we are, the basis of our life, cannot exist without the unmolested possession of that unfurling DNA process.

    The fetus is a concrete example of a new individual DNA process, unfurling. There is and has been a conflict to define the most fundamental aspect of an individual — the term of its existence. The resolution of this conflict — between the newest individual and others — is resolved by others, based on whatever philosophical or moral guidance they bring to the conflict. The rationalizations in support of abortion boil down to the convenience of the others, based mostly on a shaky temporal bias that is permitted to stand, unquestioned.

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