1. I'm not asking this to be judgemental, I am genuinely curious because I'm having my first child in 5 weeks, but I've been reading it's dangerous for babies to sleep on their front. Do you have any information on this and why you preferred it for Jackson?

  2. Can u plz tell about shrinking baby clothes after putting in dryer??? M so fed up dealing with this problem… my new born clothes getting shrunk even the bips n mittens too.
    Plz help me out !
    Love ur channel

  3. I put my 2 month old baby on her tummy at bedtime, as she sleeps so well in that position. It feels like she is up every half an hour if she sleeps on her back!! I know you put Jackson on his tummy for bedtime, did you do the same for his day time naps?

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  5. Hi there, I was just wondering if you’ve ever had to sleep train any of your babies or teach them to self-settle. I am a first time mum, my baby is currently 11 weeks old and I have been reading a lot about the 4 month sleep regression. I’m dreading it as he’s had a good bed time routine since 6 weeks old and only waking up once for a feed so just wondered what your opinion is on the matter. Thank you xx

  6. Can you recommend any ways of helping my son sleep other than nursing. The only way he'll fall asleep is on the breast and he'll wake up if I try to move him away leaving him wanting to feed again X

  7. We re finally at this stage and I m so happy! (7 weeks old baby )
    Your videous had helped me through all my pregnancy and now everything seems more easier and normal 🙂 . Thank you for all the tips and experiences that you post it. It really useful! (apologise for my writing! ) 🙂

  8. My baby is a little over two months old and he has a full head of jet black hair 😂😍😍 everyone always comments on his hair☺️

  9. Hi, Thanks for all the great videos! What's the little side sleeper crib you have next to your bed? I've seen glimpses of it in a few videos & it looks perfect for what I'd like. Thanks!

  10. great channel. I Love yours videos .You are so uplifting and truthful. I have 3 months baby boy and trying to copy some of you methods/ tricks. thanks. xxx

  11. Can you record or make a video of what kind of work out did you do with your work out trainer? Thank you 🌺

  12. Emily, as a new subscriber I have fallen in love with you, your family and your videos! You are so beautiful and all of your boys are so handsome! I love seeing your face pop up in my subscription box each day for vlogmas! You're such a wonderful mom!
    Lots of love from the US <3

  13. I love you a lot, God bless you and your family, Jackson is soooo cute, i will wait for BLW videos, am from Egypt by the way

  14. AHHH! I love his sleeping face. Looks like a grumpy face. Wyatt does the same thing. 🙂 Soo cute!

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